BREAKING: Councillor Star Anderton Resigns Over Bolton Affair

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10 Responses

  1. Roger Goodchild says:

    I know that everyone deserves a Private Life away from the public eye and to live their life as they see fit behind closed doors, But and it’s a Big But, being the leader of a Political Party trying to make its way in the torrid world of politics, is a different matter altogether he/she must appear whiter than white with no skeletons in the cupboard and I’m afraid that Henry Bolton has not done that and as a consequence he should step down as leader of UKIP, putting Party before personal feelings.

    • Graham says:

      You can’t go around saying you have the right to a private life then tweet photos of yourself and your new lover, or recount anecdotes of how you were both nearly run down by George Osborne. Who recalls Henry’s bizarre christmas video message? It was rambling and unfocused, but the most unhinged part about showing some kindness to a stranger now makes me want to vomit, as he could not even show kindness to his own child still breastfeeding! WTF is this guy’s moral standard, I suppose it is easier with fewer strings attached to be kind to random people on the street than to hold down a lifelong relationship with a human being you brought into the world.

  2. Barrie says:

    Time political and minnows the to leave the the Party. For God’s sake look around you starting to with Macron Clinton and Holland Etal the and grow up. We have much to achieve so put your personal ambitions on hold and the future of of the most UK first.

    • Geoffrey Bastin says:

      Macron and Halland are French and have a different view of wives and lovers. We British do not always accept their standards nor should we.
      UKIP is proud to be different and those of us that are still members do not like the Bolton approach. had he said that he and his wife had parted and will both do all they can to protect and nurture his children he would have been OK.
      Instead like a selfish old fool he dumped his wife and made a very amateurish attempt at damage control by issuing that email to the membership.
      Also to have been enticed into the bosom of a young woman younger than his oldest daughter shows he lacks judgement.
      That lack of judgement has been shown in other directions whilst leading UKIP.
      I often wonder why his wife needed to take a well paid job in Austria apart from the fact he was not earning enough to support their lifestyles.
      I have no idea what an army pension pays but with a non paid job with UKIP I can’t imagine it has been easy.
      We three failed marriages to his name mid way through his fifties I can see he is well placed for Father of the Year award.

  3. Glenn Preedy says:

    Why did this gutless adulterer get put into the top role?
    We want courageous honesty in what was once UKIP.
    We should form a new patery under Ann Marie Waters.

  4. Godfrey Davey says:

    He has to go,I have been active in UKIP since the 1990’s and we are needed more that ever,a lot of us thought he was a fifth columnist,how much more proof do we need

  5. Barrie says:

    If you trip and stumble your enemies will give you a shove.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    HENRY BOLTON: You are found wanting as a leader of UKIP. You are unable to act your age. You have not been able to keep your private life private. You have taken the loyalty of this rank and file member, and squandered it.
    I continue my UKIP membership for the time being, but I now don’t accept you as any part of this Party. I suggest that you hand in your notice immediately. I was not happy with your private life, and that was difficult for me to accept, but your stupidity towards Y.I., the bedrock future of the Party, has sunk your UKIP future for me. JUST GO !

  7. Lord Justin says:

    I’m torn. I don’t judge him, and I support his right to a private life. But, the mainstream media will focus on this for the next few weeks – grateful for an excuse to ignore the party’s message.

    That said, yet another leadership election will do more harm than good. So, he should ride out the storm until the heat dies down, or a natural successor emerges.

  8. Jon Oakton says:

    Perhaps if Bolton had come out with some policies other than to price out UKIP membership and disrespect our YI s ? Members should not resign- it will be Bolton.

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