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  1. Cllr Rev. Stuart Piper (Thanet) says:

    Stuart Piper Very one sided and doesn’t mention how difficult he has made it for investors to come forward. It doesn’t mention him telling them that he alone could make the airport happen and therefore presumably he alone could make it fail? It doesn’t mention a local plan based with far too much emphasis on one site where there isn’t even an articulate planning application in for scrutiny. It doesn’t mention his personal drive to publish a plan, any plan, even a patently unsuitable plan just to get his name in the book. I have had just the one email from ‘ A resident’ complaining about my decision compared to dozens of congratulations and encouraging words to work with others for the benefit of our area. Dear Kipper Central, please research articles submitted to you for publication, you won’t look quite so out of touch if you do.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Dear Cllr Piper,

      We dont research opinion pieces submitted by someone else on the grounds they are likely to be one sided to that point of view. However, you are more than entitled to a right of reply. Send it to

      • Cllr Rev. Stuart Piper (Thanet) says:

        Thank you for replying Darrell. Chris Wells is using your page to promote a distorted view of the reality down here. 35 out of the 55 Councillors present disagreed with his proposals. There was general cross party disagreement and though he was advised by Henry Bolton last autumn that he would be in breach of National Party manifesto proposals, he chose to ignore the advice anyway. The loss of this Airport was an unnecessary step to take and every election since August 2016 the electorate have been telling him/us that UKIP were heading in the wrong direction. Our local support has plummeted and years of hard work thrown away. keep well at Kipper central.

        • Darrell Goodliffe says:

          Dear Cllr Piper,

          You are welcome. I have offered you the right of reply which I think it is fair to do. I cannot and will not comment beyond that. Cllr Wells has just as much a right to democratic expression as you have, he has exercised a right I have given you the opportunity too as well. Thank you for your correspondence.

    • Geoff Wimble says:

      The local agenda is the correct route it is about community, not big bucks, no mention either about clandestine meetings with Stonehill parks Ray Mallon in Broadstairs, too many non-disclosures of interests, also I still await the financial model you promised to me Chris on three separate occasions, on the failed joint district authorities that are still being forced through via the back door, Chris Wells, you are Anti Democracy, you have yet to hang your autocratic CONservative hat up. You have never been a member of UKiP. just a member of the Chris Wells fan club.

  2. perpetual says:

    feasability studies have been carried out on Manston –Answer No. Previous operation of Manston —Failed. Virgin trialled Manston many years ago, where are they ? Roger Gale on Radio Kent with Henry s aid S Govett , suggested a freight airport. Did not mention the billions needed to distribute from the most southeast corner of our country– road, rail networks etc . Manston is surrounded by sea on three sides not much passenger catchment.?
    Sorry Manston ,listen to Chris Wells.

  3. Cllr. Gary Hillman says:

    Cllr. Chris Wells lauded with praise for reducing the council’s previous “toxic “ environment and clearing the 14.2m debt left by other administration’s offers facts.

    Others with their own power crazed agenda offer assertions. It’s sad to see UKIP’s only flag ship council be treated in such a manner.

    Of course the result of this is the council will be run by a mixture of Tories and Ukip rebels (at least to May 2019) until they are disguarded like a rusty blade.

  4. Cllr Larkins says:

    Dear Rev Cllr Piper, you have achieved what I thought was impossible and that is to turn Cllr Shonk against UKIP 🙀 Cllr Piper tried a take-over bid From Cllr Wells as leader of TDC within a couple of months after the election in 2015 and has tried on several occasions without success since. You call your new party Independent UKIP which isn’t recognised by UKIP. I hope your love affair with the Tories end in tears😿

  5. Robin Edwards says:

    When I read the replies from Hillman/Larkins, I had to laugh. Hillman was ready to ‘hurt’ Wells, because he spent all UKIP North Thanet money a few Months ago on leaflets for a KCC Candidate that produced about 30 Votes. In fact Hillman quoted to us that it cost £25 per Vote. He was, as I was, livid at this incompetence. All seems to be forgotten now?
    Larkins, was blaming the ‘break-away’ Group for causing her house to be de-valued, shear nonsense. The Agents were collecting information in case of future ‘Compensation payouts’ in case Manston does become an Airport soon.
    Cllr Larkins, Cllr Shonk is still a staunch UKIP’er. Even he lost his KCC Seat in Thanet….. this is down to one person. A bad Leader. The only thing he has done is, he has made UKIP a laughing stock in Thanet and hated with his bilious behaviour.
    Ever thought you might be backing the wrong horse guys?

    • Cllr. Gary Hillman says:

      Coming from a ex branch sec who struggles to send an email and managed to lose all records of meetings on his computer is laughable. The only mayor to set foot on the beach is his claim to fame and recently made such stupid errors by telling a resident the Local plan will effect litter control that she reported him.

  6. David James says:

    Cllr. Piper asserts grand sweeping statements and very little understanding. These self annointed ‘disciples’ repeat their ill concieved rhetoric of failed promises, subtefuge, corruption and arrogance but in their pompous hubris have utterly failed to grasp the basic principles of what is at stake.

    They talk of defending Thanet against increased housing after having risked increased housing through voting down the local plan (which was confirmed as sound if not popular), they speak of protecting the villages but then claim saving the failed airport is worth all the greenspaces in Thanet. Their new deputy leader has recently taken to social media claiming credit for the successes of the UKIP administration…while simultaneously claiming it was a dictatorship that left them in the dark.

    Ignorance often views intellect with suspicion, most look upon ignorance with sympathy. These rebels cannot claim ignorance, they have been through the rational evidence and options as stated above by Wells, time and time again but do not have the capacity to state the painful conclusion, a desire for an airport does not make a sound business case. Their foolish grasp for power backed by a small but vociferous and vindictive campaign group will be seen as the death rattle of UKIP, their inability to detach their own ego from the emotional case has not only damaged the party but also the local community. No, there will be no sympathy for the Piper dreamers when they are uncovered for what they are, very blunt instruments of a Tory strategy to destroy the UKIP administration, and protest as much as they will, the facts will not support one assertion in the long list that they make. Shame on you, shame on you all

  7. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I have not been fully into this matter of Manston airport, but rather than read of what seems like handbags at ten paces, would it not be better for Thanet District Council to decide on the Airport, or to leave it. Then go ahead with it or not, rather than have this argument that goes backwards and forwards, perhaps for ever ! ? !

  8. Tim Howard says:

    Anyone know why Cllr Wells won’t declare his pecuniary interests but hides – incorrectly – behind the Localism Act?

  9. Peter Binding says:

    At the time of the election, Thanet District Council was seeking to find an indemnity partner to help them compulsorily purchase the site of the former, failed airport. UKIP promised to push forward with this process as soon as they were elected. Having won the election UKIP sought to move forward with the CPO, but quickly found that RiverOak could not meet the criteria which had been set out for an indemnity partner. RiverOak had already failed to meet the criteria on one previous occasion, when Labour was running the council. The UKIP councillors who have now caused chaos and have left the party are just intent on causing trouble. They talk about a promise to reopen Manston, but it would be very unrealistic for anybody seeking election to have made such a promise. The site of the former, failed airport is in private hands and only a private company would be in a position to purchase it from the current, legal owners. Since nobody credible has come forward, the council has done the only thing it could have done; it has planned for redevelopment of the site. A very generous concession was made to the rebel UKIP councillors. When discussion of the local plan was tabled an offer was made to place a restriction on any planning permission for redevelopment, allowing a grace period of two years for anybody who felt they could reopen the airport to come forward and work with the council to initiate a compulsory purchase. The rebels rejected this offer. But why? If there really are credible investors waiting in the wings, why would you not accept the offer and allow them to come forward with their proposals? If you really wanted the airport reopened, surely this is the way it could have been achieved? I think their rejection of the offer speaks volumes. It tells me that the investors they claim to have waiting in the wings are just fictional. This whole thing has been a politically motivated play by one group of kippers to wrest control of the council from another group of kippers. As for all of the snidey little accusations about Chris Wells, if you have any evidence produce it. If not, don’t expect anybody to take you seriously.

  10. Peter Binding says:

    The last couple of kippers who left the council to become independents also thought they hadn’t left the party. They were wrong and I think you’ll find that this lot will be leaving along with Henry Bolton.

  11. perpetual says:

    Robster, if they won’t back their leader and have formed a separate group they must leave the UKIP.

  12. Frederick Haynes says:

    I have read Cllr. Piper’s comments here complaining that Cllr. Wells was using this page, to promote a distorted view of the reality here in Thanet. Forgive me, but may I ask why Cllr. Piper thinks it’s alright to comment about Cllr. Wells inadequacies on face book pages, that are totally biased toward Cllr. Wells but not for Cllr. Wells to do so, on this unbiased page?
    Cllr. Piper tells us that his Leader, Henry Bolton warned Chris Wells in the autumn last year that he would be in breach of the Party’s manifesto? Cllr. Piper tends to frequently get things mixed up, in fact, it was just before Christmas. This was confirmed to listeners by Mr. Bolton in an interview on Radio Kent on the 6th February, the same day Cllr. Piper announced that he and 11 others were going to leave UKIP.
    What I find questionable, is that on the 24th January, local newspapers reported that Mr. Bolton was calling for Cllr. Wells to resign. Considering his own political woes and a vote of no confidence by the Party in him, just three days before, Mr. Bolton found it necessary to intervene and support Cllr. Piper and his eleven other defectors. Was it Mr Bolton trying to deflect attention from himself onto Chris Wells, or, was he trying to bring Cllr Wells down, before he himself was kicked out of Office?
    One must assume Cllr. Piper and Mr. Bolton were communicating , or else how would Mr Bolton know what was about to occur? Did Cllr. Piper feel he had a duty to involve his Party Leader, who let’s face it was not a paragon of virtue, according to the national press, or did Cllr. Piper feel he had an ally in Mr. Bolton?
    Whilst he was still campaigning for the Party Leadership, an article written by Mr. Bolton criticising Chris Wells and his administration, also appeared in local newspapers. At this time Henry Bolton was still Chairman of an airport pressure group, Why Not Manston, a group where he had publicly and vocally condemned Chris Wells for not supporting River Oak Strategic Partners (RSP), who are applying for a Development Consent Order on the airport.
    To say Henry Bolton is biased to Cllr. Wells is an understatement! As for Cllr. Piper, his opposition to Cllr. Wells has been common knowledge for a long time, and his ambition to further his position was made quite clear when he made an unsuccessful bid to become MP for South Thanet, in the General Election last June. It does make me think that all is not as above board as Mr. Bolton and Cllr. Piper would have us believe!

  13. Ron Taylor says:

    I lived in Thanet most of my life, during that time Manston was a fully functioning air base, both RAF and the Americans. I remember spitfires, and sabre jets, including the one that crashed on a Sunday at St Peters. I have seen the development of Westwood Cross shopping outlet, and also the expansion of houses being built near by; the one question that springs to mind is why the local council did very little to improve the roads in the area, they are still to narrow to cope with the amount of traffic that now blights Thanet. If only they had widen the roads and upgraded the railway line to service Manston at the same time, Manston, I truly believe would make a good airport. One other problem that I can see is why so many people moved close to a possible airfield with possibly aircraft flying around, are now digging their heels in and saying they don’t want an airport. (My answer is why the hell did you move so close to one anyway, especially as it may re-open) Manston has one of the longest runways in the UK, most aircraft would approach from over the sea, so noise levels would be lower than what you would expect, when the sabres where flying night and day one soon got used to them and if you didn’t hear them you often asked why. I think Manston should re-open and take the strain off of Heathrow and Gatwick, and in doing so many jobs would be there, ready for those who want to stay in Thanet.

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