UKIP CRISIS: ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’ A 12-Point Post-EGM Plan

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  1. Serena Lonton says:

    Straight, concise, and to the point. This is UKIP at its brilliant best – tell it like it is!

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    I agree 100%, but there is at least one thing that everybody must agree upon. Bolton must go! We know the tactic, the incumbent will try and fill the hall with supporters, and win, what in my opinion should be a national postal vote, but there is no point in what might be , we work within the rules we have. So it is vital that for every Bolton vote, there are two to kick him out, we must use his likely tactic against him and get rid. Mr Batten is acceptable, but this could be until the end of the current cycle, over 3 years. We must use this time opportunity to rebuild our Party. It may sound odd, but the trouble we have had may be the making if our party, the prize is there, it is up to us to grasp it with both hands. I am fed up with this carp, I want to fight Liebour, and Maybe not, I want to campaign, not bugger about kicking this fanticist out, but real politics again. Time to do what we do best….WINNING…. Starting in May, anyone with me?.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    My own point of view, is that Gerard Batten has volunteered and I think would make an very good interim leader. The main job is to clear Bolton off ! Once done, we can see it as ‘Much ado about nothing.’ Continue UKIP, and try to get what you have worked so hard for !

  4. John Bickley says:

    Dear Liz,

    The NEC can only elect an Interim Leader after the demise or resignation of a current Leader. The treasurer has 14 days after said resignation to notify the Electoral Commission who the new Leader is (interim).

    It would be totally unconstitutional for the NEC as a body to discuss such a matter before the 17th.

    If & when the NEC has to elect an Interim Leader then it’s important diligence is carried out on the candidates before a decision is made.

    All this is speculation at this moment though.

    • Liz Hazell says:

      Dear John,

      I appreciate your response and I accept you know the legalities better than I do, but if we don’t leave that meeting with an agreed Interim Leader, I believe UKIP is dead in the water. We have to use the media to our advantage. There are many members unhappy with the NEC and I think it certainly needs reform. But, that’s for another day. I am asking the membership to decide not the NEC, who the Interim Leader should be. In that hall there needs to be a will to get behind someone, at least for the short term. There is a local election in May and as far as I know there has been no Party planning. Being totally selfish, without UKIP, where would people like me put our X.

  5. Rob McWhirter says:

    The NEC are, I believe, meeting AFTER the EGM. No interim will be discussed in advance.

  6. Barrie says:

    What utter arrogance the unless you have any knowledge of a rigged meeting how can you possibly make such a statement. What do you know that thousands of members do not.

    • Rob McWhirter says:

      Why would planning for the event of Henry losing, I.e. checking the nec are available for a “what now” meeting mean it is rigged?

      Given they should all be there, it makes sense to meet asap after they (God willing) get the result they are seeking…

  7. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Fine words won’t overcome the ridicule that now exists in the minds of the electorate. For anyone in UKIP to be going on about Brexit will not change our misfortunes.
    Brexit ownership has passed to the Tories and we can complain all we like about the details but it will make no difference. If you don’t believe me then ask any Tory supporters and they will tell you they are even more concerned about the way negotiations are being mishandled.
    A political party is a retailer. It must have something to sell. What is UKIP offering apart from the same old stuff . The interim party chairman writes today about the mess in the Tory party or the hoodlums in the Labour party for which we are all aware but that nothing to boost UKIP’s standing.
    That simply is not good enough. Hoping to rubbish your opponents does not win elections.
    We need to be re-opening the debate about immigration, illegal immigrants, Islamisation of schools and food production, first past the post voting, lack of medical facilities both at the surgeries as well as with hospital capabilities.
    There are plenty of topics that UKIP can use in the run-up to the local elections that will show our intentions when it comes to local government political involvement.
    But to try and convince ourselves that the main two parties are going to self destruct in time for 2020 is surely a pipedream too far.

  8. D Walker says:

    I really would like to know how anybody is going to stop HB from speaking to the media after the EGM. Win or lose.

  9. Informed says:

    “At the EGM Henry Bolton will be removed as leader. The result is certain”
    Is it?
    “There must be a united front behind that leader”
    Where have we heard that before?

    Then there is the campaigning with an interim leader at the helm, and for all the renewed optimism one might have, there is no mention whatsoever about change and all that has been wrong with the party for years that forced other leaders to leave namely; the Authoritarian NEC and a Constitution which is not fit for purpose.

    No point having a leader (any leader) who is prevented from leading.

  10. David Allen says:

    There has to be a new leader in place by 17th May. Other than that the fantasy is fine.

    • Ben says:

      Surely you would be able to sway the EGM result by outlining what you plan to do as Chairman should Bolton win and he keeps his promise to you? Of course, the direction in which you would sway it is another matter.

  11. perpetual says:

    HB still strolling around Folkestone with his muse Ms Marney

  12. charles Mckenzie-Smith says:

    If Henry goes ,the credibility (if there is any left) will disappear like snow on water . The only hope is for Henry to remain leader and stabilise , if he is forced out ,then UKIP will NEVER recover . I like GB ,but he is mostly invisible . All the good men and women have now vanished into the distance on the life rafts ,meanwhile those who purport to run the party are taking pick axes to the hull . Most of us call it suicide !

  13. perpetual says:

    Where is H Bolt-ons credibility? ” Jo Marneys views are incompatible with my leadership” “her racist views are unacceptable” I might get back with my wife ” I did not meet her until 16/12/17″ NO work on UKIP done! Please wake up.

  14. COLIN HUSSEY says:


    At last someone in UKIP speaking sense. I wholeheartedly 100% agree with everything that you have said. The message needs to be clear, concise and simple, and I sincerely applaud you for saying this. I was chairman of a branch in Kent until 3 weeks ago (in Bolton’s back yard) when in a fit of pique I phoned head office to cancel my membership, after I heard Henry Bolton being interviewed outside The Grand Hotel on television. I was that incensed with what he said. He appalled me, and there I was only 4 months previous I was campaigning on his behalf for him to be leader. His leadership however has been a cataclysmic disaster for this party, and I am looking forward to his dismissal Saturday week. It can’t come soon enough as far as I am concerned. Incidentally, I reinstated my membership two days having realised my mistake. All the activists I know in Kent have been totally de-motivated by Henry Bolton’s total lack of political acumen. He has virtually said nothing at all about Brexit since being elected, and has missed so many open goals left by Theresa May’s inept handling of the EU negotiations and of the EU Withdrawal Bill going through parliament. In our part of the woods in Kent, apart from few Bolton supporters we feel totally betrayed this man, and will not be sorry to see the back of him for good.

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