An Evening With Bill Etheridge

Marv Hollingworth

Kipper Central Deputy Editor

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5 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The only input that I have on this is the belief that Bill Etheridge should be welcomed into a senior position in UKIP !

  2. Barrie says:

    Billy the Kid and the swamp creatures want to drain their own swamp. What a load of rubbish he spouts. I give him one thing he sure as hell is transparent so easy to see through.

  3. Informed says:

    Instead of anchoring for new leaders every two minutes, I suggest changing the constitution to at least give them some semblance of power.
    Current or other.

  4. J.L.Kay says:

    Bill Etheridge has made many valid points. Students and university authorities who insist on ‘no-platforming ‘ guest speakers on the grounds that they might say something controversial or something the students don’t want to hear are themselves high-risk, because they are denying free speech in a supposedly-democratic society.Of course we know that many university students are Left-wing orientated, due to the preponderance of Socialist and Marxist academics who inhabit university campuses these days. It seems that many would rather read Karl Marx than Winston Churchill. The closing down of free speech shows the lengths to which the snowflake generation of liberal fascists are prepared to go. They not only disagree with anyone who expresses a philosophy and beliefs different to their own. They don’t want to even allow someone to express these beliefs. Are we in a police state already?
    Seems like Nazi Germany in the 1930’s to me.

    Young people should be encouraged to follow courses according to their abilities, especially apprenticeships in practical subjects useful to the country, instead of Mickey Mouse degree courses such as Media Studies and Golf Course Management.

    Turning to the comments about Enoch Powell, some of the the things he said in the ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech may have been overtly racist, but the burden of his argument is still broadly true. Allowing almost unfettered foreign immigration into this country has caused numerous problems of social disintegration,friction and racial tension. Traditional British communities have felt in some cases to be foreigners in their own land, because of the local enclaves and sometimes virtual ghettos composed of people from foreign countries. It is not racist to point that there are large areas of London, Birmingham and other major cities that have been subject to ‘white flight’ and that some areas are unrecognisable to those who might have lived there thirty or forty years ago. I know this from my own experience, having been born and brought up in North West London, in an area adjacent to Southall, Ealing, Wembley and Acton. This is a fact and not a racist rant.

    Bill is right to point out that many young people are not proud of their country’s history and in fact it has been a deliberate Labour policy not to teach them the facts. Liberal Idiots like David Cameron have actually apologised for things that happened two and three hundred years. We can’t be held responsible for what our ancestors did, unlike the Germans, whose grandparents and even parents may have been alive during the reign of tyranny of the Third Reich.

    To turn to the grooming case in Rotherham and several other areas of the UK, when the point has been raised that grooming of mainly young vulnerable white girls has been carried out by mainly Asian and preponderantly Pakistani men, the politically-correct establishment, especially the BBC, has tried to hush this up, on the grounds of stirring up racial tension. I can’t see that gang-raping under-age British white girls has done much to ease racial tensions.

    To come specifically to the question of UKIP, as I have mentioned elsewhere, it’s not just a question of Henry Bolton, who hopefully will be removed by a vote at the EGM, but a question of HOW UKIP is now viewed by the general public. It’s no longer a question of a bit of tinkering, re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, UKIP needs to be completely re-formed and reorganised from top to bottom. Perhaps a new party with a new name should be established. Horrors! Some people might lose their jobs!

    Turning to the Calais question, it is quite obvious why foreign migrants wish to come to the UK and some have been quite specific in their assertions. Mainly because the UK is more generous in its provision of welfare, housing and benefits than any other EU country. That’s why they don’t want to stay in the first country they enter in Europe e.g. France, Italy or any other.

    As I said, Bill Etheridge obviously spoke some common sense but that’s not what the politically- correct liberal fascists want to hear. They’re only interested in Marxist nonsense. There has never been any state based on Marxist ideas of Socialism that has not brought poverty to its people or totalitarian governorship. Cf Stalinist Russia, Mao’s China, Castro’s Cuba or any of the puppet states of eastern Europe that were behind the Iron Curtain.
    My final comment is that people need to think the unthinkable and that those who wish to belong to a traditionalist, Right of Centre political grouping need to form an entirely new party unencumbered with the baggage of a failed and failing UKIP.

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