BREXIT SELL-OUT: Amber Rudd CAN’T SAY Customs Union

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4 Responses

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    I missed Marr this morning, but from the sound of it, situation normal is the stance from HMG. While we can only transact the single item on the EGM Agenda, I am expecting our Great and Good to be there, good represtation of Region and Count teams and our core from the UKIP Army, all the usual suspects. I am going to Jake an assumption, dangerous I know, HB is toast, he should only be answering the specific of the no confidence vote, that is what itbis about, do the members support the NEC devission or not, end of. HB can splitter al, he likes, those are the same rules he started the job, and he csn’t retrospectively change a darn thing. This is going to give us, with a bit of luck, time to catch up with old friends and generally network, which is all well and good, a reason to catch up with things that should not be kissed. However, we will have the e tire NEC, our interim Leader and the full compliment of the Party Officers, so we should grasp the chsnc while we have it and make sure the every NEC member, and high Party Official is pigeonholed and the memberships views forceably put.In this case, these issues should be top if the Agenda at the next meeting of the NEC and whatever Policy Unit that may or may not exist. There is a need for reform, as the current debacle indicates, and e must ensure the point is driven home, and driven home hard. If we do this right, it wil be the turning of a particularly nasty corner, and while our detractors are crowing about yet smother Leadership Election that our Party cannot afford, but an interim Leader is just that, a replacrment forvtge deposed Leader who, I believe could serve out the rest of the disgraced Leaders term of office so we plenty if time for a suitable Leader to take the reins, indeed It is an opportunity for the stand in to reorganize the Party without the concern the concern about a second term, he could be very effective, restoring the Party. Reorganizing the structure and rewriting the Rulescsnd Constitution, making them fit for purpose. It could eel be that thevBolton months could be the making of UKIP. With transition periods nsdvthe rest of the delaying tactics The country will be well, and truly fed up eith all the delays, and UKIP the only Party with a real plan, if we play this right, our target should not be the third spot, but the opposition, or dare I say it ,with split Tory Party, and theshamles that is the Liebor Party, could a UKIP administration be a possibility, did the Libdems have the go and prepare for government slogun? If that wishy washy crowd thought they could do it, I am damn sure the we can make a Damon site better fist of it, and possibly do s repest if the Refere dum, and actually win. Anyone got a tenner for UKIP to win, next time round? Keep it quiet though, I want the best odds I can get at Paddy Power

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Oh dear ! It would seem that Government still haven’t got to grips with this. If we stay in the Customs Union, or anything else of the EU, we will have to keep the European Court, and free movement etc. This does not sit well upon the wishes of the British people to LEAVE the EU ! How much longer will it take for understanding to dawn ?

  3. deblokc says:

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  1. 7:00 am, February 5, 2018

    […] news follows Amber Rudd failing to address the issue of the Customs Union on Marr yesterday and a group of Tory remoaners launching a rebellion against Britain leaving the Customs Union last […]

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