LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 08/02/2018: Housing Policy Ideas

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Dear Editor. Your comments, in all aspects, mirror my own thoughts. Housing certainly requires far better planning, with some room to grow people and food ! A building contractor rather than piece meal developers would be useful, and although I don’t have to live there, Milton Keynes is good by avoiding a barracks type of city, with some fairly good play and recreation areas. It does lack something, as I would not wish to live there !
    A University period for all was an interesting idea, but has shown up the foolishness also. Skills centres are a better idea, and some of them are quietly doing very well indeed, but there are still nothing like enough. It is also alarming to realise, that as interest rates start to rise, which is inevitable, more and more people will be caught out by mortgage payment increases, and higher costs of borrowing. BETTER PLANNING IS NOW URGENT, but we have started in the right way, by the wish to leave the EU. It just requires Government to implement it !

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