Etheridge: We Are The Beacon Of Light And Freedom

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3 Responses

  1. Graham says:

    After the latest Jo Marney revelations about her racist texts, I am afraid it is over and out for UKIP.

  2. David Dubery says:

    Great stuff. How anyone in their right mind could have voted for a numpty like Soubry is beyond me but a remoaning, leftie-luvvie, snout in the trough, anti-democratic numpty as well? This woman hasn’t the brains to organise piss up in a brewery!

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We voted to get out of the EU, but all this time later we are still in this useless organisation. WHY ? Time is ticking by, and countries of the world are asking, is UK/GB in or out ? We must be in, because trade talks are forbidden while we continue our membership. What are they negotiating about, because it would be more fruitful to negotiate with a brick wall than the EU ? – They have to keep to their Treaties in the face of their other members, so why the delay and pretense of a trade deal from outside the EU ? We all know that any trade with this block can only be accomplished with some item of EU-ism still in place, such as fishing waters, their Courts and the free movement of people etc., which is not what we voted for ! Anna Soubry seems intent on representing herself, rather than her constituency, and this has to change back to normality and Democracy ! One voice for the referendum result is UKIP, but they have been high-jacked by an idiot with his bimbo, and unless this is cleared PDQ, the Party will never be taken seriously again !

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