UKIP CRISIS: Bolton Blames ‘Ambitious Troublemaker’ Gerard Batten And Donors For Crisis

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25 Responses

  1. David Alle says:

    Usual bias. It seems that any tittle tattle is now incontrovertible evidence that Henry Bolton is the enemy, instead of the leader of our party. This is weak and vindictive stuff, now the norm for this blog.

    • Brenda Rattle says:

      I note you make the same criticism on UkipDaily. Are you either too deluded, or arrogant, or both to realise that people are getting very sick of you.

  2. Rob McWhirter says:

    Gerard is one of the best kippers there is, and his sterling track tecord speaks for itself.

  3. Van Damme says:

    What annoys me about the whole situation are the people who have resigned (mostly) are the so-called Bolton supporters, yet were ready to resign if AMW got elected! They made their bed, now they should well sleep in it!

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Does Bolton consider that he has made a mistake, with UKIP, ever ? He passes the faults to all and sundry but omits his own lamentable input ! How the hell did we get stuck with this total idiot ?

    • Simon Platt says:

      That is my opinion of Henry, too. I heard him speak on his December tour. He had some good things to say, and I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I was concerned at his tendency to blame others, predecessors and juniors, for problems, real and perceived. I neither need nor want to hear that, and I take the point of view that leaders accept responsibility and do not publicly criticise those who answer to them. It is acceptable, in my view, to criticise higher-ups publicly, but never lower-downs. Henry is no leader. He seems to have no vision and no loyalty.

    • Rhys Burriss says:

      The short answer is the FirstPastThePost system which the NEC has in the past at least ordained.
      It appears that at some point they received advice to the effect that the phrase ‘simple majority’ requires the use of FPTP in Leadership elections.
      I dispute this interpretation and hope that the NEC will this time use some form of transferrable vote system, eliminating the weakest candidates progressively until one emerges with more than 50% ( hopefully a LOT more ) of the total vote.

  5. Lee Turner says:

    I’ve asked the same questions. Your slant on them is frankly not accurate. I agree with te funds from sponsors statement but there’s more to it. The sponsors are fed up with handing over money that is poorly managed and wanted some reassurance from the party before they hand over any more which included how the party was going to balance the books. Then there’s his cabinet which includes Gerrard Batten. Henry say’s, if they are not happy with him, then they can say so to him and make a stance on that but the party should always come first. If they intended to put the party first, they should do their jobs and not resign. Resigning is not putting the party first and just privides proof that they haven’t done their jobs with the portfolio they were given. As far as I’m concerned, Gerrard hasn’t done his job so is partly to blame.

  6. Barrie says:

    Your preference for the leader lost please get over it and stop the petty personal attacks you are becoming childish.

  7. Silvie Steven says:

    It is very rare for a narcissist to accept responsibility for anything. You see, they cast themselves as a hero and every hero needs a villain. In this case the NEC. So everything that had led this weak man to the point he is now has been the fault of the NEC! 40 Sorry Mr Bolton.,the Common denominator in all the falsehoods has been you. Do the decent thing, resign and allow a party that the people of this country are crying out for, to draw a line under this whole Despicable affair. No one with any morals will support a party with you as its leader, not even a badger, before of course, you killed it with your bare hands. RESIGN MAN, BE GONE

  8. Cliff Dixon says:

    David, I was sat behind him when he was spouting this garbage. Happy to swear on oath to this ‘tittle tattle’. He also said the nec are blocking new elections to ‘hold on to power’, this is untrue and is verified in the minutes apparently – he is the one blocking elections because he wants an electronic voting system in.

    His attacks on both Gerard and Mike Hookem were bang out of order. That he then departed the pub without shaking Ben’s hand (he had to follow him up the road before he did so) is churlish and petty in the extreme.

    Officer and a gentleman? Lance Corporal cock up more like

    • John Bickley says:

      Dear Cliff,

      At the December NEC meeting Mr Bolton wanted the NEC elections delayed so that the NEC could continue with the constitutional reforms started under Paul Nuttall leadership. For him to blame the NEC for any delay to the elections is truly bizarre as the NEC supported Mr Bolton’s request to delay them.

      Electronic voting is already in the rulebook. We don’t have to use it should the NEC/treasurer have a justifiable treason to revert to ‘paper’.

    • Van Damme says:

      I presume you are referring to Ben Walker? Why should HB shake the hand of a wanna-be blackmailer? Vis-a vis the half and half wage packet as a bribe?
      And I not an HB fan!

  9. John Bickley says:

    I see Mr Bolton’s lackey is on this thread trying to defend the indefensible. Embarrassing!

    The fees increases are all Mr Bolton’s work & his responsibility. Blaming others, such as the donors is not just plain wrong but a massive blunder i.e. shooting the hand that feeds you.

    It becomes clearer by the day, that Marneygate aside Mr Bolton doesn’t have the prerequisite skills to lead our Party. He needs to withdraw from the battlefield and concentrate on sorting out his private life.

    • Marty Caine says:

      Well, I can’t see Henry Bolton withdrawing from the battlefield not with his military experience and I strongly suspect he still has a good battle plan to play out yet. There is certainly nothing embarrassing about defending Bolton, the embarrassing part is those politically inept fools that keep airing UKIP’s dirty washing in public, you being a prime example of that. The £10k expenses to prove he wasn’t skint was a classic example because it also proved that NEC members were lying about him doing nothing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win on Feb 17th because I am sure you and others will continue giving out own goals before then.

      What UKIP members need to think about here is what will cause the least damage to both UKIP and Brexit in May, backing Bolton and getting the reforms that are desperately needed or backing the NEC and getting yet another circus show of a leadership campaign…

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Marty, there is no battlefield, just a toss pot trying to get possible payment, so long as he continues to argue. This is what Bolton is all about. He has blown what cash he had on wine, WOMEN, and song, and now tries his hand with UKIP leadership.
        Vote for him if you must, but don’t get tempted to put cash in his way !

  10. David Moreland says:

    All I can say about Henry and his acceptability not only of the majority of party members, and the general public, but also a very large combination of groups that have come together, including many military veterans, many of whom have known Henry since his early army days. In simple terms, abuse can be thrown at individuals and groups that stand against the re election of Henry, but the fact is the vast majority of our members, and the public will not support Henry, and the huge number of the group members, which is in excess of 1 million people have a basic intention to join UKIP as we are the only genuine option to represent them and the bulk of the silent majority of British voters, and they will not under any circumstances come to us unless Henry goes, and Gerard Batten is placed as our interim,and hopefully our new leader, as Gerard is held in high esteem by all, and is hugely supported for his policies and future intentions to revamp the party, that will reunite UKIP and rocket up to the top of the political system.

    • Marty Caine says:

      To say that 1 million ex-service personnel will go to UKIP after it has just shafted one of its own is quite incredible really, do you really expect people to believe that? I am a member of a lot of the veterans groups and the only one I have seen any real talk about joining UKIP if Bolton gets ousted and Batten becomes leader is Veterans Against Terrorism. The response to comments have been less than 50 and members have been leaving the group because of it.

  11. David Moreland says:

    I didn’t say that the 1 million were all ex vets,but there is massive support for Gerrard Batten, Henry was a lance jack after 12 years service, obviously a brilliant squadie, I was a Green Jacket full screw after 3 years, so don’t make out I’m taking crap, of course all the Vets are well impressed with Henry Bolton!!! Get a life mate your a nutter,and no doubt a member of the Liberal snowflakes Democracy and Vetrans !!

    • Marty Caine says:

      I am a nutter for pointing out the truth? I am simply pointing out what I have seen on the Veterans pages, very little response to the idea of supporting UKIP but hey don’t take my word for it, take a look yourself and then stop talking bollox!

  12. alecto says:

    I am really furious with UKIP – today I received a letter stating in order for me to be able to vote on the leadership election I must attend the Birmingham EGM! Why can I not have a postal vote? In the same envelope a request for a donation! Go take a jump UKIP!

  13. Linda Hudson says:

    We need to see Henry Bolton’s integrity!
    Gerard Batten has shown his integrity for many years!

  14. Pat Bryant says:


    The rules for votes of no confidence are set out in the Constitution as follows:

    6.23.4 In the event of a motion of no confidence in the Party Leader being passed by the NEC, the Party Secretary shall call an EGM of members of the Party, such EGM to be held within 28 days of the passing of the motion. The NEC may from time to time make Rules as to the conduct of such an EGM. The EGM shall have as its only business a motion to endorse or to reject the vote of no confidence in the Leader by the NEC.

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