Diyanet: Legalising Child Rape

Abigail Eatock

I joined UKIP as I believe that only UKIP are committed to providing true and fair democracy to Britain. As well as being a Politics and International Relations student at the University of York, I was also Chair of the UKIP society in York, as well as the Media Officer for YI UKIP Students. I was the Events Manager for the Peter Whittle leadership campaign. I am also an intern for The Bow Group, writing on UK and international security affairs.

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4 Responses

  1. Ian Edwards says:

    It’s nice to see that the benefits of multiculture, plurality and diversity and where that is leading European Civilisation are now being understood by UKIP influencers if not elsewhere. Post Brexit this will be a big factor in UK – and indeed all Europeans around the world – people’s lives.

  2. P. Hellyer says:

    The trouble with UKIP is that it shies away from confronting Islam. Islam must be held in check before it drowns us. For starters there should be only one law in Britain. Sharia courts must be closed down.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    First of all Abigail, all the very best of luck to you at York Uni., and our Thanks for your input into UKIP.
    I don’t want to get over heavy on this, but it has been of interest to me for some time now as a Christian follower that wants to understand, and to evaluate just what Islam really is, and a harmless question arose about God !
    The parentage of Jesus was The Holy Spirit and Mary. Jesus therefore was God in mortal form, who taught and led by example, and then became the blood sacrifice, once and for all and became our route to Salvation.
    Roughly half a millennium later, we find a guy Mohammed, under a God called Allah, who in between killing people that did not toe his line, gave his new guide for the life of his people. Is there more than one God ? – Jew, Muslim and Christian all agree that there is only one God. Therefore was God confused in sending Mohammed ? – I don’t think an Almighty God gets much confusion !
    It is not talked about much today, but the Holy Bible gives account of Lucifer’s fall from Heaven, and becoming Satan, the adversary of God. Now there is a Biblical saying, that by their fruits you will know them ! I would suggest that the child brides, as well as the values of life that we see today, from the world of Islam, indicates where this so called religion stems from, and I therefore come to the conclusion that Islam is Satanic !

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