UKIP CRISIS BREAKING: Landslide Vote Of No Confidence In Henry Bolton By YI Members

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7 Responses

  1. Godfrey Davey says:

    I have written on behalf of my and county( I am also county organiser) and branch to every member of the NEC that unless he is gone on Sunday I cannot guarantee how many members will remain.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Some would say that Bolton has control, others would say that the NEC is the body with control of UKIP.
    PLEASE NOTE, that they are both wrong. ULTIMATELY THE MEMBERS ARE UKIP !

  3. Graham says:

    Let’s get real here, Young Independence have about 100 members, so this doesn’t really matter.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Getting real I can tell you categorically that is rubbish – as part of the membership figures research I did for my earlier piece I can tell you YI has significantly more than 100 members.

  4. E Sutherland says:

    What I want to know is who recruited Bolton – the lib dem.
    Introduced him into the party.
    Who never bothered to check his credentials?
    After listening to him for 10 minutes a the hustings it was clear what he was.
    An establishment fraudster put there with a purpose.
    Do you need nomination forms to stand as leader?
    If so whose names are on them?.
    Who was backing him for the leadership election?.
    To me this has been a clear case of sabotage of the party.
    To remove us from the scene at a crucial time when the Tories are set to betray Brexit.
    Lets have the names of his backers so we know who not to trust ever again.
    And if office holders – they must be out.
    We the members deserve better than this.
    Its been an absolute con and but for Ben Walker, I believe, it would have continued even longer than it has.

  5. perpetual says:

    just how many voted?

  6. Diana Wilson says:

    However much we may hope and believe that UKIP is the only defender of Brexit, unless they can campaign on the same level as other parties they will never be seen by the electorate as a credible organisation, especially in the light of the present chaos. We have just got to be seen as a well-run party, and at the moment I do not think we are. The number of leaders who came and went in the last few years is a sad example. How many more acceptable candidates are there, or is it just a case of Buggins Turn, because that is what it is beginning to look like. I am a very disillusioned and disappointed member. Would my subscription be of more use elsewhere?

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