‘The World Is Watching’ Trump Warns Iran

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I believe in people power, but unfortunately people are breakable, especially in front of a Government’s armed troops. In any of the Middle East, it would seem that the value of life is heavily discounted, and once guns are fired, all the guns come into action. In my own mind, Iran is in the same position as North Korea, as countries to avoid visiting. Trump using his Twitter again, can only be unhelpful in such a situation !

    • forthurst says:

      Believe what you are told, if you wish. UKIP needs to distance itself from believing everything it is told by ‘authority’ and from accepting a foreign policy orchestrated by American neocons who have already engineered the overthrow of relatively stable regimes throughout the ME and in Eastern Europe by using agents provacateurs to engineer ‘spontaneous’ protests. e.g It is now well known that in Ukraine, foreign snipers were brought in to kill both protestors and police leading to the overthrow of the elected government.

      According to the Iranian Deputy Governor of Lorestan, the police were not involved in the shootings but Takfiri (ie ISIS) militants were.

      People had hopes for Trump but they must resign themselves to the inescapable fact that he is already captive to forces he cannot control: plus ca change plus ca meme chose. Iran has an authoritarian Islamic government but its doubtful Shi’ite Iranians wish to be ‘saved’ by the ‘West’ through the introduction of Sunni terrorists and high explosives dropped from 10,000 feet.

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