UKIP CRISIS: Decision On Bolton Postponed For 10 Days

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9 Responses

  1. Graham says:

    That email takes us all for mugs. If there is to be a no-confidence vote in the leader, then members should be aware of that, so that they can express their opinions to the NEC members (good luck if you know any) , and then when the vote happens it should be transparent so we can see how each NEC member voted. On the contrary, it seems he has instructed NEC members not to make any statements on the matter! It is the usual cover up, cloak of secrecy crap that got us here in the first place.

  2. Ian Edwards says:

    Alas, filling in the void Nigel has left behind has proven a difficult thing to do. Doubly so that the party’s main raison d’etre is now almost passe and a thorough going post Brexit Britain looking party has yet to hatch – if in deed it can be done, since a leopard cannot change its spots very easily I’m reliably informed – putting a double burden on the leader figure. The Anne Marie Watson ‘route’ was also ruled out by the party, even though that is the next biggest issue to what’s left of Britain after the Brexit matter is concluded, so a treble conundrum for any party leader. Then, as pointed out in this HB memo, the question of how pathetic the NEC is still appears to ghost the party right to this day.

  3. Stanley Cutts says:

    Well said Darrell. The long-suffering foot-soldiers of UKIP deserve better. It’s only a matter of time until the party implodes!

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The people are really browned off with UKIP, and it takes little to understand why ! Just look at the list of leaders and ask yourself, what the hell is going on ? We are a fairly new Party. and just look at this list. ………..
    Alan Sked
    Michael Holmes
    Roger Knapman
    Robert Kilroy-Silk
    Nigel Farage – First
    Lord Pearson
    Nigel Farage – Second
    Diane James
    Paul Nuttall
    Henry Bolton
    Does UKIP have a death wish ? Is there a policy within the Party, that dare not use it’s name ? Do would-be leaders look at the mountain to be climbed, and shake their heads ? Is our wish list too adventurous ?
    NO ! and many times NO ! The product is not only good, it is the very best that is on offer today. With the old Parties all at 6s and 7s, and clearly split on Brexit, and so many other things, the way is open for our UKIP, and yet we have a knack of not selling our ideas, and choosing the very worst individuals to lead.
    I am too old, and housebound to take this on, and I hoped that Mr. Bolton would rise to the challenge. I made an effort to overlook the items that had so many cat-calling against him. When I am told of his dismissing attitude to our Young Independence, that had me disowning him. I now await the NEC’s action, for me to have any faith in this Party. I wish I was younger and fitter, because UKIP has good running legs, and should win to the benefit of this Nation !

  5. VanDamme says:

    A certain HB will now doubt be hoping that this affair will be tomorrow’s fish and chip wrappers.
    If UKIP do nothing else in the mean time (even Farage has been asked about it) then it will conintue to be a party matter.

  6. Glenn Preedy says:

    Weneed Anne Marie Waters as our truly honest and competent leader. Bolton must OUT.

  7. Colonel Mustard says:

    How dare you claim Mr Interim’s communications are nothing short of pathetic? It works out he gets paid £1000 for each email. Some people like you Goodliffe show no gratitude and don’t know your place.

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