BEN WALKER: An Open Letter To Henry Bolton

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  1. David Allen says:

    Nobody listens to Ben Walker. Tired old narrative. Why don’t you go and set up with the other flowerpot man and see how far you get. It’s amazing how close is their namesakes intellectually compatibility is.

  2. John Bickley says:

    The Bolton fiasco has given the party an opportunity to take a good look at him. Many have commentated on his CV and non BA from Sandhurst, however I have some other questions he should answer:

    1. I’m told he didn’t stand in the 2017 General Election. Can he confirm otherwise please? It’s important that your commanding officer is willing to go over the top in the heat of battle with their troops. Hundreds of loyal kippers stood in June last year, many knowing that they’d most likely lose their £500.00 deposits.

    2. Has Mr Bolton ever stood for UKIP in any parliamentary election?

    3. Has Mr Bolton ever been a branch officer?

    4. I have received reports from Kent (Mr Bolton’s back yard) that allege that when he stood as a PCC in 2015 he told supporters to remove their UKIP rosettes and all UKIP branded material from the street stall when he came out to canvass with them. Allegedly, some branch members walked off in disgust. What’s Mr Bolton’s response to these allegations?

    5. Mr Bolton told the media & members some weeks ago that his leadership was incompatible with a relationship with Ms Marney, then two days later was spotted coming out of the National Liberal Club of all places with her (he’s an ex Lib Dem I suppose). He’s told the media that he still has ‘feelings’ for her and that he may rekindle the relationship. Does anyone really believe he’s ‘finished’ with Ms Marney, who is now called by the media the ‘racist’ Ms Marney? That being the case, then in his own words he can’t remain as leader?

    • Russell Hicks says:

      Very good questions John. Bolton is a phony in my humble opinion, I think he’s working for some other organisation. He’ll get warm handshakes from other people for the damage he’s done to UKIP. This is key: watch closely where he goes after he’s been booted out…and how he ‘earns’ a living.

  3. Serena Lonton says:


  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Thanks Ben, for the in depth detail on Bolton. I really don’t want to know anything more about this nonsense person, except to hope that those, who have mentioned some sort of support for Bolton, get to read your lengthy detail, and then ask themselves why they should bother even turning up ! My membership stays or falls on the outcome !

  5. J.L.Kay says:

    Hi Ben walker
    Thank you for your accurate and detailed appraisal of Henry Bolton. Apart from Mr Bolton’s made-up BA degree from a body that doesn’t award them, I can find no record of where Mr Bolton served in Thames Valley police or what rank he attained. Does any serving or ex member of Thames Valley Police remember him, what awards he was given and for what?

    If Mr Bolton is not removed as leader of UKIP at the EGM, then those who continue to support him are living on another planet. I have covered a number of points that Ben Walker has raised several times in past postings and don’t intend to bore anyone by repeating them. In any other organisation or club he headed, he would have been thrown out ages ago for incompetence and misleading the membership, regardless of his private life.

  6. perpetual says:

    J Bickley, HBolton told his local branch that he needed to work and could not stand for 2017 parliamentary election. Stephen Preistly stood.
    H bolton has not stood for any office in UKIP , branch or local gov..
    When he canvassed in West Kent for PCC he did ask all to remove their UKIP rosettes.
    5 speaks for itself.

  7. Peter Jewell says:

    The time to do the right thing as an officer and gentleman has passed. it is up to the membership on Saturday. It seems that that the front runner for the interim position is Gerard Batten with support from Mike Hookem, if the NEC deems so, I wish them well
    I would like to thank people such as Steve Crowther, Paul Oakden, John Bickley, Adam Richardson and others for the work they have done. I would extend that to the NEC, not perfect rules but they do not need a radical overhaul, just improved. I have a special thanks for the Staff who have taken pay cuts and their support and enthusiasm never waned. Lastly it is to the donors who have continued to help me in the drive to keep solvent. I shall put my bat under my arm and view proceedings from the long grass. The Country needs UKIP right now as politics is in turmoil. thank you

  8. Ben,

    I agree entirely. It is not primarily his personal behaviour that disqualifies him as leader (thought that seems to have been appalling), but his total lack of judgement. I have posted my detailed views here:

  9. David Meacock says:

    Even Edward VIII was strong enough to chose between his crown and his gal for himself. Mr Bolton has clearly chosen his gal, but has pathetically clearly ducked the still Interim Chairman’s challenge and being too feeble to abide by his own view without the UKIP membership having to act as a collective mummy to do it for him, like a little boy he needs the choice to be finalised for him – by an EGM. Hopefully it’ll be a formality that wise UKIPpers will relieve him of his leadership by actioning his own words that “our romance is clearly incompatible with my leadership of UKIP.” All very simple really.

  10. Rob McWhirter says:

    Is it true that Patrick has admitted to doctoring the “baby” messages?

    • Matthew Goodwin says:

      If Henry Bolton was a elected representative or a senior military officer I would consider him a national security threat.

      All it has taken is 1x young lady to offer him ‘horizontal refreshment’ and he has capitulated his responsibility to maintain the reputation of this party, it’s members and it’s many public supporters.

      Secondly, UKIP has invested a lot of effort in combating the hostile stigmitisation of it and it’s members that opposing the EU and returning net migration back to pre-1997 levels is not racist, far right, fascist party etc. These investments include:
      – Members are be banned for life hostile remarks of a racial nature while in other parties they are given a slap on the wrist or even let back in
      – Ex members of the BNP and National Front are banned from joining the party
      – Mr Farage has said that his biggest political achievement was ending the BNP

      All of those ‘investments’ have costs. However, these investments are now being eroded daily by the leader maintaining a relationship, which was only 3x weeks old when the story broke, of a young woman who comments about the racial purity of future members of the Royal Family.

      Mr Bolton is deliberately re-igniting this story by his deliberate public public statements and actions. Even if all members stayed quiet the press would still cover Mr Bolton’s professions of feelings for Jo Marney and his continued meetings with her. The public can see it with their own eyes that he is a selfish man who put’s his personal lust before his responsibility to others; whether that be his wife, 18 month child, party members or members of the public outwardly supportive of UKIP.

      Likewise, nobody forced him to say that UKIP was losing £20,000-£30,000 every month. That has caused many suppliers to push for immediate payment and harms donations. These have severely harmed the financial situation of the party even further.

  11. Silvie Steven says:

    You speak for many people Ben, not necessarily as members but supporters who will NEVER support Ukip again if this awful man keeps his position of Leader. He does not deserve that title as he has lied consistently and will not give that girl up. How could he remain as leader with her as his partner. He does not have the integrity to lead, nor the decency to resign. He is a disgrace.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Thanks Silvie. I’m in total agreement, except I don’t give a damn about his love life !

    • Russell Hicks says:

      Good article by Ben.

      If anything needs sharpening up in the UKIP rules, it must surely be that ANYONE, from ordinary member to leader, who brings the party into disrepute, is ejected very, very quickly. Bolton should have been kicked out weeks ago.

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