BEN WALKER: The Coup That Never Was

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7 Responses

  1. Barrie greatorex says:

    You convict yourself with the sentences within this message. Guilty of mischief at least and total disloyalty perhaps by giving one of Ukips worst enemies ammunition to destroy it.

  2. Graham says:

    It seems Ben also has a few issues with the truth, as truth must be told ‘whole’. What is missing from the above is that he contacted Henry Bolton after HB won the election making him an offer, that BW would be Henry’s new chairman, and that they could split Oakden’s salary between them. Henry replied saying ‘that looks like bribery’, this rebuffing BW and setting them on a collision course. I would like to ask why does BW think he has a god-given right to any position in UKIP? What has he ever achieved? He talks about being competent but goes on to say he has no idea how to fundraise, well BW you cannot be a competent chairman if you don’t know how to fundraise! Bickley has been a competent Treasurer, the financial management is good, the problem is the income is too low and you admit there is nothing you have to contribute on the fundraising side. So, after being rebuffed, BW then goes off to join this Indigo group, the party-within-a-party where a group of like-minded shit stirrers can live out their fantasies. There is Annabelle Fuller, Farage’s secret mistress of many years, not even a member of UKIP any more but caught red-handed calling round the NEC members trying to get enough people to vote against HB. BW then launches his proposal for an ‘interim committee’, not unlike a revolutionary communist committee, of ‘competent’ people to manage the party after HB is deposed. Once again, who the f**k is this guy that he thinks he is a kingmaker, he has no democratic mandate whatsoever and has done nothing of any significance in the cause of the party except self-promote. I am no fan of HB and hope he falls, but I equally despise the transparent scheming of BW which is based on ZERO real contribution to the party. As compared to someone like Gerard Batten, BW has absolutely no claim to leadership. Can all the egotistical maniacs in the party please sit down.

    • Geoffrey Bastin says:

      Instead of leaving sleeping dogs lie you start to stir things up even before the dust has settled. Ben walker is far more of an honest party member than many I know and your attempt to disown him for taking Bolton to task is destructive.
      What has happened is now history apart from the Party Chairman missing the chance to suspend Bolton’s party membership as he continues to bring the party into disrepute.
      Those who lead a rebellion seldom benefit from it as Ben will probably find out. That is not to say we should now turn on Ben for speaking out in his attempts to rid the party of the Bolton Wanderer. Instead we should show our gratitude.

      • Marty Caine says:

        So are you saying that Ben Walker did not collude with Thomas Evans to make contact with Jo Marney’s Ex-boyfriend to get those messages that were released to the press?

        You do realise that every UKIP seat lost to Labour or Libdem in May will be portrayed as proof that the British people no longer want Brexit? I suspect that will be over 100 seats, so I think I will reserve my gratitude for someone who did not just help to kill off UKIP and seriously damaged Brexit in the process!

      • Graham says:

        Get real, Ben was chummy-chummy with Henry when Ben wanted to be chairman, but after Henry said no, Ben suddenly wants Henry out. Ben hardly led a noble rebellion, he was just pushing one snout out of the trough so he could push his nose in.

  3. J.L.Kay says:

    Hi Ben Walker
    Your last comment encapsulates what many of the ordinary membership of UKIP feel about Mr Bolton. As I said in my last message, what Mr Bolton does in his private life is up to him. However, as you point out, the appalling comments and attitudes of his ‘lover’ and the fact that he continues to associate with her, should be clue enough as to his standards and beliefs.

    If there are those out there who still back Henry Bolton as leader, I fear that they are sorely lacking in judgement. Unfortunately, just when UKIP gets over one crisis, it seems to stagger towards another. The only possible solution to this on-going saga is for those who cannot support the policies or attitudes of the other major parties, whilst upholding the basic policies and beliefs of UKIP, such as being patriotic, standing up for your own country and not having to apologise for our history, is to form another party, preferably without the influence of people who have dragged UKIP down for so long. If it comes down to it, any new party should have policies decided by the grassroots membership and a leadership directly responsible to them.


  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Match the jewel of UKIP, which is the clearance of involvement with the EU, and then put by its side the Party’s funds, and arguments as to who is paid what. In essence, there is the tragedy that is UKIP. When you bring into this mix, the people that have given of their time, talents and cash, it all becomes very dirty !
    The NEC have a job to do, and if they get it right, and if we get a normal leader, I will be very pleased to reestablish my membership of UKIP. Get it wrong, and I’m off ! FIRST, GET SHOT OF BOLTON !

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