This Week: In Defence Of Trump

Marv Hollingworth

Kipper Central Deputy Editor

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5 Responses

  1. Ian Edwards says:

    I missed the Andrew Neil show today unfortunately but I think it was an inspired choice of Neil to invite James Delingpole onto the show and stand up for Trump’s achievements – James is a talented right wing journalist and almost alone there challenging the prejudices of the MSM – even Michael Portillo agreed that the MSM is lazy and ideologically driven to hate right wing opinion and democracy outcomes that are not of their choosing. Well done Mr Neil and Mr Delingpole, and Mr Portillo.

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    This is the most frank, honest and uplifting blog I have read so far on Kipper Central! It endorses my instinctive beliefs, that is, Donald Trump is GOOD for the US. Ergo, he’s good for the world. A straight talking “politician” – and that’s what we need here! No nonsense, no political correctness crap and no bullshit! Pity we’ve got the most devious, stupid, disingenuous and headline-chasing woman at the top of our government, surrounded by a cabinet of cretinous self-seeking fools. But it’s not all downbeat: We CAN work with the Donald; we CAN trade with the Donald; we CAN collaborate with the Donald to achieve world peace – IF we realise the value of his direction. Let’s get rid of this mainstream lot and vote for a party that CAN do all these things – Anne Marie Waters and her For Britain movement!

  3. Pamela Preedy says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Stanley. Ukip is in meltdown, the Tories under sharia May are detrimental to British interests in their handling of Brexit and approach to President Trump. Labour? – I won’t even go there. Lib Dems? – who?

    We need Patriots to run the country and Anne Marie Waters is Patriot of the People. The For Britain Movement is our best hope for the future.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    DONALD TRUMP: is a guy that I personally cannot stand. He is loud, he is brash and I would not wish to be within his company. There is however, a silver lining to him. With much domestic opposition, he seems to win for the USA, which is what an American President should be doing. His tweeted comments cannot always be wise, but they are different to what has gone before, and it has been noticed !
    On this side of the pond, we have to understand the office that he holds, and the benefits that he could bring to us, after all, we want Trade with his country, and to major upon my personal dislike of him, would not be useful in any way. So lay on the full bib and tucker for him at the Palace, and probably at the Houses of Parliament too, and Thank our Queen and PM for doing a difficult job. It would sure be difficult for me !
    One item of agreement I have with him. – The replacement of the US Embassy. What a mistake that is !

  5. David Weaver says:

    Would I have voted for Donald Trump if I was an American? “No”. As I am not comfitable with him as a human being. Would I have voted for Donald Trump if I was an American trying to scratch a living in the most deprivided areas of America? “Yes” because he was rooting for the underdog wanting America to re-invest in itself.
    It would appear he is achieving this dispite the opposition as the country up till his election victory was only ever talking about getting things done, and apologising for not. Should he be impeached within the next 3yrs American and world political thinking will haved been altered for ever.

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