LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 03/01/2018: No More National Humiliation

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4 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    Never a truer word has been spoken! The sooner we get out of this poisonous club the better, and the author of this post is absolutely correct in wanting to keep our own cash.

    There is one more thing for sure; that is that this government will NEVER be forgiven for its traitorous stance and child-like “negotiations” with the criminals of the EU. What we need now is people power in order to show Parliament that we won’t put up with such a feeble performance. Get real, or get out!

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Very well put Nigel, and Thank you Darrell. It is a great pity that the EU see their place in the world as an organisation that must be obeyed. Just as much a pity as Maggie May, seemingly not to have evaluated our own National value, and agreeing with everything presented by the EU. – Then again, it is stupid to have a PM, that wanted to remain in the EU, as the one to negotiate our leaving.
    The way that history can repeat itself, is worrying. I recall my Father telling me, that before the outbreak of WW2, the Commons was full of scared old men with memories of WW1. PM Chamberlain, was seen going to Germany, in the hope of good sense prevailing, and coming back with Hitler’s signature on his bit of paper. Although the difference in reason is clear, I see a parallel with today. In business you get nowhere being nice ! Negotiations are always a two way street, and if they are not, then negotiations become dictated orders. WE NEED A BETTER PM !

  3. Pamela Preedy says:

    Send this letter to May and her Remainer cronies and toadies.

  4. P. Hellyer says:

    I’m surprised no one is castigating Henry Bolton for dumping his wife who has just had a baby. He is now with a 25 year old model. Do we all accept this? Just because he is the leader? The man is an adulterer. Period. Where are Ukip Christian soldiers on this? Are they hypocrites too?

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