UKIP CRISIS: How Did We Get Here?

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  1. J.L.Kay says:

    To Darrell Goodliffe
    It is all very well going over UKIP’s past history. So what? This will achieve exactly nothing. Please grasp the fact, as I have said before, a number of times, that the general public at large consider UKIP in its present form a joke party with a clown as a leader. I do not say this lightly as I have been a member and a committee member of the local constituency party, one of the few in the region to continue to exist as a viable entity. UKIP needs to be reconstituted under a new name and with a different structure, that does not allow it to be infiltrated by individuals pursuing their own personal agendas. I include in this discredited former members of other parties.

  2. J.L.Kay says:

    Hi Darrell
    Sorry for ascribing this piece to you. It doesn’t change the general principle that trawling through history is not going to solve the current problem. I am sympathetic to those who for sentimental reasons wish to save UKIP, but this is not the organisation that most of us signed up to. I am afraid that from the outside the current mess looks like rats fighting in a barrel. UKIP will not survive as a meaningful political entity. Mainly due to the antics of HB, UKIP is tearing itself apart. People are asking how an organisation that purports to want political power finds itself incapable of finding an honest, competent, even half-charismatic leader.

    To repeat what I have said elsewhere,those who wish to follow a party of the centre Right need to form a new organisation that values traditional conservative (not Tory) outlooks, that believes in patriotism and is not ashamed of this country’s history. The importance of forming such a grouping is even more important today than ever before, in the real struggle against the liberal fascism of the politically-correct Left, who would to seek to impose their minority-interest values on all of us. They are the real Nazis. I genuinely believe that the majority of people in this country have underestimated the danger posed by Jeremy Corbyn, Momentum and its raggle-taggle hangers-on, who are desperate to seize power at any cost. Please people wake up and stop worrying about how to re-arrange the deckchairs on the Titanic i.e. how to shuffle the remaining bits of UKIP into some sort of viable political entity. UKIP is now so discredited that most people won’t even give it the time of day. It’s time for a new start with a new party.

  3. J.L.Kay says:

    Comment from J.L.Kay

  4. Stephen Crowther says:

    Excellent, informative and timely article, Rob. Thank you. The NEC misses you.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    How we got here is a matter for in depth analysis, so that we won’t do it again !
    Just get shot of the Horrible Blighter and lets move on, so that I can chat to people about UKIP without being laughed at !

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