Jacob Rees-Mogg: “Very, Very Difficult” For Me To Be Prime Minister

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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4 Responses

  1. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    I can sympathise with Jacob Rees-Mogg’s sentiments about being PM. It doesn’t have to be the way it has developed with the PM being involved in every small thing that’s going. Cameron like Blair was the epitome of a one man band trying to do everything and being involved in every little detail whilst inviting a string of no-bodies to parties at No.10 or whatever.
    Churchill was possibly the other exception who wasn’t too interested in domestic stuff and dwelt on the larger picture.
    Rees-Mogg has an intellect similar to Enoch Powell and may be too bright for the comfort of those around him but should he become PM he needs to delegate and trust the team around him which in many cases some PM’s never seem prepared to do.
    If he ever becomes PM he needs to prioritise his work schedule and learn to allocate work to his team without direct interference. That way he will be able to devote time to his family as we all should be able to do.

  2. Douglas Richardson says:

    Just take the job until we are out of the eu for your children

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    So Jacob, you don’t want the job of Prime Minister ! Do you understand that this is the knowledgeable statement given by those who would be PM, at this stage of the game. It was very well shown in a ‘ Yes Minister ‘ edition, called Party Games. …….. Now it is possible that you truly don’t want the job, but were you somehow forced into politics, or did you enter of your own choice ? The top job is available, even though someone is at No.10, but that individual is seen to be a Jonah to your Party, with the stupid election that lost your Party’s slim majority, and then the million pounds to get the DUP on side, which was our money ! …….. Your comments on Brexit have shown your credentials as a Democrat. In any case you are seen as a sound MP, with support being sounded out from the people. …….. As far as a large family goes, don’t you want to be seen as the man that steers this Nation to total independence, in the eyes of this Nation, and in the eyes of your family ? …….. There is also the fact that being in politics, is being in public service, so surely if you are able to, would it not be your duty to lead your Nation ? I leave it to you Jacob !

  4. Informed says:

    Six kids and counting running around a house with hundreds of bedrooms, yet he has nothing at all to do with them. Its nanny’s responsibility!

    He could take on the role and do well, but as he has said himself; he prefers the freedom to express himself better as a backbencher.
    Also lets not forget that no backbencher in history has ever become PM.

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