Young Independence Declares CRISIS After “Dismissive” Meeting With Henry Bolton

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Right up to this point, I have been supportive of Henry Bolton’s leadership. Others have given advice of membership withdrawal due to Henry’s change of heart with David Kurten, and then with Henry’s private life. However, since the requirement for UKIP to be properly lead, after so many mistaken twists and turns, seemed to be settled, I threw my membership behind our elected leader at 100 %.
    I will continue as a UKIP supporting member, until such time as a new Party arrives with the same goals, or this Party dies out. – Henry’s attitude and action towards Young Independence is just such a move to bring death to the Party, and I therefore give notice that Henry Bolton does not have my support. I trust that the NEC at their meeting will give full regard to this, as I am sure I’m not alone in my attitude !

  2. Brenda Rattle says:

    Surely you are not still trusting Bolton to deliver on his pledges. He’s proved beyond all doubt that he’s not going to honour anything he promised. He is, in my opinion, a charlatan which is one main reason why I’ve just resigned my membership.


  3. silvie steven says:

    Yet another thing that Henry Bolton appears to have dismissed very easily. It is becoming clear that his position as Leader is becoming untenable every day he remains. It is vital that the YI is supported and encouraged, they are the future of the party whether the powers that be like it or not. Mr Bolton appears to be more concerned with his own future than with the future of the party and its members. You should never enter politics in any party if it is too be self serving, you should only enter when it is for the good of the people

  4. Serena Lonton says:

    This is an appalling situation. How on earth is UKIP to survive when its senior officials ignore the young people, who are indeed the future whatever party they belong to. I am 64 years old, and I want to see more young people joining UKIP, so wise up you older lot, or you won’t have a party to run!

  5. John Wright says:

    I find it disquieting to learn that YI (Young Independence) have been treated in such an offhand way by our new leader, Henry Bolton. I am beginning to think that there is a “Death Wish” about some of those who’ve sought high office within UKIP, going right back to the likes of Robert Kilroy-Silk & quite a number of other odd characters since then? As an activist & foot soldier going back a mere six years, I in common with thousands of like-minded people have trudged the streets, skinned my knuckles in those fiendish letter boxes & spoken to thousands of people interested enough to listen! I have spent far too much of my own money, burnt hundreds of gallons of diesel traipsing all over the Country & attended any number of meetings with not always sympathetic people? I like so many others have done this for one reason & one reason only & this is utterly & entirely down to just one Man! Nigel Farage! Leaders have come & gone but not one has even remotely been able to measure-up to Nigel & in common with so many of you good UKippers out there, what we have now been forced to witness fills us with a sadness & even horror that such a Party created from a desperate need to challenge the smug, elitist & so distant Parties of the “Old Guard” once again?, appears to be thrashing & writhing about like a demented & headless snake?
    I wouldn’t dream of asking Nigel to return, even though he himself has said as much & even though I have the greatest regard for him! I believe he may well have had his fill of the mainly well intentioned people who surrounded him & yet! It appears our military Man Henry Bolton has forgotten the first rule of engagement? Your troops Sir! They need to be young & most emphatically, they need to feel confidence in their leader.

  6. forthurst says:

    Mind the credibility gap. Young people who are patriotic, enthusiastic and politically aware are more precious than gold; they should be nurtured and above all taken seriously; unfortunately that does not seem to be the case with HB running the show. YI are the future; HB is looking more like the past with every unfortunate revelation of his stewardship.

  7. Colonel Mustard says:

    Largely tosh. You’ve been false-flagged and are being gamed.

  8. A Voter says:

    seems as though YI are being treated in the same way as ordionary members, kept in the dark & ………………… upon

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