OPINION: A Democratic Revolution For UKIP

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8 Responses

  1. Robster says:

    I agree, with 1 possible exception, Alan Bown has made in the region of £2m in donations to UKIP, and this should never be forgotten.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      I feel he should be on the subgroup Robster – my main thrust is to seperate political and corporate governance not exclude Mr Bown or anyone else who merits being on that subgroup

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    There is little to disagree with this article, certainly the question of the saleries of Senior Party Officers must be addressed, possibly linked to their individual financial circumstances. This filters down to the volunteer Party Officials, who currently find that they are restricted in their duties by a lack of personal funds. As a County Organiser, on a fixed “pension” income, I have to budget every penny to ensure I can fund the fuel needed to do my job. When the Party can’t even reimburse part of my fuel bill, it is particularly annoying to hear the Chairman’s salary is, by any measure, considerable. We need root and branch reform of the NEC, with certainly Regional representation at the very least being on our governing body. Currently, the Membership feels disconnected from the NEC, in what should be a member led organisation. It seems that this is the political norm, and is a complaint in all Parties, time for UKIP to take the lead and break this undemocratic mould. We have much to do to rebuild our Party, maybe we should limit our campaigning in the May Local Government Elections, except for Democracy Candidates, to those wher we stand a realistic chance of a win, or strong second, the money saved could then be used to fund the rejuvInation of UKIP, and employ professional services to sort things out. In a week’s time we should have some idea of how we will move forward, but in order to do this all avenues must be explored, but our members must be at the core of any decisions that are made, after all it is their Party, and it is the duty of those Elected and/or Appointed to act in line with their directions.

  3. alecto says:

    For goodness sake UKIP has got to stop pressing the self destruct button. Ever since Nigel stepped down the whole party has disintegrated. I am wondering if I should bother renewing my membership !

  4. Stanley Cutts says:

    I admire your optimism and tenacity Darrell, but I fear it’s a case of too little, too late. There’s already been too much collateral damage.

  5. Graham says:

    The only way out now is to blow the whole thing up and start again fresh, with different people in charge, a different constitution, and a different name. This is probably going to happen anyway because the party has been walking a very fine line with respect to bankruptcy. UKIP is a company, the directors are the individual NEC members, and they are subject to company law which forbids wrongful trading, i.e. continued digging yourself into more and more debt with no reasonable outlook of being able to repay. With the membership collapsing due to Bolton, and with now being the time of year the audit is done, the auditors will have to consider whether or not with this reduced level of subscriptions the party can continue as a going concern, and the NEC will have to consider whether or not to call a halt because there is no prospect of reducing debt. The overheads have already been cut to nothing, there is no money for campaigning, so it will be a close call that many NEC members will start getting squeaky bums as this is their personal legal liability. Hence the end could come very quickly.

  6. Russell Hicks says:

    I’ve just scanned through HB’s Twitter feed. The (justified) abuse he is taking over the Jo Marney mess is truly shocking, he has re-ignited all of the old accusations and dirt against UKIP. He should resign immediately or be booted out. The process of vetting candidates needs a very thorough overhaul. How did this utter twerp ever get through to a hustings?

  7. perpetual says:

    Now Bolton has ended it with Marney as he did previously with his wife and children, after threatening to sell the roof over their heads. His ambition to cling on to the leadership knows no bounds, only exceeded by his inability to carry out the task.

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