Woolfe: France is SABOTAGING Brexit!

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    For goodness sake, I am getting to the point of total explosion with this continual demand for money from us. Would it not be an idea to draft some invoices to France and others, for our actions some 75 years ago. Refer them back to the speech given by DeGaulle, when he said that France owes Great Britain a debt that it will never be able to repay !
    A far better move, would be to take on the leadership, or at least act as though we were an independent Nation. Get to grips with international law, and to hell with EU law. LEAVE, next week ! Pay nothing ! Move on to opening Trade with USA and The Commonwealth ! Tell the EU that our offices are open whenever they wish to talk Trade !

  2. Maryatkinson says:

    I am lost for words please will some one tell Mrs may too …get ous out w t o

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