BREAKING: Etheridge Calls On Bolton To Resign

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9 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Originally I wanted to clear the floor, and back the new leader. My attitude to that has been changed, by Henry Bolton. Allowing his girlfriend to comment to the media, a media that is very happy to take on board anything that hits UKIP, has to be the last straw. UKIP has to own up to making a big mistake, and correct the matter in good order. It is then that I will be able to pay a membership fee to the Party

  2. Robster says:

    What a difference a day makes…. Yesterday, I wrote and said that I thought that maybe Henry deserved a second chance…. with the latest scandal relating to him, I have no other wish than for him to resign!
    UKIP, the people’s Army, is being dragged down into the nearest gutter!
    We have become a National Embarrassment to British Politics. Heaven knows, the Conservatives and Labour have had their scandals, but nothing quite equalises our latest one.
    If he does not go (Henry), Paul Oakden will not be the only one to resign.
    Need I say more?

  3. Barrie greatorex says:

    How the knives of those who believe themselves to have been passed over are quickly brought to hand. This text saga has much to be yet revealed. Who keeps a text for so long then sells it to such a MSM source as the MOS? What was the omitted parts of such a text or how did such a conversation arise? Henry may or may not be a victim here of an elaborate sex trap, he is however not guilty of letting Ukip down, his appearances on the media have been in the most,commendable. Those calling for yet another leadership fiasco will damage the Party far more than Henry Bolton will, that is for sure.

  4. David Weaver says:

    Henry Bolton must resign or be sacked now!! There is no need to wait for the NEC to sit and discuss, as the new revelations already stated above , are reason enough. Should this not happen I will also resign.

  5. Stanley Cutts says:

    UKIP was finished even before the personal scandal of Henry dear Henry broke. I believe that he was drafted in (from nowhere) to the leadership contest as a Trojan horse by dark political forces and his mission was simply to wreck the party. Now that he’s achieved that goal, he obviously wants out and quickly! What better way than to ditch his wife, take up with his young thing and then have her say something totally unacceptable to both the party and the voting public? This, coupled with his moribund political performance, gives him a rapid exit, but it’s left UKIP in total ruin and destined to obscurity for the foreseeable future. But who hatched this plan? May? Corbyn? Clegg? Even Farage? Your guess is as good as mine, but it’s food for thought don’t you think?

  6. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    The pearl handled revolver is out of the drawer and ready for service. As an ex military man I’m confident that Henry knows what is expected of an officer and gentleman.

  7. Peter.Watson says:

    As long as Nigel is not at the helm of UKIP they will keep shooting themselves in the foot. UKIP need him back if we are going to be a successful party, with a potential of 17m votes we need a strong leader and to me that would be Nigel although I don’t always agree with what he say still prefer him to anybody else in the party.

  8. John Carins says:

    Private life is private life but leaders have to set an example. More worrying is the lack of judgement.

  9. silvie steven says:

    Goodness what a mess! Mr Bolton would have us believe that he has only been in a relationship with this young lady for 4 days according to his appearance on GMB this morning and that in 4 days ” you cannot be aware of what your new partner has been texting”.Fair enough, that comment but the problem is, with what has been in the media how can people believe it? He said his marriage ended in October 2017, yet his wife said she did not know until December 2017. If it had ended, why oh why did he not issue a statement in October saying that sadly they had decided the marriage was at an end, and he would continue to support the Mother of his 2 young children – that would have been the far kinder thing to do, and would have probably got him some brownie points for being honest. It was early in January that this young lady began having very public spats with people on social media, not just 4 days ago. Indeed Mr Bolton even said at that point that ” Jo and I will come through this time with our relationship stronger” DUH! He also asserted this morning that the “romantic” side of our friendship is over but “I will continue to support her and her family through this very difficult time, which she does not deserve to be going through”. In such circumstances you either leave someone or you dont. There is no middle ground. He says the comments she made were totally unacceptable, as they indeed were, but he has to accept and acknowledge that she made them, and therefore it is entirely her fault she has been as he so chivalrously put it “thrown to the wolves”. This is not about a marriage breaking up, nor the fact he chose to embark on a relationship with someone who, as many people said at the time, was not his best choice, but it is about his inability to have made sure that any publicity he received should have been for the job he is supposed to be doing, leading UKIP at a time when it has never been more important. His decision when placed with making a choice of her or the job, has only shown he is not capable of making that decision, as he has demonstrated by saying he will continue to support her. No matter what anyone feels, surely he himself must know that he cannot hang on to a position in the party where trust and integrity are number 1 and number 2 on the job requirements. Do the right thing Mr Bolton, walk away from the job and the party, and get on with your life, with whoever you choose once you are free from being answerable to a political party.

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