BREAKING: Crisis Meeting Of NEC Postponed!

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6 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    LEADER, CHAIRMAN AND NEC MEMBERS. This is no way to run UKIP ! A very poor showing in administration of the Party is reported, and we are seeing many members leaving. Is this a concerted effort to end the Party of UKIP ?
    I wish to stay a member, due to this Party having the aspirations that are the closest to my own, but the higher members fee, has been met with non action in the matter of a replacement leader. Therefore I remain on hold, but with hope !

  2. Icini says:

    From a soon to be ex UKIP branch chairman. We can’t take any more Captain, stop now , don’t pass go and don’t colect £200.

    For the rest of the party, best fold up the board and start again. The lies, smears and spin from outside the party I can stand but not the laughter.
    I’m done and probably so is my branch and district council group. One debacle and one leader too far. Even NIgel has gone nuts.

  3. Barrie greatorex says:

    No more leadership fiasco must be on public display. Ukip must stay united behind the current leader, he has today proved beyond doubt he can cope with any pressure that the aggressive MSM throws at him, unlike those leaders of the very recent past. We have to keep the faith with the 17.4 million leave voters or lose all credibility.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Barrie, I don’t feel that I am reaching for the stars, in my wish for a good and effective leader of UKIP.
      Henry Bolton’s about turn with his promise for deputy leader, cannot be overlooked. His ‘private life’ such as it is with anyone in public service, is very much unhelpful. For me, the off-hand attitude to Young Independence is not welcome as Y.I. is the future of our Party, so it looks like you and me have to agree to differ !

  4. Ian Hensman says:

    Time to stop Bickering folks and think of our country Britain’s future and also the future of UKIP.
    WE need to become real once again.
    Just take note:…. The way the establishment is treating Britain First at the momenet when the establishment has finished with them and shut them up they will start on UKIP.
    UKIP needs to get our act together to give the current establishment some sort of meaningful opposition.
    Failure will be disastrous.

  5. Paula Walters says:

    If an e mail is doing the rounds around the NEC then I must be the proverbial mushroom, I know of no such e mail. If there are secret talks and dodgy dealing, well they must have taken place in the toilet. I am sure that I am not breaching confidentiality when I tell you that a further meeting was arranged and it was decided Sunday 21st as a date when all would be available as a lot of us work in the week. The room that we use for the meetings is very kindly given for free however it is an office that closes at five so we were time restricted. The last word was that members had been waiting around all day for news so information should be sent out immediately, hence Paul sending out a hurried e mail. If an error was made regarding the date, it was a mistake pure and simple

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