Swedish Finance Minister: Brits Voted For “Being Poor”

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5 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    No Misss Andersson the British are ALREADY POOR after subsidizing the EU for the last few decades, what they voted for was a stop to the millions of Pounds given to subsidize YOUR social and fiscal excesses!

  2. Roger Goodchild says:

    “The latest war of words emphasises how hard-line the EU intends to be in the next and arguably most crucial stage of negotiations which will focus on trade.”
    The EU show signs of not giving one inch in the next stage of the negotiation and Theresa May has shown no sign that she is strong enough to argue for what the UK voted for and to resist all their demands for whats good for the EU and not so good for the UK. We need an assertive leader for the next stage of the talks, one that is strong enough to say NO and means it.

  3. Pamela Preedy says:

    I am sick to the back teeth with these EU drones’ cherry-pickin’ patronising pap; as sick as I am of the ‘cliff edges’ and ‘crashing out’ that the homegrown Remoaners constantly spew. Why don’t the gobby foreigners shut up and mind their own bloody business, while the UK elite oiks go off and find a country to live in with no democracy where the peasants get no say in anything? The depths of my contempt for these deplorable deadheads cannot be plumbed.

  4. StuartJ says:

    Sweden might want to take a good hard look at itself before accusing the UK of anything.

  5. Stanley Cutts says:

    I find it jaw-dropping that this Swedish Minister can use such language about UK. Was there ever a better example of the pot calling the kettle? There can be no greater example of a government that assured its population is “poor” than in Sweden. They have done this by inviting all the 3rd world riffraff into their country with the result that women are being raped wholesale; crime is at an all-time high and the culture, services and infrastructure of the country are skewed in a negative direction beyond any prospect of repair. This illustrates the stupidity of the Swedish Government. VERY POOR I would say!

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