PAULA WALTERS: Why We Are Lucky To Have The NEC

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  1. David Alle says:

    The very definition of self-serving. Not our fault gov we are wonderful people, always right. Henry Bolton did not threaten to sue over AMW. If you have evidence to the contrary then present it. I know this diatribe has one agenda and that is to continue to smear a leader. Truth is well and truly on the back burner. Sounds like a bit of panic in the camp.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      You calling Stuart Agnew a liar? He stated HB did both on here and UKIP Daily….

      • Mick mcgough says:

        HENRY did indeed threaten to sue if AMW was allowed to stand for leader but the NEC stood it’s ground and refused . Agnew threatened to counter sue but Bolton backed down. His threatened action looked suspect when we checked out his lawyers; a firm of African immigration lawyers near the Dover Port and the Channel Tunnel. Stuart proposed to use the renowned Carter Ruck. I recall when Nicki Sinclair sued UKIP some years before Henry even stood for the LibDems let alone left them. Having experienced that there was no way I could support Henry. Such a case would have been costly just as the EGM is for Henry cares not for UKIP but himself. This morning on MARR we had to sit through another edition of the ‘racist Jo Marney show ‘ including the tainting of the Royal seed tweet. if he had an ounce of political nous or self awareness Henry would keep off our screens and radio in the forlorn hope that this will die away. In fact both he and sadly UKIP will forever be tainted by JO’s racist and anti-Royal tweets.

    • Rob McWhirter says:

      There’s a facebook page entry for Aug 25th where he says (excuse typos, I’m transcribing a pic of the PR)

      “UKIP leadership election candidate, Henry Bolton OBE has challenged the decision of UKIP’S National Executive Committee to allow another candidate, Anne Marie Waters, to stand in the party’s leadership contest. Henry said:

      I believe the NE ‘s decision to allow AMW to stand in the leadership contest is in violation of the party’s rules of procedure. As such, the committee’s decision is also a violation of the party’s contract with myself and other candidates, all of whom have paid a £5,000 deposit, and a further 500 non-returnable administration fee in order to stand under said rulles.

      I have initiated this challenge in an attempt to preserve the governance and future of our party. There is little point in having rules of procedure if they are not applied, and it is clear that the party’s new leader, once elected, must take rapid steps to ensure our party’s integrity is not threatened in the same manner again.”

      I have emailed the confirming screenshot to Darrell.

    • Pat Bryant says:

      Do you mean in the same way that Henry says everything is always someonelses fault?

    • Paula Walters says:

      I was on holiday when I received a call from Paul Oaken that in view of a letter from Henry’s solicitor there would be an online vote on whether we should back down in the light of Henry’s threats and remove AMW from the ballot. I refused to alter my decision . At the next NEC meeting I asked Henry why he had threatened to sue and whether this had been done on the advice of anyone else. Henry confirmed that it was his idea and laughed it off stating that he could not afford to sue anyway. I stand by my statement and you are wrong David, my integrity is more important than point scoring

    • John Bickley says:

      David, why do you keep setting yourself up like this. The comments below show that Mr Bolton did indeed threaten to sue the party. What’s that saying: the blind leading the blind!

  2. Rob McWhirter says:

    Well said, Paula!

  3. perpetual says:

    it was reported in the press locally that HB engaged a Folkestone lawyer to launch his legal challenge against AMW. Bear in mind he withdrew it almost immediately . He obtained what he wanted with that action, national recognition.

  4. Fiona Mills says:

    Henry Bolton most definitely threatened to sue UKIP if we didn’t remove Anne Marie Waters from the ballot paper. What kind of person threatens to sue his own party?? He only backed down when AMW threatened to launch a counter claim. This was an early sign of what was to come. He doesn’t care what the members think or want.

  5. Warren Whitmore says:

    I went to your facebook page to see what you used to say about the NEC, Paula, and it’s the polar opposite to what you are saying now. It’s interesting that those who oppose the NEC the strongest (such as Mark Childs) are the ones who failed to get themselves elected.

    • Rob McWhirter says:

      The NEC are very good at damascene conversions. I too, stood for years on a “reform” platform, especially after the 2001 fiasco, but now have actually ACHIEVED stuff, e.g. BB of the rulebook.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Thanks for your view of UKIP’s NEC and HB ! My own view is that an NEC is not only necessary, but UKIP’s has done a good job but has taken quite a bit of flack for their trouble.
    As for HB. He strikes me as simply ‘A wrong ‘un.’ Mistakes are made by one and all, and correction is a requirement. – That goes for me too. I’m totally sold on the core value of UKIP, and would prefer to stay as a member, but not if HB continues in leadership. I am able to debate our manifesto, which is excellent, but I cannot be drawn into defending a wrong leader, who should not be allowed to run a bath ! I currently get laughed at as UKIP, but what is worse, I find myself also laughing at this uncorrected mistake !
    So Paula, Thank you again for your insight. It has been, shall we say, educational ! My Best Wishes to you and all our friends in the Wirral UKIP, and I hope the right choices are taken for a successful UKIP future !

  7. Russell Hicks says:

    Well said Paula. For me it comes down to two simple things. 1) Was HB effective as a leader from the day he was elected? Clearly not, he was pretty useless. 2) Has he brought the party into disrepute? Most certainly ‘YES’. This headline from The Independent says it all ‘UKIP leader Henry Bolton forced to remove false Sandhurst degree from CV’.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      To my certain knowledge Ian Duncan-Smith was the last politico who claimed to have some degree that was totally a nonsense. You would think that anyone going into public life, would spring clean their c.v. Then again Bolton was not considering public life, just his own grubby one !

      • Mick mcgough says:

        IDS claimed a degree from Perugia University when it was but a course for a few weeks.Henry has claimed two BAs which he did not get. When false claims in a cv are discovered the rest is put in doubt.

  8. Ian Williams says:

    Just reading this tells me that ukip is finished!!!!!!

  9. PJW Holland says:

    A very informative and useful contribution to the debate. Paula frequently makes contributions in a number of facebook groups. She is an example of what an elected representative on the NEC should do.

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