‘Legal Purgatory’ – Fishing For Leave BLASTS Transitional Deal

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  1. Roger Goodchild says:

    You have been warned !!!!
    Once we are committed to a transition period on EU terms, you can kiss the fishing industry goodbye, because, I bet you that one of the first new pieces of EU legislation will be to open up the fishing rights for the UK waters to the rest of EU members and we will have no way to stop them. Theresa May will have handed it to them on a plate. So NO Transition Period or Goodbye to the fishing industry, which do you want?

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    The EU has sunk our fishing fleet more effectively than the “Little Ships” were sunk by the Nazis by off the beaches of Dunkirk, but with the true British grit, our fishing fleet still fished at great risk to help feed the Nation. We need to revive the “Dunkirk Spirit”, and rebuild our fleet, but how to do it? Money,as always is tight, with banks unwilling to lend on post Brexit based business plan, so Government must step in. We pour billions into 3rd world vanity projects, This money must be used here in the form of soft, interest free loans to our skilled fishermen currently being wasted because they have bern forced to scrap their boats and find low paid jobs ashore. These men, and women do not want charity or something for nothing, they are proud of paying there own way, and for generations our country, indeed considering the way they often ditch their gear to answer a a Mayday call, they deserve a little help. Interest free loans of up to 100% of the capital cost of a boat would put them back to sea, providing fish to eat, a living for the skipper,crew and families. Boatbuilding has been cut back for years, so boatyards will need to be restarted, another case for soft government loans. The Remoaners will of course cry thst we can’t afford it, but we can, forget the cash coming from Brexit 10% of the current cost of HS2, an EU vanity project if ever there was one, would go a long way to funding the loans required. Offering these interest free loans will no doubt by questioned, quite rightly, there should be a return, but if course, every man fishing, every shipwright and supplier pays tax, and these are skilled jobs and well paid. It is a no brainer, the return of our fishing fleet, revitalising the whole industry from the boat yards, their suppliers and workers, the fishermen themselves and fish markets will be productive and profitable. The few percentage points lost in interest is a smal investment considering the huge returns from rebuilding this proud industry and the traditional way of life for our coastal communities. It is said that no Nation can be truely great unless it can feed it’s people, however despite this, within our recent history, our Nation has been one of the greatest Nations the world has ever known. The need to feed the country is paramount, and forgive for going off subject here, so we should use a greatly reduced overseas aid, not to feed others but give them tools. There is a quote, something like this, ” Give a man a fish, and he will feed his family for a day, give him a net, and he will feed his family forever, give his neighbour some potatoes and a spade, and he will feed his village for a year” so if you give them both, they will feed the world fish and chips forever! How much more British can you get. I say forget these sham negotiations, the transition periods and the rest. Rectify the mistake of talking to the EU, who are just after our cash as always and walk away now.We may never be able to match the resources of the superpowers, with their vast lands and resources, but as Napolian insulted us, or so he thought, calling us “shopkeepers”, forgetting that we built our greatness on trade, not war by being the shop where the whole world came to to trade. Walk away and become “Great” Britian again. We should leave Birmingham, proud we have done the right thing, our battle cry “Walk Away, and Walk Away Now” Food (or fish?) for Thouht?

  3. leave our fishing industry alone and get out of the e.u.as soon as possible we are fed up with having no control over our boarders in real terms and our fishermans rights to our fish in our waters

  4. wealthnerd says:

    Now when a vessel exhausts its lowest quota it must cease fishing. ‘Choke species’ will see vessels tied up early and, according to official government Seafish statistics, 60% of the fleet will go bankrupt”. If a sizeable portion of the UK fleet is lost, international law under UNCLOS Article 62. 2 which says;  ‘Where a coastal State does not have the capacity to harvest the entire allowable catch, it shall… give other States access to the ‘surplus’. ”The EU, having the opportunity to claim “continuity of rights” even if proved wrong, could drag out Britain being trapped in the CFP and its quota system and discard ban for enough time to fishing our fleet off. Alan concluded:“Once we have lost our industry there is no way back from this Catch 22 – if we do not have the fleet we cannot catch the “surplus” and if we do not have the “surplus” we cannot maintain a fleet.

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