Remainer MP Repeatedly Denies The Obvious

Marv Hollingworth

Kipper Central Deputy Editor

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5 Responses

  1. David Weaver says:

    Miss Sourbry we were conned 40yrs ago beleave me I was there, and I voted to join the Common Market against my better judjement. Deserting the Commonwealth and other long standing trading partners we spent decades fostering. NO!! Miss Sourbry I and others have fought hard and long and won, against the odds, to regain our self respect as a Nation. You will better off putting your energy into promoting our entrepreneurs and talking up the confidence we have rediscovered instead trying to argue we are stupid.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    ANNA SOURBRY MP is one conservative that the Nation could do well without. She is,of course, entitled to hold her own opinion on anything, as we all are, but it is customary for an MP to be able to show her reasoning. This she seems quite unable to do, to which we are able to claim that her views are without reason !
    If I had to pair her to a Labour MP, I think it would be Diane Abbott. Both seem to have limp grasp of details, and both would not be missed from Parliament. Strangely, they are both Grammar Schoolgirls, that went on to University, and this does nothing to make the point that our Universities are worthwhile !

  3. silvie steven says:

    Ha! i did chuckle when i read this, as I too watched Ms Sourberry lamenting the fact that no one knows anything but her and her gang of reprobates.She is totally and absolutely clueless about the mood of the people, and especially those who voted to Leave, I mean, we did not know what we were voting for did you know that? Its time she either follows the wishes of her constituents and fully got behind the Leave vote or that she puts HER money where HER mouth is and resign thus forcing a by election. I predict she will not be returned to parliament.

  4. Michael Owen says:

    25000 people voted for this women 31000 did NOT vote for her.A big majority in her constituency vote LEAVE she ignored them too! She was happy to become an MP using a first past the post system but it seems this is not good enough for the rest of the electorate! Ignorance, and hypocrisy from a very bitter and twisted women.

  5. Sue Sabergon says:

    Get that sherry bottle away from her, it’s addled her brain.

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