Farage To Travel To Ireland To Promote Irexit

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I think the Irish Republic may need a lot of work to leave the EU.
    First there is the fact that the Irish don’t want to have to follow the UK in anything.
    The Irish however have about 75% of trade with the UK.
    I am sure that Nigel will be able to sell the idea, but the fall off of trade will decide the matter.

  2. Owen says:

    No disrespect but brexit is a British thing !! We have decided that the rule of democracy is absolute!!! It is the European Union that needs to change ! Communism??? Is what the European Union is !! Ireland has its own problems!!
    When the European Union collapses and it will Britain will be long out of it !! Freedom and democracy Are absolute ! the rule is sovereign nations and trade was what it was set up to do !! And Not controlled by non elected presidents!
    I wish the European people health happiness in the new chapter of freedom!! It’s very odd that the European Union demand another £50 billion! The same week Britain paid its final bill to the total of £ 188 billion to rebuild Europe after the Second World War !! Oh let me remind ireland she did light up the headland to help the German army bomb Britain!!! Enough said !! No more bailing out banks pensions politicians salaries and the dreadful amount of money that goes missing every single year!! In what world are the final books presented for the tax man with billions missing!!

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