Neil Repudiates More Interference From The IMF

Marv Hollingworth

Kipper Central Deputy Editor

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    MAGGIE MAY has a problem, and its a big problem because the British people can see her problem. Come to that all the people of the world can see it. She believes she is a President, and SHE IS NOT ! She is the Prime Minister and therefore a Public Servant. Someone should tell her !
    Even in this diluted democracy, with a FPTP vote system, political parties raise their manifesto commitment, and upon that we cast our vote. THE EXCEPTION is when a single issue referendum is handed to the people. The result of that vote instructs the Government upon the course of that issue.
    It’s not the naughty 17.4 million of us that had the temerity to vote to leave the EU, that is causing problems for our Nation. It is the delay in the implementation of that instruction, by this Government, and nothing else. The delay is causing uncertainty for business, and bringing the pound down, thus raising prices and so having an effect upon wages. Now if a non University guy like myself can see that, what value is this Government ?
    It is so simple. Tell the EU that we don’t want to go to stage two. Say by-by. Go to WTO terms. Pay nothing and use the money to smooth our own transition, and get our sales people out to the world, with Government back up. Tell the EU that they know where London is, and if they make an appointment we will be pleased to have meaningful trade talks with them. Oh yes, and be pleasant with them !
    Now even at this late stage, Maggie May could do this for the benefit of all of us. I hope she does, because I am going through a change of character. I am a tax paying, law abiding guy, with no problems towards women in authority, BUT Maggie May is pushing me just too far, and I may change any time soon. ACT NOW YOU SILLY WOMAN !

  2. StuartJ says:

    The minimum wage and ‘living wage’ are huge confidence tricks.
    Companies pay their employees, not the government. As the minimum wage increases, companies’ operating costs increase. And what do these companies do to offset these increased costs to maintain their profit margins? Of course, increase their prices!
    And this is exactly why the poorest always remain poor, because everytime the minimum wage goes up, the cost of living also then increases in line.

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