Integrating Logic Instead of Shouting Into Debates and Life

Grace Conyers

Grace is a soil scientist, researcher, educator, and science communicator. She spends a lot of her day alternating between teaching, dancing in a lab while waiting for chemical reactions, reading, and plotting business adventures. She is the owner and a co-founder of Insanitek Research and Development. Grace can be found on social media on Minds, Google+, and She invites you to meet up with her on any of these platforms.

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    COMPLEXIPACITY: Well I thought I had heard it all Grace ! At my old age, problems are handled in a better way, if they are simplified. Just boil the problem down to its constituent inputs, and life gets better straight away. Take Brexit as an example. PM Cameron boxed himself into a corner, and had to give the people a referendum vote on staying within the EU. The silly man did not consider that the people were thoroughly dissatisfied with the EU, and so no thought was given as to what to do, if we went against him and the establishment. So having made a pigs breakfast of things, he packed his bags and handed over to his lack-luster Home Secretary.
    Maggie May wanted to remain in the EU, but was lumbered with taking us out. She had a small majority Government, but called a General Election, and lost it. Never mind, here DUP, have a Billion quid and vote with us, it’s only money from the Taxpayers ! The Conservative Party, if it had a brain, would get her out of No.10, PDQ. She is the ultimate Jonah, that makes only mistakes, and flapping backwards and forwards in Europe, only magnifies her lack of ability, but probably gives the EU Commissars a good laugh at our expense !
    We have an answer. It is just so simple. Upon the Democratic wish of the people, a new PM, perhaps Moggy or Bone takes one trip to Brussels. Tells them our membership is over. No cash will be sent to them. WTO rules will apply now, but if you wish, you can make an appointment to negotiate the matter in London. Now get business-men off to talk trade with all the Nations. In effect, job done ! Of course the EU finding themselves now talking to nobody, will employ themselves in being as awkward as possible. Somehow, that raises my chuckle muscle, because we dealt with the little German corporal, as the Europeans are well aware. We would have to change direction in business, but maybe the 40 odd Billion that we were going to hand over to the EU, could now be used to our advantage.
    So you see Grace, there is very little complexity in taking charge of our Nation and our future !

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