Adonis “Proud” Of Soros Support For Remain

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    A currency speculator is backing remain’s attempt to rupture Brexit ! In doing so, some serious money is being invested, contra to the will of the British people. This is a move against British Democracy ! Why would anyone want to do that ? There are several possible reasons, within which is the fact that whatever happens, currency speculation is about to have a field day with Sterling, but its ups and downs can only be used profitably with the sort of insight that goes with a life of speculation. One such speculator is Geroge Soros !
    It is a fact that this money making activity is quite legal. It is a form of gambling, but is way better than the Bookies due to the element of chance being kept to a minimum. Financial trends, plus instant news, all play their part in success, and it beats the hell out of working ! There is of course an element of the anti social in this, due to profit only coming from someones distress, but that is lost within the size of money markets !
    All in all, this just goes to show the character of the bed fellows who give support to Remainers ! They are the anti people. – Anti Democratic, and anti social ! The majority that are all for leaving the EU, are the go-getters, prepared to make good for the future ! Optimistic certainly, but optimistic with good reason. Shunning the 20% for the 80% that make up the wider world ! I could never join those that wish to stay in the EU, and accept whatever springs to mind from unelected Commissioners. I am just very sad that this Nation has so many who are accepting of it !

  2. Roger Goodchild says:

    “Birds of a feather flock together”
    How about “Big fish eat little fish”
    “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”
    Remoaners should be very wary of a man “giving” £400.000 to a campaign such as theirs as there is nearly always a price to pay. What does he want in return for such generosity they should be asking themselves.

  3. Stanley Cutts says:

    You would have thought that any billionaire looking so old and haggard as Soros would want to do some good in his last years, not use his wealth to tear down our county’s only chance of liberation from a predatory, sick and criminal regime such as the EU.

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