BREXIT FIGHTBACK: Lighting The Flame Of Freedom

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8 Responses

  1. Barrie greatorex says:

    More purile rubbish from this now utterly discredited format,you do not seem to understand the meaning of fair representation,you are merely a mouthpiece for those intent on the destruction of UKIP, you are sir, an imposter of a particular nasty type.

  2. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    I don’t know why anyone in UKIP keeps banging on about Brexit for that task is with the Tory government and is no longer the property of UKIP. We can complain all we like about the government’s lack of negotiating prowess but it will make no difference.
    Why doesn’t Bill Etheridge talk about immigration or the proposed changes to the Health Service and the possibility of some people having to pay for non urgent treatment in the years ahead. UKIP needs to redefine itself and start campaigning for what will follow Brexit namely a new immigration policy that will start to stabilise or even reduce the population of the UK.
    There are other burning issues apart from Brexit but to listen to some senior party members it is all there is to worry about.
    To some next Sunday’s EGM is a foregone conclusion but don’t bet on it. There is every possibility that yet more senior party members will be victims.
    As we look back to those heady days of 2014/15 and even 16 we must wonder where it all went wrong and how we lost so many talented and outstanding members .

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    One thing is for a double certainty. 1. The British are a long suffering people, able to take the rubbish Governments that our half baked electoral system has come up with. 2. The referendum gave us the taste of real Democratic decision that we want to continue with for General Elections.
    Only fools try to sit on the wishes of the people, because in time, as the pressure builds, actions might be taken that none of us wants. The PR system is a requirement now !
    In exactly the same way, the result of the vote, to leave the EU was clear. No matter how some people might like to wriggle in order to change the result, the fact is that this Nation of UK/GB must leave the EU, for Democracy to remain in tact. Personally I would not bother with negotiations, as the EU is tied to Treaties, but PM May wishes to be seen as exploring every avenue, but she must now see that a decision is well overdue !

  4. Marty Caine says:

    Nice T-Shirt BIll is wearing there, The Dragons who are currently in the registration process for a political party and yet I do not see Bill wearing anything to do with the party he is an MEP for. Could this be the reason why he has been so determined to bring UKIP down from within, why he comes out with campaign slogans like ‘”We will not take this shit anymore”?

    As for Luke Nash Jone to get involved with the Dragons after the leader Graham ‘Daddy Dragon’ Moore publically called him a traitor to Britain really shows he will climb in bed with the devil just to get into the limelight. The sooner UKIP get rid of people like him and Bill the quicker they will stand a chance of regaining some popularity again. This is why Henry Bolton is determined to Drain the Swamp and got shot of people like these.

  5. Paul Biggs says:

    UKIP MEP now linked with far-right white supremacists White PenDragons!

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Well Paul, this is news to me. A sure fire requirement that we have a good leader, as this sort of nonsense has to be stubbed out PDQ ! Incidentally, who the hell are the White PenDragons ?

  6. Daya says:

      UKIP’s support has been as a “Leave” the EU party, the UK is leaving, so the support is no longer there. In some parts of the UK, there will soon be local elections, and who will be available to project UKIP as a viable future third political party?   The projection of UKIP as the third political party should have started following the election of Paul Nuttall as a leader.   All I will say is that he appeared to have no vision for UKIP’s future.   At least HenryBolton appears, or appeared, to be prepared to lead UKIP into becoming the third UK political party.

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