EGM 2018: The Choice: Bolton Or NEC?

UKIP's new leader

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23 Responses

  1. Rob McWhirter says:

    Why leave when he did? I understand the press were about to publish a photo…

  2. Informed says:

    “There are obviously arguments on both sides and I shall endeavour to keep to facts as much as possible”

    Well you failed spectacularly on that point didn’t you?
    Three sentences in and I gave up reading the rest… far too many exclamation marks for me to realise the bias is rife in this piece.

  3. Jim Stanley says:

    A very good summing up of the situation. My opinion has always been that the cv of our would be leader was, shall we say, suspect. The media storm that followed ( and just how did a “vanilla” Henry “pull” such a tasty gf!), is a distraction, although worthy of censure, it is not the point in question. Henry knew the rules and how the NEC works, however we may feel about it, and must have known that until changes are made those are the rules he had to live or die with. The NEC has acted within those rules by calling the EGM, so, sorry Henry it is time to go, and this from one who voted for you.

  4. Marty Caine says:

    Well even if Henry Bolton is incompetent then he has only been so for four months, the NEC has been incompetent since its conception in 2012, it has proven time and time again it is not fit for purpose and has been the cause of many leaving the party, some by choice others not.

    As for the exaggerated claim of HB abandoning his wife and children, this line of attack really annoys me and have hold a very low opinion of anyone who tries to milk it by saying “he left his wife with a breastfeeding baby” that is an extremely distasteful thing to see when I know for a fact when relationships break down it is never only one persons fault. I’m very happily married and there is not a woman alive I would risk losing my wife over so obviously HB’s relationship was the blissful one this writer of this article is trying to paint. Maybe he was none too happy that she went to live in another country taking the children with her, who knows. I do know it is no one else’s business but theirs or at least that is the way it should be. UKIP a libertarian party, like heck it is.

    Now for the real important part that all UKIP members seriously need to consider, what is going to be the outcome of the two possible results.

    Bolton loses:
    This will mean that UKIP will have to go into the May local elections with an interim leader, and interim chairman, an NEC election that was postponed and yet another circus show of a leadership election with Bill Eitheridge wearing his Dragon’s T-shirt screaming “We ain’t going to take this shit anymore”. That will equate to a total wipeout in those May elections and every seat that UKIP loses to either Labour or LibDem being proudly shown by Remain as clear proof that people no longer want Brexit and seriously strengthening the argument for a second referendum.

    Bolton Wins:
    The UKIP membership then has taken the opportunity to do something that needed to have been done a long time ago, they will have put the NEC in their place and forced out of the party many of those who have done underhanded things purely for their own self interest with a complete disregard to their own party and the members. UKIP will then be in a position to go out and campaign to save as many seats as possible in those May elections.

    You all seriously need to put party and Brexit at the forefront of your minds when making the decision on how to vote at the EGM because I seriously do believe this is the final chance the UKIP members will ever have of getting their party back.

  5. Pamela Preedy says:

    Bolton is a bullshitter and a contemptible little man. Who in their right mind would want to admit that this twerp is leader of their party? Not me, which is why I resigned from the party on the day he was elected, long before all the dirty linen was displayed. Could tell straightaway he was not the person to recruit and retain members.

  6. Matthew Goodwin says:

    ‘MarneyGate’ should have ended on the 15th January with his disavowal of Miss Marney.

    Done. Dusted.

    Instead, Bolton’s deliberate actions in meeting with Miss Marney and repeatedly professing his romantic feelings for her when with National Media have continually caused this story to be re-ignited back into the news cycle and thus national spotlight.

    Mr Bolton has deliberately, through his conscious actions, turned a mole hill of an issue into a mountain.

    Despite being given forthright advice from all echelons of the party to cease all contact, communications and professions of feelings towards Miss Marney, Mr Bolton has instead done completely opposite.

    When criticised over this Mr Bolton has continually sought to blame everyone and everything other than himself.

    As a candidate for a Parish Council seat Mr Bolton would be an embarrassment.
    As a party leader he is a disgrace.

    • Steve Unwin says:

      Well said. It would be bad enough if Bolton was simply incompetent in handling the press. The fact he must be consciously doing this – he is clearly not an idiot – is more serious. Either way he has to go.

  7. Jim Stanley says:

    Oh dear. As I feared, the Bolton question has sunk to the lowest of levels, with accusations flying around and opinions aired that are inflammatory and devisive. Some of the replies to comments seemed to aimed at attacking the opinions of others in some quite unpleasant ways. I hope I speak for us all, we only want the best for our Party, and the playground level of some of the debate serves only to create further splits when we should be puling together, of course we are not of the same mind that is the Democratic way. Setting the debate aside, I believe that on Saturday a very simple question will be asked, and the NEC, and it’s shortcomings do not count. Now with what we have seen in the media and within the UKIP family, do we, the members of UKIP trust the man elected as our Leader only a short while ago. If you trust him, vote for him to stay, if you do not trust him, vote to remove him, it is that simple, and all this flimflam clouds what is a very simple question.

    • P hellyer says:

      Marty. I don’t agree with you. Bolton has had three failed marriages. He is not fit for office if he can’t even be faithful to marriage. He lacks any principles except that he wants to be the leader. Leader of anything as long as he’s the leader. He lied in his CV. He has not done anything for the party except bring it into disrepute. You might back him but the grass roots, the workers who go out leafleting will have nothing to do with him. And as for young Ukip, well he really put them down. They don’t want him either. You may support him, I don’t know why, but you are backing the loosing horse.

  8. Barrie says:

    Bad mouthing a person does not make them a bad person. A leader every four months. Two year of destruction by a incompetent group influenced by only a few self seekers. Drain the bloody swamp now probably the very last chance to do so.

  9. J.L.Kay says:

    To Jim Stanley
    Please don’t start criticising party members who are completely fed up with Henry Bolton. I haven’t witnessed any playground level of debate, simply an outpouring of scorn for a man who has personally behaved in a quite reprehensible fashion in his private life and continues to do so, telling everyone that he has done with Miss Marney (what does that tell us about his feelings for her compared to his wish to cling onto power) and then secretly meeting with the lady in question to carry on a clandestine affair. We won’t mention his three failed marriages, caused we are led to believe by his own serial infidelity.
    Let’s not either dwell on his made-up qualifications (City and Guilds don’t award BA degrees) – I attended university for five years to attain my degree qualifications.

    Mr Bolton has made UKIP a laughing stock throughout the country and personally has done much to negate the work of thousands of loyal UKIP members and volunteers across the country over many years.

    Please Mr Bolton, just go away. I’m sure that the EGM will see to that.


    • Jim Stanley says:

      Thank you for your replies, to JL Kay, it is not my intention to criticise anyone individual, I was making a General observation, of this subject and others. Before I post a comment, I re-read it, often changing tracts of text because this is public open forum. I assure you that in private, my comments about Mr Boltons antics would make even a politician blush. While I fully support a robust exchange of views, there is, on occasion a level of personal comment between writers that does not show our Party in the best of lights. We are seen by the media and others as a disunited rabble, no sense of self, interested only in infighting.When Mr Bolton submitted his bid to lead our Party, in my view, he not only brought our Party into disrepute, he dishonoured his Queens Commission, the uniform of the Army and the Police units he served in and finally, by his conduct has shown himself unfit to be honoured by his Quern in the Service of our Nation. In short, his conduct is despicable, and certainly not in line with what is expected of a Party Leader whose core purpose was supported by over17 million members of our society. I do not expect to be in a Party where we can’t robustly debate as is the case with the traditional Parties, but i hope that we can disagree, debate the issues, and reach conclusions in such a way that our forums are respected as a model of how it should be done. I shall be in Birmingham on Saturday, and when the unpleasent business is done, and the Bolton era consigned to history, we can, if time allows bring our concerns to our imterim Leader, and set about rebuilding our Party into the political force it was and will be again

  10. perpetual says:

    Just for clarity,Mr and Mrs Bolton worked on the continent for a long time. They had a home in Vienna[HB once posted a picture of the view] they also had a suite at The Grand in Folkestone. Mrs Bolton returned to her job after maternity leave and also because she was /is the bread-winner for the family. It has been stated HB would sell the suite in Folkestone and his wife was supportive? It is also rumoured that he owes a substantial sum to the service charge. Hardly a secure circumstance for Mrs Bolton

  11. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Thank you Sue, and as you are well aware, this argument can swing backwards and forwards. Everyone has the right to hold an opinion on Mr Bolton, and I am no exception to that.
    If HB is kept on in leadership, my membership will lapse. I hold the core values of the Party, but will have no connection with UKIP. My view is that the Party has a big enough job to do, without such a handicap as HB !

  12. John Bickley says:

    The Bolton fiasco has given the party an opportunity to take a good look at him. Many have commentated on his CV and non BA from Sandhurst, however I have some other questions he should answer:

    1. I’m told he didn’t stand in the 2017 General Election. Can he confirm otherwise please? It’s important that your commanding officer is willing to go over the top in the heat of battle with their troops. Hundreds of loyal kippers stood in June last year, many knowing that they’d most likely lose their £500.00 deposits.

    2. Has Mr Bolton ever stood for UKIP in any parliamentary election?

    3. Has Mr Bolton ever been a branch officer?

    4. I have received reports from Kent (Mr Bolton’s back yard) that allege that when he stood as a PCC in 2015 he told supporters to remove their UKIP rosettes and all UKIP branded material from the street stall when he came out to canvass with them. Allegedly, some branch members walked off in disgust. What’s Mr Bolton’s response to these allegations?

    5. Mr Bolton told the media & members some weeks ago that his leadership was incompatible with a relationship with Ms Marney, then two days later was spotted coming out of the National Liberal Club of all places with her (he’s an ex Lib Dem I suppose). He’s told the media that he still has ‘feelings’ for her and that he may rekindle the relationship. Does anyone really believe he’s ‘finished’ with Ms Marney, who is now called by the media the ‘racist’ Ms Marney? That being the case, then in his own words he can’t remain as leader?

  13. So far, I have only seen any vision for the future from John Bickley and Gerard Batten. Most of UKIP’s best known people – especially Bill Etheridge – belong in the Tories, and any policies they promote are too Thatcherite to win over Labour Leave voters in places like Sunderland, Bolsover, Stocksbridge, Rotherham etc….

    UKIP is a party of two halves, both anti-EU but with different visions of economic policy, with one side globalist and the other more localist.

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