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7 Responses

  1. Robster says:

    I’m loving this!

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    Blair needs psychiatric help for delusions of grandeur.

  3. Tom Mogensen says:

    Blair and his BUSH destroyed the whole world , instead of initiating a war, they could have had SADDAM HUSSEIN placed in center UNITED NATION SECURITY COUNCIL instead of having COLIN POWEL SITTING WITH HIS TOOTHPICK, FORCING THE WORLD TO START WAR, and made a conference for peace and political arrangements, never let it ends before an agreement had ended. But they wanted war and nothing is settled yet, the biggest bomb has not yet exploded, and the thousands of dead continues to add up. millions are on run to other countries and instead of peace in those countries, they destroy EUROPE also. BUSH created OBAMA and OBAMA created TRUMP, and it is first by now the world can see by the guts of TRUMP, what those corrupted brainless leaders have done. WE can only hope that TRUMP will remain alive and will continue to make …. (America) say, the world great again. Tony Blair should be behind bars rest of his life like Bush and Obama and all those we see coming forward belonging to their clique of brainless careless ex leaders.

    • John pritlove says:

      100% right Mr Mogensen,
      A spot on comment, these three as you mentioned , BLAIR, BUSH AND OBAMA should ALL be behind bars for what they have done to not only Europe, but the world

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    On the financial board game called ‘EU’s Silly Money’, it was seen by everyone that if you made a fool of yourself at home, there was always the chance of being taken on by the EU for some ‘Pseudo Political Management Job’. Financial pay was limitless, and the work was minimalist. You just had to keep your head down, and speak only when told to. Our British failures, like Mr. & Mrs. Kinnock, ( Oops ! Lord and Lady Kinnock ), is a case in point. – An utter failure domestically, but a multi-millionaire for doing sod all in the EU !
    When you get to thinking about this, is it any wonder that EU accounts have not been signed off for 20 odd years ! ? ! The knack is to make your job totally unfathomable with total security from snoopers. That way it is possible to get away with it, right under the noses of the tax payers. What beats me, is that there were so many British voters at the referendum, that actually wished to stay in this nonsense. Blair, at the head of a Labour Government for many years, did very little that was worthwhile, except doing as he was told by Bush. He is now turning himself inside out to keep the possibility alive of landing an EU job, and Britain leaving is not helpful for that !

  5. Wayne Instone says:

    i will never call him Lord Kinnock, he has done nothing to earn that right, he is a miserably failed politician, who, through the back door he has recieved a peerage, and made financially secure for life through the EU. Him and his wife want to continue their journey on this gravy train. But the British people are too wise to allow it, Forget Kinnock, Blair and all the rest of you phonies, and crawl back under your rocks.

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