REVIEW OF THE YEAR: JUNE In The Shadows Of Our Ancestors


BeardedNomad51 is an avid gamer, reader and hater of radical Islam and Third Wave Feminism. He is a firm beliver in free speech and in the protection of Western Cultural ideas and societal norms. When not being outraged on the internet he like to play video games and obsess over imaginary worlds.

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  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    A fine rallying cry for justice and action – I couldn’t agree more.

    However, all the (fringe) parties that might fit the bill (to protect us), most, known as the “far right”, are neither credible nor desirable. That leaves only UKIP and Anne Marie Waters’ new party “For Britain”.
    In my opinion, UKIP is now a spent force – lions led by donkeys. It’s new leader shows he has no intention of taking the party in the necessary direction to protect the nation – so, for UKIP, the elephant remains in the room and political correctness is the order of the day.
    It was tragic that in the summer UKIP members had the chance to elect AMW as leader and they fluffed it; but it is now blindingly obvious that ONLY her new party’s policies include the necessary truth, honesty, integrity and sheer determination to tackle the cultural problems and violence that Islam continues to bring to our shores.

    I would encourage all those who read and respect the above post and the solemn truth of its content, to join For Britain, the only party that will answer our call.

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