Gareth Bennett And Freedom Of Speech: It’s Time For Action!

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6 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We are all with Gareth Bennett on this, and let him see the support that he has.
    Check on the system used by the Speaker of the House of Commons. I think he has the right, and uses that right, to order a member out of the Commons, for incorrect actions and bad language etc. That is used for the sitting, but never with permanence ! Stopping a member from representing his Party and his constituency has to be illegal. I’m not sure of the Law on this, as it has not been raised before, but it should, after due checking, be taken to Court. If it is as I think it is, then Elin Jones should 1. Be made to apologise. 2. Be fined for undemocratic action, and 3. Be dismissed from her post as Presiding Officer.
    I think the Law would be The Representation of the Peoples Act ! – but I am not sure of this.

  2. A Voter says:

    This was a good sensible speech, can you provide a link to the video so others can judge for themselves.

  3. VanDamme says:

    Why is it that this is the only website to:
    a. Report on this, it has been on you tube since mid december (well done though on bringing it to our attention*),
    b. UKIP main website has nothing,
    c. UKIP has not been banging on the doors of every MSM there is, here in the UK or abroad (Fox and RT spring to mind!),
    d. as above but on the web, including this site and UKIPdaily?
    e. HB has not said anything despite a poor and error ridden xmas message?

    *How come it is late as this given the seriousness of the implications.
    Nor has UKIP exploited yourselves and others by releasing a press statement in backing, where is N. Hamilton in all of this ‘bell ringing’?

  4. VanDamme says:

    Dear A voter please see here:

  5. VanDamme says:

    I should add, I have known about this just through my you tube feed for several weeks!

    Despite being encouraged by my local branch to cause a ruckas with stories such as these. I withheld; it was a test as to how the “new” UKIP machinery that have the “finger on the pulse”, under the new leadership that is injecting professionalism and bringing in intrumental changes.
    How did this new party react to such an imposition upon the freedom of speech?
    (The massive implication is in the video. i.e. that the Welsh assembly can not even discuss a motion proposed by the Westminster “arm” of politics.)
    What do I find, nothing, silence, only this article is a facsmile of what happened.

    I may be wrong, perhaps it was a fake video!

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