Thanet And Henry Bolton: A U-Turn Into Opportunism

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11 Responses

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    We have I think all been painfully aware of the troubles with this administration, and it highlights the need to ensure that campaign aims are not just a wish list but with outcomes that are realistic. It also raises the unfortunate fact that at times the answer to local problems goes against Party Policy. One of the big complaints I hear privately from sitting councillors is the straight jacket Labour or Tory Parties impose on them. I always understood that we were different, our people enacted the will of the people, over the dogma of central Party Policy, but the Thannet experience seems to be at odds with this. As Kippers standing for Parish or Town Administrations, we have the option to stand as Independants, without censure from the Party. This allows the freedom to do what is “right” by the voters, surely why we seek election in the first place. Maybe this principal should be extended to District Elections, or even to County level. In conversation I have even heard the call for Parties to be barred by statue from local elections. In a District election i have been told more than once that being UKIPcost me Tory votes, because the voter liked what I said, but could not bring themselves to vote UKIP. As we move into whst I hope will be a more open era, the problems described above show the need for us to at least consider the option i am suggesting for debate.

  2. Cllr Rev. Stuart Piper (Thanet) says:

    For Clarity Darrell Goodliffe. Henry Bolton has been aware of the problems within the UKIP group in Thanet for some time. He was aware that last autumn 15 of the 25 cllrs wrote and asked Chris Wells to redraft the section on Manston airport. The comment about him not interfering was a general point which is that he should not intervene with the day to day running of a council. Specifically it was an acknowledgement that he could not intervene with the drafting of the Thanet Local Plan. He could, however, if there were other matters that required his or the Party Chairman’s action, intervene in disciplinary matters. The circumstances that the two men find themselves in are entirely different in their nature and thus cannot be compared in the way you have done, nor can the conclusion you reached be justified. Those of us closer to the coal face who do know the details have taken the actions we have done. These actions pre-date the recent revelations concerning Henry Bolton’s private life. The decision to leave the main group has not been an easy decision to take. I dare say it was not easy for Thurrock either. Chris Wells said if the Local plan did not go through, he would resign. It didn’t; we asked him to go; he refused so we publicly called for him to go. Henry Bolton happens to agree with that request.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Dear Cllr Piper

      What we have here is a shabby apologia for Mr Bolton’s naked opportunism. By calling for Mr Wells to resign and making comment on Manston Mr Bolton is interfering in the running of the council in the most direct way imaginable. If the scandal with Jo Marney had not broken he would never have said a word. Interesting to know then does he support your call for UKIP to be replaced with a multi party admi? If he does he is actively campaigning against UKIP as are you and your group .

    • John Bickley says:

      Mr Bolton told the media and our members that a relationship with Ms Marney is incompatible with him being leader. Does anyone really believe he’s not still in a relationship with her? Ergo, he must resign

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Jim, Stuart and Darrell, I am not read into the situation in Thanet, but hope good sense will prevail. One point I would make, is that too much note about Bolton being involved is noticed by myself. Please realise he is soon to be toast !

  4. Ken says:

    So we have Henry Bolton suggesting that official UKIP under Chris wells should go against legal advice and support the opening of manston even Nigel garage done a video supporting manston. But when interested parties fail to deliver on the goods to support the UKIP administration it’s still
    Chris wells the 12 rebels why now choose to act saying its to save manston they cannot save manston at all not one tiny bit only secretary of state can do that if the interested party can finally supply evidence that meets dco legal requirements. Only then will it be saved. If dco is submitted in March as implied then this rebellion has cost the other 100thousand residents of thanet distress over their failure to endorse a local is their fault not the Tories theirs for Henry Bolton wanting the only UKIP council to fail is only treacherous and for that reason he is unfit to lead ukip

  5. Elaine Harris says:

    Mike, sadly good sense has not prevailed. The demise of the only UKIP led council in the country has been brought about by twelve members of its own Party, backed by Henry Bolton and led by Cllr. Stuart Piper, a man who, like Henry, has his own agenda.
    Thanet District Council Leader, Chris Wells is an able and committed public servant who has acted with courage and wisdom in a very difficult job here in South Thanet, he has also turned a toxic council into an award winning one.
    He has done the only thing the Leader of the council could have done, he has taken on board legal advice and has been forced to conclude that, in order to be realistic, the new local plan must make provision for redeveloping the site of Manston Airport, which is now in the hands of private owners.
    He has been the subject of a politically motivated witch hunt, which seems to have encompassed the twelve who have fallen into the Tory web, but who still think they are UKIP.
    Cllr. Piper and his twelve defectors, who now call themselves Thanet Independent UKIP, or as they have been dubbed locally, Thanet Independent Kippers (THIK), have now made it possible for the Tories to control TDC.
    Tories 21, UKIP, 13. THIK 12, Labour 6, Independent Group 2 plus 2 Independent Councillors.
    Will Cllr. Piper and THIK be satisfied with that, oh no, because that would leave UKIP (the proper UKIP that is, as the Opposition). Cllr. Piper wants ‘some sort of administration’…which means a possible coalition with the Tories throwing the 2015 elected UKIP administration to the dogs!
    South Thanet failed to return Nigel as an MP in 2015, Craig Mackinlay, Conservative was elected and we are all well aware of the skulduggery that went on there! But the Tories, couldn’t beat UKIP in the local elections, we slaughtered them and proudly took on the title of only UKIP led council in the country.
    We still haven’t been beaten by the Tories, we have been beaten by twelve defectors who have handed it over on a platter with Chris Wells’ head on it….and they still have the audacity to say they are UKIP!

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