UKIP CRISIS: UKIP Was My Second Family But I Can’t Promote Henry Bolton

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12 Responses

  1. perpetual says:

    Another sad resignation, When will Bolton end these death-throws?

  2. silvie steven says:

    Such a shame that you have felt the need to resign not only as a leader but also from the party, that once, you clearly felt such great affinity with. You are i fear one of many more that will follow you, as they too have an issue with the behaviour and attitude of the current leader of the party.
    Mr Bolton, shows no sign of remorse for having put Ukip into prominence in the media, nor for the fact that his wife has been left with 2 young children to bring up and explain where Daddy is and why he is no longer with them. Throughout the leadership contest his mantra about being a family man and safe pair of hands was appealing to many members, who felt he could be trusted to move the party on, and his assertion he would “sell the family home” to fund himself ” whilst seeming selfless at the time now looks to have been a code for “my marriage is over and assets must be sold”. I personally hope that Mr Bolton takes this time between now and the rearranged meeting of the NEC to make the right decision not just for himself but for the good of the party, which is needed by the people of this country now more than ever, and recognises that he is not the man to be at the helm of such an important vessel. I wish you luck in the future and hope that when UKIP is back on track with the Leader it needs not necessarily that the NEC wants you return to the family you once held so dear.

  3. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    John you are not alone in your disappointment with the leaders of UKIP. They are the ones we expected to lead and promote the party in our image but alas they have become nothing more than feeble attempts at being politicians.
    This latest saga leaves me in the same situation although so far I have refrained from resignation.
    Depending on the outcome of the delayed meeting of the NEC I will then decide. I’m feeling pretty certain that Bolton will be retained at the expense of another high profile figure being dumped. This is no way to run a serious political party that imagines it can claim respect from the wider electorate.
    The problem many of us have is knowing we will never vote for any of the other parties and we will still depend on some sort of UKIP to represent our views when it comes to election time.

  4. Alan P says:

    I cannot imagine many kippers feel
    any different. However given a change of leader (Batten possibly) and a change of management (his top priority), Ukip does have the brand name for the patriot classes, left and right.

    I’m very much in same place. Stood twice, now surveying the wreckage and sparse alternatives.

    Something strong may yet emerge and if it’s Batten, that’d do for me.

  5. Pamela Preedy says:

    Don’t blame you. I resigned on the day he was elected and joined AMW’s For Britain. Three elections (including Diane James) since Nigel went and three duff leaders. And now Nigel talking about a 2nd referendum …. I despair of Ukip.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Well John Owen, I think many of us feel the same as you. I want to stay with UKIP, but until Henry Bolton is mover on, I will not be paying my £35 membership, and I will keep my eyes and ears open for any other Party to fill this space. It is just so irksome having this problem, because our product is appealing, and would sell without doubt !

  7. Robster says:

    Much as I disagree with sudden immorality, these things happen. What he has done is not dissimilar to other people in high places, and they have worked to ‘ignore’ public influence and gone on to be great politicians, and Royal’s. I am sure Henry is of this calibre, and will go on to be a splendid Leader for UKIP. One should ask if the Daily Mail is immoral, by giving us detailed reports on double page spreads for 3 days on the trott! Even slummy Sun didn’t go that far.

    • Sean says:

      Unfortunately Henry right now makes members ‘s skin crawl. He comes across as a self-centered grubby little man. There is no way members will follow him. Expect an exodus from UKIP and a declining membership if he is allowed to remain.

  8. Graham says:

    Given the latest revelations tonight about her racist texts, its curtains for UKIP.

  9. Barrie says:

    What I hear are echoes if John Major. Henry Bolton has many enemies not least those who supported AMW Ukip does not need your support. Please take your defeat in a better manner than those awful Remainers.

  10. Thostids says:

    Given we have had four leaders (?) since Nigel, and each time the system picks out, unerringly, the most damaging possible individual, is it not at least logical that our system is faulty? Or that we are fishing from too small a pond. As for Henry….brown bread, I fear.
    We should, at least, look upon the Lib-Dems and consuder that their erstwhile leader torpedoed most of their fleet, whilst their next leader was spitted for being an evangelical christian. Time will tell whether their present leader is the least self-destructive they could find.
    And what of Labour? The old saying warns “They who sup with the devil had best use a long spoon”. Youth votes are a source of votes, but classic swing-voters.
    As for the Tories…..methinks a lot of our old voters will be returning to the fold after the two-faced behaviour we have seen during Brexit negotiations.

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