Party Secretary: NEC DID NOT Make UKIP ‘Liable For Collins Damages’

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17 Responses

  1. Warren whimore says:

    ‘libel’ case.

  2. Serena Lonton says:

    Darrell, you are an incredibly astute man. Keep going, we should all be behind you.

  3. Serena Lonton says:

    No comment necessary, nuff said!

  4. Silvie Steven says:

    This is getting ridiculous, every “hero” has to have a villain and Hb and his supporters have decided the NEC are the villain to his hero. Sorry but this is just more desperate attempts to cling on to a position he cannot keep. It was his judgement in the first place that set everything that has happened in motion. He would get a lot more respect from people if he took responsibility for HIS actions and stopped his obsessive supporters attempting to save him. He has to go and so should those who are deliberately trying to garner anything they can to keep him. If he has done a deal with Nigel Farage then they deserve each other, for to have done so shows that Farage has also let the party he loved be destroyed by an old man and his libido nous urges. If only Hb had been a little more discreet, none of this need have happened.

  5. Barrie says:

    You have just admitted those declaring Ukips liability in this action was in fact correct. No amount of spin can alter that. Your panic is understandable the given the the published articles in the Sun and Mail.

  6. Informed says:

    Jane Collins’ allegations were made at a UKIP conference in the run-up to the 2015 general election.
    At that time and beyond leading up to the court case, did nobody think to ask for factual evidence before agreeing to help with funding out of ‘moral obligation’ or otherwise?

  7. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I am aware that politics is a mucky business, but we have HB taking this to a whole new low, into the sewers in fact ! I am pleased to know that this has been dragged through the media, enough to make it almost impossible for him to hide the facts from his CV. Playing his brand of fool, can only be expensive to him !
    Having had some Service experience, I find it pathetic that this ex Army Rupert, considers that only he is in step, and the rest of the squad should correct themselves. Pathetic is too mild a description for this drip !
    On the bright side, Gerard Batten MEP for interim leader, sounds good to me. Roll on the future now !

  8. Godfrey Davey says:

    Once more proof that Henry is just a compulsive liar.

  9. Rob McWhirter says:

    The nec discussed the matter at length, but as it’s a legal matter, I won’s say more.

  10. David Allen says:

    This article appears to confirm that UKIP are indeed potentially liable. This rqag, which of course is hugely partisan and a mouthpiece for the NEC pretends otherwise. If you are facing a legal action, there is a possibility that you will lose, however much gloss is applied. To even enter into this risk was incompetent and improper and maay be costly. Jane Collins wasn’t instructed to libel thesed councillors, but chose to do so of her own volition. Since when should the party fund idiocy? Talk about poor judgement it exists here in bucketloads.
    Let’s hope the action fails and let’s hope we can reform this structure.
    Whilst the pretence is that the current NEC are all diferent people that isn’t really as it seems. Steve Crowther is a consistent figure in UKIP for about 7 years as chairman and now NEC member elected. Up to his neck in it. Directors make the party liable whoever they are. Musical chairs can’t hide the responsibility.

    • John Bickley says:

      Dear David,

      Here you are again, making all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations. Your weren’t on the NEC at the time (I was ) and it’s disingenuous at best for you to belittle people who have freely given up weeks or months of their lives to help the party, many of them highly skilled and successful business people.

      Let’s have a straight answer David: do you want the party run/overseen by the members elected reps or by an unaccountable ‘management team’?

  11. Rob McWhirter says:

    You don’t know the facts, David.

  12. Anyone attempting to argue that UKIP was a “charitable or philanthropic donor” and hence a “pure funder” in this matter has more than one screw loose.

    Such a defence would be laughed out of Court, and the judge would be tempted to add exemplary damages for the sheer cheek of advancing it. The defence would fly in the face of all available precedent.

    The plain truth is that UKIP funded the case so as to prevent damage to the reputation, credibility and electability of UKIP.

    UKIP is not a charity, but a political party constituted to achieve certain aims. How laudable these aims may be, in the opinions of many, is irrelevant.

    It was not so much to honour some misguided moral obligation that it felt the need to fund and fight the MEP’s defence, but in order to retain political capital so that words spoken from the podium at conference by a leading light of the party were not discredited or proven false in Court, which would discredit the party.

    That is by definition a self-serving, not a philanthropic, motivation, and anyone arguing to the contrary is guilty either of cupidity or wilful ignorance of the meaning of “philanthropy”.

    How has Patrick O’Flynn MEP escaped the consequences of his vetting or approving the defamatory speech?

    How did Party Secretary Adam Richardson possibly approve, or fail to block, the embroiling of UKIP in a battle it was guaranteed to lose?

    It goes without saying that to accuse MPs of, at the least, deliberately turning a blind eye to widespread child sexual abuse under their very noses is highly defamatory, and the evidence they did so would have to be very compelling indeed. It is almost insurmountably hard to prove it wasn’t just overwork, incompetence, delegation of tasks to subordinates, etc.

    I have been asked to contribute this by a UKIP stalwart to whom I owe a favour or two and who is distressed watching his party “disappear down the toilet”.

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