BOLTON BACKLASH: UKIP Members Turn On ‘Horrid Henry’

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  1. VanDamme says:

    I’ll reiterate what I said in another HB article:
    The problems are not specifically stemming from his private life but the fine line between that and his public image, vis-a-vis the Instagram pictures, his conduct elsewhere i.e. during the leadership campaign.

    What now though? How many deliberate self-contradictions can the leader endure?
    I presume a lot more, with very little direct consequence happening to HB, what I fear is that the membership numbers will continue to haemorrhage (never mind actual votes). I believe HB will UKIP’s last leader as a credible party, even if Brexit is blocked/sabotaged, voters will be simply put off by unprofessional conduct of prominent figures within the party, now and in the past.

    You have to question HB’s judgment, he boasts of a notorious career which entailed strategic and nuanced decisions, envisages bringing the same MO to UKIP. Yet can’t see why a 20-something blonde ‘model’ wants to be with a short, slim-framed, balding, 54 year old; looking a decade older. Fame and perhaps money is the answer, I’ll eat my hat if it is true love. I wonder how long she would stay with him if he resigned immediately, a matter of days or weeks? (Probably until she was weening out of the press spot-light and decided to ‘spill the beans’ with an exclusive inside story, I’m getting a sense of Deja-vu!)
    The whole affair (no pun intended) is something akin to a bad James Bond film where Spectre sends in the beautiful woman to seduce and extract information via the form of pillow talk…
    If he can’t see that then you *have* to question his judgement and character elsewhere in his life, but who will ask these questions within the party? Maybe Farage should ask members for questions to pose to him?

  2. Ryan says:

    Are these people for real, henry and his wife split up, she moved to Vienna and a couple months later he met a new women those are the FACTS besides his personal life is nobody’s buisness

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Ryan, it is a fact that very straight and boring people, like myself, get pleasure from ripping other people apart. But having said that, mistakes in life come back to bother us if we go into public life. Henry needs to think on that !

  3. Raymond Stewart says:

    Yes we are very much for real. Henry has made this whole affair very public and thus disgraced the office of leader. It is sad that this will reflect on every UKIP member and that is why it is so serious. His integrity and trust is damaged if not destroyed !

  4. Brenda Rattle says:

    I have, this afternoon, posted my membership card back to UKIP headquarters with a covering letter to say that I can no longer support the party.

  5. Sjacks says:

    About time, old Henry is a waste of space who won’t speak about, let alone tackle the growing Islamic problem Britain faces. Nigel really screwed up propping this guy up for leadership, should have been Anne Marie Waters.

    • Graham says:

      Nigel screwed up in ALL his choices of people to replace him, we shouldn’t be surprised there. I spotted Henry’s vanity early on because he was using a publicity picture of him earnestly listening to a simultaneous translation on a headset at a Very Important Meeting wearing…Cuban Heels! David Brent would be proud. The first indication of his lack of judgement was his ridiculous legal challenge to AMW standing, which he backed out of within 24 hours, showing that he had neither judgement or principle. Then the David Kurten affair. His total lack of understanding that 70% of people didn’t vote for him and hence he ought to be humble rather than imagining he is Caeser. His nazi slurs that led to many leaving the party and making worse the lack of money. His constant slagging off of what he had found when he took over and his thinking that setting up a bunch of committees was the answer to the problem. His lack of communication, blaming it on email systems that funnily enough worked much better just a few months ago. Worst, his choice of all the same bunch of MEPs (few notable exceptions to be fair) to be spokesmen, and their absolute lack of response to the call to action. His 35-member cabinet! His appointment of Margot Parker as deputy (nobody threatening). But worst of all, his lack of any political vision or conviction. He kept saying ‘I am here to facilitate, but the members have to run with it’ – that isn’t the role of a leader! Leaders inspire with a vision and strategy, but from him there is none. His inability to articulate what UKIP stands for except words like ‘Hope’ and ‘Security’ which could come out of Corbyn, Cable, May or any other career politician’s mouth. His inability to work with anyone else but himself, and do the obvious thing, which is listen to Farage and basically just repeat what he says. His failure to embrace Trump. His failure to reach out to the ex-UKIP talent and rebuild the team. Always judge people by their actions, not their words. He goes around saying he’s a great family guy, yes if measured by quantity of families that is correct but not by any other conventional measure. His tough words on Oakden as chairman ‘interim means what it says on the tin’ and his volte-face. He is the very definition of supercilious and mendacious. If you don’t have integrity in one part of your life you are unlikely to have it in other parts either, the human soul is not compartmentalised. Note, all this within 3 months of being leader, and with no positive achievement to offset. If he was Nigel mark 2 and hitting it for 6 then maybe he could get the benefit of the doubt, but he clearly isn’t, he will be forever handicapped by this, and if not this then they can always ridicule him for bare-handed strangling badgers, and I don’t see the point of hanging on to him, particularly if he is planning an anti-democratic coup. It seems to me he doesn’t even understand the party and its rules well, for example unilaterally declaring that the GE17 manifesto had not been properly approved (it had) and rolling back to GE15 (he doesn’t have right to do this, NEC must agree). We have a monster on the loose that needs shooting. Some argue we would be a laughing stock to have another election. I argue we have been a laughing stock at least since Diane James / Woolfe K.O. and so it makes no difference. Key thing is to get someone in place who is a true kipper and speaks like one!

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Spot on – but it’s not too late to join her buddy!

  6. Derek Reeves says:

    Here we go again

  7. perpetual says:

    Ms. Govett along with others ran H Boltons campaign for Crime commissioner and Leader They were fully aware of his statement that he could not stand as parliamentary candidate as he could not afford it yet he stood as unpaid leader. The Folkestone branch have helped kill UKIP and team Bolton were the instigators.

    • Brenda Rattle says:

      That’s a point. If he couldn’t afford to stand as a PPC where did he get £5000 for the deposit to stand as a leadership candidate? Or the cost of running his leadership campaign? Something’s beginning to stink to high heaven.

  8. Silvie Steven says:

    He really has no choice. We had a King who gave up the throne for a woman he loved, I am afraid Henry Bolton has no choice but to fall on his sword and allow someone who wants to work for good of the party takeover. Personally I found the statement “I am a kipper through and through” from his new partner rather worrying, and clearly untrue. I know many kippers who would never behave so dishonourable nor seek to gain redemption under the guise of being happy. Marriages do fail, but one would hope that with such young children involved it could be dealt with more tactfully, kindly and honestly.

  9. Glenn Preedy says:

    Ann Marie Waters should have led UKIP so we face the Muslim Nazis head on. This man is a two face pseudo liberal apologist.
    Shut down UKIP. It is pointless, I am nor remewing.

  10. Colonel Mustard says:

    The moral of the story is not to accept gifts that come from Mr Interim.

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