REVIEW OF THE YEAR: MAY Prime Minister Corbyn?

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    You say that the gloss is wearing thin for the Conservatives. I am unable to detect any gloss at all, with the exception of our MP in Northampton North. Michael Ellis has shown himself to be a Democrat, as well as a first class Constituency MP but that is all I can say for the Tory Party. At the last election his majority was only 800, and I emailed him with the real warning, that as popular as he is, his Party may well loose him his seat.
    You also say that Maggie May is authoritarian and arrogant. In which case I don’t know how her parliamentary people can take that, or perhaps keep a straight face ! She is not of sound political mind, and to the Party she is a real Jonah. She decided to go to a General Election when she did not have to. She lost her inherited majority, and cost us all a load of money to get the DUP on side, and with the money paid, very nearly lost their support ! Oh yes, she is a real asset to the Tory Party, as she is to the country. On top of all that, she appears to be happy sending many billions over to the EU, with little to no benefit. YES, I DON’T KNOW HOW WE MANAGED BEFORE SHE BECAME P.M. !

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