BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Talks To Extend Brexit ‘Transition’ Period to THREE Years

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    With EU Treaties being raised, and signed on our behalf by our ‘Establishment’ in four decades, were we given a vote on them ? Finally we get a major referendum on the very membership of the EU, given by a very poor thinking PM, and the result goes against the wishes of the Establishment ! Now calls ring out for a second referendum, in the belief that the people will get it right this time ! The people have told Government and Establishment what they want, and it is the duty of Government to implement that requirement.
    Just what the hell does our Establishment, hand in hand with the EU, think the British people are ? A referendum is a declaration from Government, that they are happy for the people to decide on a matter of future policy. Yet having the result from the people, our Government pussy-foots around the EU, with ‘May we’ and ‘Could we.’ This is very much not acceptable from a sovereign Government of The United Kingdom of Great Britain !
    Democracy is a flower that has to be looked after. A second vote on a matter already decided, is not an enhancement to Democracy, it is manipulation ! Do the British people, when the going gets tough, say ”Oh, alright then, and we are so sorry to have rocked the boat. Have it your way then ?” No ! Just as they were applauded by Europeans for being awkward between 1939 to 1945, it is now, and hopefully always will be.
    In closing, I would give sober warning to the Government and Establishment. This is a nearly right Democracy, formed over a great many years. If you go against the wishes of the people, then it will be the people that will take action to undress the Establishment, and the status quo may never be accepted again. NOW TO AN INDEPENDENT FUTURE !

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