UKIP CRISIS: Farage Being Questioned Over Bolton Love Life Shows How Damaging The New Leader Is

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  1. J.Kay says:

    Dear All
    I have left the party due to the dishonesty with which Mr Bolton misrepresented himself to those who voted for him. Regardless of his ‘achievements’ in the military, he has shown himself to be a shallow little man with a string of broken relationships behind him. If he can’t make sound and wise judgements in his personal life, how can he be trusted to make them in public office on behalf of millions (perhaps now only a few dozen) supporters?

    The NEC has shown itself to be toothless and vacillating. Private Bolton should have been given his marching orders for deceiving so many people and shown the door.


    • John Bickley says:

      On behalf of the NEC may I ask you to read the constitution to understand what the limit of our powers are – clause 6.23.1 onwards. It is very important that a Leader cannot be easily kicked out of the party by an NEC coup, especially if the Leader is a good Leader. The ultimate decision rests with the membership, as it should.

      I have nothing to say about the matter at hand. The chairman’s recent email to members made it clear the party/NEC wouldn’t be offering a running commentary . The constitution, which members approved is clear what the process is in regards to various matters such as those being discussed by party members at the moment.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I suppose it is natural to want to oo and ar at sexual proclivities, above and in place of action taken with the Party. For certain, Henry Bolton is now totally spoiled for getting anything of UKIP across to the media. They will be much more interested in asking questions of a personal and sexy nature. In itself, that is a good enough reason to get shot of Mr. Bolton.
    My initial feeling was that if this silly old fool is prepared to get hammered for his proclivities, although not ideal, lets see what he makes for the Party. We did not have long to wait, as we received news of his off-hand attitude to Young Independence. There is no coming back from being disinterested in the Party’s young folk. They represent the future for UKIP, and for me, it is the reason for not paying the £35 membership fee, at least until our NEC has sorted out Henry Bolton to my satisfaction !

  3. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    A good article that puts it all into perspective. Henry Bolton is history, and toast and we want to hear now is that he has resigned to spend more time with his lady friends.
    The third candidate in the leadership contest behind AMW was David Kurten. He can be sworn in with a coronation and save all the fuss and hype about having another leadership contest.
    The party is almost insolvent and if NEC elections are out of the question then so is another leadership contest.
    Now it’s all down to the NEC who chose to postpone any judgement on Bolton for ten days. At yesterday’s meeting it should have been the top topic but as usual the decision was fudged and followed with a pathetic message from the party Chairman of whom we are never certain whether he is the chairman or only interim chairman. Whatever his status he does the party no favours.
    Cometh the hour cometh the man or in this case cometh the end of a once great party unless someone gets a grip of the situation.

    • Mick mcgough says:

      I implore you all to read the Constitution and not criticise the NEC.
      DO THAT AND YOU’ll see the wood from the trees

    • John Bickley says:

      Dear Geoffrey,

      Please see my comment above. You are so wrong to state what you have about the NEC. Read the constitution (clause 6.23.1 onwards) and then engage in some lateral thinking. The immediate solution to your ‘problem’ lies with a third party not the NEC, who are bound by the membership to follow constitutional procedure.

    • Colonel Mustard says:

      Bastin, as others remarked, you’re clueless about the rules and NEC.
      But you have got the number of the chairman or interim chairman or chaiman. He’s driven only by self interest and greed. Whatever his status he does the party no favours. While pretending to support the leader and continuing to pull the wool over his eyes, this very minute the (interim interim) chairman is conspiring with several successors, who would make us long for a return to the days of Bolton should they get into power.
      This is so as to ensure his own tenure as (interim interim interim) chairman continues indefinitely.
      Worse are those who underwrote and backed this opportunist.

  4. Steve Bater says:

    All members should write to the party Chairman saying they have no confidence Henry Bolton and call for his resignation. Or members should resign on mass and see UKIP die. This once and honourable party is tainted by sleaze and corruption and I guarantee there is more corruption to follow. UKIP will be wiped out in the May elections and then Bolton will have nobody to lead and it will be bankrupt. UKRIP.

  5. Noel Matthews says:

    I think that those with a vested interest in the destruction of UKIP in order to thence mount up and ride their chargers to the rescue will rack up the pressure and the criticism.

    It is called “having an agenda”

    It will do no good. We can have a new leader evety six months. He or she will still have to work with the tools in their box and face facts.

    A budget, a media determined to ignore us, an establishment bent on our destruction and a political system rigged to protect the status quo.

    Who any leader slips between the sheets with is a massive irrelevance compared to the task at hand.

    Go knock on some doors.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Henry has an agenda and he is willing to sell anyone out to advance it so I would watch your back if I was you.

    • Graham says:

      Oh dear, another example of siege mentality thinking from within the UKIP bunker. How do you think you break out of the downward spiral you describe? It is by having an agenda. Henry’s problem is that he had no discernable agenda. Not a single policy document, not a single speech laying out his vision. Here’s how a virtuous cycle works – you have an attractive vision – you communicate it effectively – you win support – you attract members – the members provide you with money. Guess what, then the media will be interested, and the circle becomes self-perpetuating. Why does anyone from within the bunker think that UKIP has a right to media coverage, you have to earn it, every day. Its not that we don’t have a bench, we have Henry’s ‘central committee’ of 35 people paid £2.2million a year from their various jobs to come up with ideas. But they are incapable of doing so. As Bolton seemed to have no policy ‘agenda’, all he needed to do was to listen to what Nigel said and repeat it, but he couldn’t even do that. Standing on the shoulders of giants, not trying to become a giant yourself.

  6. Colonel Mustard says:

    At least with Bolton the hanky-panky is consensual. Isn’t that more than can be said for several of the plotters against him, including the interim one?

  7. perpetual says:

    Visit Westmonster site, Henry is now claiming the marriage had been in serious difficulty for a number of years,yet he begat more offspring. Not a responsible or caring decision. With each statement comes more contradiction. Why is he allowed to speak on the matter but no-one else?

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