EXCLUSIVE: Bolton Received THOUSANDS Of £s From UKIP Branches

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  1. David Alle says:

    As with pretty well all posts on this blog, truth is a distant relation. The sole purpose is to make up stories that the author thinks will damage Henry Bolton. I wonder if he’ll close it down after 17th Feb. Such a loss.

    • Jim Stanley says:

      Regarding Mr Bolton’s honesty, whatever fresh alegations are being bandied about, he very publically described his marriage as “sound”, the implication being that he had a supportive wife and wider family, his marruage was not an issue. Common sense dictates that a long term relationship has strains, however, any sound marriage does not break down to the point his union has in under 3 months, certainly where he appears to have left his wife of some stsnding, and setting up home with a new partner! Frankly, his sound marriage was a lie, and a breach of trust with the members who voted for him, and the wider Party after he became Leader. This is why I shall be voting for him to go at the EGM, The trust vested in him has been broken, before he was even elected had his true circumstances been known. The fact that now further accusations of his honesty are coming to light simply reinforce the oriignal breach of trust as felt by the majority of the members.

    • Rob McWhirter says:

      Erm, what exactly, Dave, is incorrect? Is it not true that branches generously held collections for him, whilst he was also in receipt of expenses from UKIP central?

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Whatever the findings are of money to HB, can we just sideline the whole mess. UKIP has a job to do and time is short. HB has decided to play clingon with the Party, and I trust that he can be cleared off with the Party’s rules, ASAP.
    UKIP has a mission to face up to, and dealing with HB is no more than a side issue, and of little importance. We need to roll on to the big picture, and take up the running of an opposition. LETS GO FOR IT !

    • Geoffrey Bastin says:

      UKIP like any other retailer is in the business of selling its ideas. If those ideas are over-shadowed by a defective sales and marketing department that acts like Gerald Ratner and rubbishes the message then who will take it seriously ?
      To imagine UKIP is some sort of opposition when it has no representatives in the national legislature is very delusionary. UKIP’s MEPs don’t stand out on the domestic front as they should, and spend all their time battling a system in a foreign place where they will soon be no more.
      We were told there were 23 spokespersons for UKIP before they started resigning and hardly any of them ever said or published anything and most were not known to the wider audience.
      I’ve been a member of UKIP for several years and it is perfectly proper to be critical of an organisation to which I have devoted a considerable amount of time and money. The present crisis is of profound importance because it is the closest the party has come to self destruction. What has happened with Bolton’s leadership has and will continue to damage our electoral chances for some considerable time even with Gerard Batten as interim leader.
      Have we published a local manifesto for the coming elections and if not how are the voting public supposed to know what UKIP is all about ?
      We may be content with believing in what we stand for but I can tell you now that the public do not.
      Bolton has single handedly made UKIP the biggest laughing stock of the decade and continues to do so.
      All our past hopes of becoming the third largest parliamentary party have evaporated as the job of trying to ensure that Brexit is what it should be has now passed to Jacob Rees-Mogg and around fifty Tory MPs who are the ones challenging the Tory government whose job it is to deliver Brexit. Nowhere in that process is UKIP mentioned or even influential so let’s not kid ourselves.
      It will take us at least a decade if we are to recover our political position in the UK.

      • Dan says:

        GB you are having a bit of an ‘Eeyore’ moment. Understandable under the circumstances. However in politics you cannot afford to descend into gloom for too long or you are lost. The political world can change very suddenly and very dramatically at times. The problem is that many kippers are new to politics and don’t realize the importance of standing firm in the face of sudden turns in political fortunes. Did the Lib Dems or the Greens fold after their disastrous vote in the 2015 election? No way! It was Ukip with a much better voting percentage than ever before that starting beating itself up because it wasn’t quite what they were hoping for! Crikey Dick come on Kippers surely you can show more guts than a shower of flakey Greens!
        I was feeling a bit down when Bolton took over. I took an intense dislike to him from the start and I could not see any hope for the party. I admitted that to my closest friends one day but said I would continue to pay my sub and stay a member. Just because I could not see away out of disaster did not mean there was no hope. I’ve been in politics too long to know that was not the case. Then Kapow! along comes the Bolton debacle. Humiliating certainly, but what an opportunity to set the party on course with all the energy that has been stirred up. The party looks healthier to me than it has for quite a while. We are going to to get rid of Henry , get a good interim leader in Gerard and from there all we will need is a good result in a by-election ie about 10% of the vote which will be enough to say Ukip’s back!

        I’m not a fantasist. I’ve seen this sort of thing happen. So stand firm my friends.

  3. Jim Stanley says:

    Are we not a sad lot, writing about an equally sad has been, or maybe never was except in name at 2.30 in the morning. Sod it I’m off to bed!

  4. J.L.Kay says:

    To David Alle
    Please start living in the real world! You sound like an apparatchik in Stalin’s Russia i.e. the Leader can do no wrong. Mr Bolton is patently not the man to lead UKIP into the future. Most comments I have read about HB have been entirely justified in regard to his ‘relationship’ with his latest squeeze and his veracity in regard to his statements to the members and his apparent misuse of the Party’s resources. He is no loss to anyone. Hope this gets published.

  5. Mick mcgough says:

    Clearly Henry has not told the Treasurer about those monies received and cannot report to ElComm if needed. Has Henry declared them to ElComm himself if required? And what about HMRC ?
    The Treasurer has already publicly rebuffed the porkies in the Sun regarding Henry Hardup.

    Now we learn he isn’t the bearer of certain qualifications that he has claimed. Once this happens Trust is further eroded..In any future interviews he will be asked about this and Marney not about party or Brexit just as Hamilton is always introduced as a disgraced former Tory MP.

    Surely he now has enough dignity and self respect to resign. Having already booked my train ticket I’d rather go shopping in Brum than listen to him

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Hi Mick,

      I emailed the story to John Bickley and Paul Oakden last night.

      Kind Regards,


    • B.Bolton says:

      I live in Wales and Hamilton is never introduced as “disgraced former Tory MP”. From what I see on Welsh broadcasts, UKIP come across as enormously competent and professional. Right now they’re putting Carwyn Jones in his place and lifting the veil on endemic bullying in the Welsh Government.

      Mick is bitter that Hamilton was chosen by both the UKIP Wales membership and the AMs to be Leader in Wales, and that his Lord and Saviour Nigel Farage was unable to keep cronies like double jobbing Nathan Gill in position.

    • Rhys says:

      IF ( and I stress IF ) any members ( though obviously it would make particular sense for Branch officers to do this ) were present at a Branch Meeting where HB requested a cash collection and as part of his request he averred that he needed this because he did not receive any funding from UKIP Head Office then those members should consider reporting what was said to the local Police.

      This would be with a view to the Police investigating whether any offence of Fraud might have been committed.

      I wish to STRESS that DETAILS are important here and people should be extremely careful as to what language they use.

      For example: if it was not HB HIMSELF who said words with the meaning ‘Please donate to me because I receive nothing from UKIP Head Office ‘ but instead a Branch official purporting to speak on HB’s behalf ~then that official may have misunderstood what HB actually said in private to him or her on the issue and any misinformation conveyed to the general membership at the Meeting may well have been inadvertent / accidental, rather than dishonest.

      ALSO ~ the information conveyed may have been accurate on the date on which it was conveyed, if by that specific date HB had not, in fact, received any expenses or stipend from Head Office.

      SO DETAILS of what was said by whom to whom and on what date or dates in relation to cash collections at Branch Meetings are very very important.

      Persons with specific knowledge of what was said by whom and when etc need to convey that information to John Bickley by private email, rather than in this Forum.

      • Jim Stanley says:

        This comment reminds us of the need for accuracy, the accusations made are very serious, with the possibility of jail time if a guilty verdict is handed down by a jury of peers. Speaking as a Branch Chair, if I were hosting my Leader at a Branch or Public Meeting, I would want to have an audio recording, at the very least of the event, video would be a better record. Thus far, the Bolton affair, no pun intended, is a UKIP matter, being resolved by our internal Party Rules, but now it seems that there may be a criminal act on the table, which, if the authorities are involved, takes it out of our hands. The matter will come under 2 areas of legislation, the Criminal Law, and Electoral Law, personally, I do not like “Going to Law”, but in this case I can see no other real option, assuming that the evidence is sound. (A recording or video would be hard to deny.) The matter would be out of our hands, and we would have to be moderate in our comments. We must not seek to influence public opinion, as this could impact on a fair trail. This issue is in the media and as such is no longer a private matter. Our stock is fairly low at the moment, if we are to remain credible, we must pass this to the authorities, after the EGM of course, to sack him for related matters could, with a clever defence advocate, imply that he has been found guilty by the Party, which would impact on the abiliy for any trial to be “fair”. The EGM must be about the core issue, the breakdown of trust and confidence in our Leader, and the basic misrepresentation that was made at Hustings events. The fact that there have been rather unsavoury social mefia posts and the rest are not relevant to this, the basuc core issue, and whoever Chairs the Party meeting must lay the ground rules and stop any reference to recent actions, even in passing. I suppose that the question has to be asked, is HB creating a smokescreen in an attempt to be seen as “picked upon” by the evil NEC, disruptive elements with the Party and others. I think this strategy should fail, we must, with a heavy heart resort to the Law, a possible fraud has been committed, the charge has substance and evidence to back it up. To be seen as a responsible organisation, to retain our credibility and our principals, we MUST refer this matter to the Courts. We will not be damaged by this, our stature as a principled Party will rise, and even our detractors will recognise that, despite our problems, we will do what is “right”.

  6. Paul Biggs says:

    Can we see Darrell Goodliffe’s CV please? I think I caught a glimpse of it and it looked quite interesting.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Ive never hid the fact ive gone from political left to political right…..even said it on live radio

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Darrell is an experienced political writer, commentator and activist. He has made the long and winding political journey from far left to the right and found his political home as a member of UKIP. His politics are best described as socially conservative with economic concern for the less well off, with a strong commitment to freedom and democracy at the core of his politics. – from this page Paul….http://kippercentral.com/writers/

  7. Paul Biggs says:

    Was it your CV, that I can’t find now, that said you worked for Sustrans?

  8. J.L.Kay says:

    I agree with Jim Stanley’s comments. Why waste any more energy on talking about an insignificant personage i.e. Henry Bolton? He has let everyone down that he has come into contact with since joining UKIP. Why would he stop now? The Party has become a national laughing stock, led by a leader who is a buffoon. This is all Mad Hatter’s Tea Party stuff!!! As a well-known newspaper columnist would say, “You couldn’t make it up!” Enough said.

  9. Jon Oakton says:

    There was a whip round for Bolton at Walsall too on the 6th December. He was savaged for lack of policies and political acumen there- long before the girlfriend arrived.

  10. John Baxter says:

    Can anyone confirm that Henry was made OBE in 2013, or even at some other time? I can find no reference to his receiving anything of the sort. There is a photo of him receiving something [can’t see what] from the Princess Royale – has it been photoshopped? I am not making any accusations, just puzzled.

  11. Jim Stanley says:

    Regarding Mr Boltons various awards, it is right that the question be asked, if indeed these turn out to be bogus, I for one believe that he should answer any accusations in a Court of LAW, not the alter of public opinion. Once this, or any other other question results in a possible illegality, any and all publicity should be shut down by the editiors of our forums. A simple notification that the matter is being refered to the Authorities, is not an accusation, but will inform us that the question has substance. My view is that he was elected on a CV based on untruths, and, because of the publicity, legal recourse is not possible, but it appears that, as more events are questioned, and becoming more serious, possibly being treason by involving our Monarch in a possible falsehood, we must not allow our understandable outfrage colour our judgement. To be honest here, and I am guilty of being vindictive, initially I would have been happy to see him gone, but now however, his deceit has gone way beyond our internal dusiplinery measures. If and I do mean IF, these accusations, and others are true, I want to see this man in jail. If true, this man is a disgrace to the Party he pledged to lead responsibly, but also to his Police service, his uniform, his Commission, and finally to the Queen to whom he pledged to act with honour in the traditions of a historic proud Service. I say, Jail the b*****d, and be done with him

  12. Alex H says:

    Understandably this crisis moment which still excites the excess pleasures of self authored alarmism. The real is the passage of recoil from the shock of news media and scandal.

    Inevitably questions must arise, but the landmine which sent folks clamouring for emotional security, this scene of beautiful chaos does contain some forensic fallout.

    The unexploded bombshell in the basement. Ms. Marney.

    The threat which has not departed these shores.
    The associates of Ms. Marney in her employment in the newspaper and tabloid media must be, whilst speculative, must be a contingent possible source of “high probable risk”.

    We’ve heard some argumentation as to the question of ethical conduct from party members concerning their values and beliefs on family duty. And they may very well be the moral majority, however this, from their corner, carries the charge also of a misrepresentation of character when facts of faithful family life were pertinent admissions.

    The nexus of a resistance to listen to every keen observer and the mature consensus suggests an immature infatuation unyielding to that reality.

    It is not within the immediate power of this party to separate a personal relationship.

    The analysis of threat based on the amount of press exposure and Ms. Marney’s suspected association as a former employee must be legitimised as a forensic probability even as it stands as theoretical allegation.

    The leadership has suffered a catastrophic blow. Not just a no confidence vote by the entire NEC, but the resignation of an entire shadow cabinet of spokespersons who like all sincerely concerned party members genuinely felt the shock and recoil of the moment.

    The crisis before us is the continued perception of threat of damaging “revelation” by the party association with Ms. Marney. There are few positions as high profile as the leadership and it is for the sake of the leadership that these protracted considerations are for the consensus.

  13. J.L.Kay says:

    In reply to Alex H. and others, it is clear, irrespective of the pleas by Mr Bolton that his private life is his own business, that he has done and continues to do, irreparable damage to UKIP. In regard to Thames Valley Police, I have failed, regardless of his CV, to find out where he worked and what he rank he attained.
    Furthermore, having received a vote of no confidence from the entirety of the NEC, barring himself, of course, he is still attempting to cling onto power when other members in senior positions have failed to back him, not to mention the resignation from the party of hundreds, perhaps thousands of members across the country.

    Mr Bolton has said that he wants to re-organise things in the party.There will soon be little to re-organise. It is clear that Mr Bolton is not acting in the interests of the party, only of himself, and ought to resign forthwith.

    I continue to be baffled by the pronouncements of those who are still blindly supporting the aforementioned H.B. They are living in some sort of cloud cuckoo land if they think that he, or UKIP, for that matter will survive as a viable entity. Decent hard-working members across the country, who have given up thousands of hours of their free time to deliver leaflets, man UKIP stalls etc. are rightly appalled by what is happening right now and have been leaving in their droves, in the main because of the behaviour of a single man.

  14. Andrew Garcarz says:

    More scurrilous and unfounded accusations that only serve to demean those making them. Clearly there is no weight or substance to these flimsy and thinly disguised attempts to discredit our duly and democratically elected leader by a small group of people promoting an ulterior agenda.

    • Jim Stanley says:

      Mr Garcarz, I voted for Mr Bolton, on the basis of his public writings, and his words at Hustings. Many times he told us that his marriage was sound, but surely a strong relationship does not break up to this extrnt innonly 10 weeks, during which time, given uis heavy schefule as a new leader, he found yime to sort out finsnces for his wife and find himself accommodation, but what beggers belief, he finds the time to find a companion. I am sorry, I simply do not believe it, so I was lied to. I do not trust my Leader, therefore he has to go. To, everything that has happened after, is of no account, fruit of a poisoned tree. Of course, what followed are grounds under the disrepute rules, but I have lost confidence in him, as had the majority ofvthe party I believe, long before the latest revelations came to light.

  15. J.L.Kay says:

    Dear Andrew Garcarz,
    I should like to know what this ‘ulterior agenda’ actually is. I and I believe most of those who have criticised Henry Bolton have no ulterior motives for doing so. They are solely concerned with the good of the party. I wonder what planet you inhabit. Have you been unaware of the adverse publicity surrounding Henry Bolton’s behaviour and his non-leadership of UKIP over the last few weeks? He may feel that his private life is his own business, and he is probably right. However, people who stand for public positions, especially the leadership of a political party, must expect every facet of their private and public lives to be forensically examined by the media.

    There is NO ulterior motive on the behalf of most of those who expressed concern, only a genuine concern that the reputation of what was once a respected political party is being trashed by a single person, who obstinately refuses to resign, even after a vote of no confidence by the totality of the NEC and the continuing resignations of party members across the country.

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