BREAKING: NEC Respond To Henry Bolton’s “Chilling” Constitutional Reform Plans

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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75 Responses

  1. Barrie says:

    It seems that the only thing in peril is the NEC power grab of the Party.

  2. Mick mcgough says:

    I wonder whether Henry learnt about Lenin and Stalin on his degree course at Sandhurst.
    Correction he never got s degree they don’t grant them.
    Note how this constitution grants Herr Leader a salary , well what a surprise.

    • Andrew Garcarz says:

      Oh Mick, you know as well as anyone, in the eyes of academic institutions, an NVQ level 6 is given the same academic validity as degree.
      You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. New Living Translation Hypocrite!
      Clearly you desire to survive carries greater weight than the facts

  3. Mike Green says:

    In terms of professionalising the party this is spot on. Gone are the days when the NEC controlling the party once an month to a dynamic leadership with the checks and balances in place for the leader to be a leader.

    • Rob McWhirter says:

      Henry can’t even proof-read his own draft, such that internal paragraph references remain consistent. It is perhaps the most unprofessional document UKIP has ever produced!

    • John Bickley says:

      Let’s get this right. You’re going to give a leader who’s never been a branch officer or parliamentary candidate & is the sole cause of the crisis we’re in autocratic control of the party? You can’t be serious?

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        John, back in the 1930s a guy with one ball, called Herr Hitler, did rather well in Germany. Even a term in prison did not hold him back. Looking rather like a failed artist, he promoted the idea of a Master Race, and then to top it all, this Corporal told Generals what to do on battle fields, and lost his war !
        There are people like that, even in this country, and today ! Thankfully such people are poorly equipped with Adolph’s speech delivery or charisma, but have his ability to find fault with all others, and not himself. It all ended with him shooting himself ! ………… Henry Bolton, please note. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE !

  4. Shaun Owen says:

    Since when have the NEC and Crowther et all ever listened to the members of UKIP? They have changed rules and forced candidates onto branches with out a care to what the membership thinks. It’s time for change.

  5. David Weaver says:

    Get a grip!!!! Barrie and Shaun, Bolton will not be around after Saturday to impliment a “.” let alone a Constitutional Reform Plan so, I shall not waste my valuable time reading it, and await a more coherent Constitutional Plan prepared and submitted by an individual I can relate to.

  6. Isabella Jackman says:

    I can see why Bolton wants these powers, but they are not the hallmark of a mature party.
    The problem with UKIP is that there are too many independent minded people in it. The Tory sheep are the party’s strength, they’ll do anything to keep the Tory bandwagon moving forward, even if it’s (to my mind) blatantly wrong.
    You can’t legislate to try and create by force a sheep-like loyalty that simply isn’t there.

  7. Brenda Rattle says:

    The NEC listened to the members, hence the vote of no confidence. This was, in my opinion, similar to the referendum – put it in the hands of the people. Bolton is coming across as an EU dictator. I do not, and cannot, trust him. In my view, he is a Nazi – or certainly behaving like one. Get rid – in whatever way necessary.


  8. Derek Walker says:

    But it’s OK for a small fraction of the membership to approve Lenny the Lion is it?
    It seems to me that there is one rule for the NEC and another for everybody else.

  9. John Bickley says:

    It’s the intention of the majority of NEC members to immediately vote in Gerard Batten as Interim Leader should Mr Bolton be defeated on Saturday. Gerard is the party’s expert on Brexit & not afraid to stand up to radical Islam.

    Maybe many of the 5,000 members who left the party since Mr Bolton became leader will come back if Gerard is Interim Leader. Many of them left because they didn’t like being called nasty names.

  10. Barrie greatorex says:

    Did not of you Mick so did some research seems you have form going along way back,apparently your word is about as believable as finding fairies in the bike shed.

  11. David Weaver says:

    That goes for you as well Mike.

  12. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I remember hearing of a Rugby Club that was elevated into a junior league. Before the first whistle, they took the poor old referee to task for the rules of the game, and insisted that new rules be accepted immediately. – Does this remind you of anyone Henry Bolton ? !

  13. David Scott says:

    Apart from anything else, if you make up stuff on your CV your credibility is gone.

  14. RAY ADAMS says:

    The way Steve Crowther inflicted the new Lion Logo on UKIP in the last conference was far from democratic also . In fact it was a stitchup . He now criticises HB for the same offence . Two years ago members of the NEC were talking about constitutional reform . Where are their proposals ?
    All we ever get from them is dead silence .

  15. Philip Gibbs says:

    Even when presented by an opponent this reform sounds good. Party policy can’t be determined by committee. UKIP needs to trust its leader to listen to members and get the job done. John Bickley, anyone who presents a single simplistic reason for members leaving as you have here cannot be trusted. Members voted against extreme anti-islam policies by electing Bolton. Anyone with any common sense can see that whatever their merit may be, such policies will bring ridicule, not voters. They will just detract from the party’s main ongoing aims to ensure a sound Brexit and immigration control. Now it is revealed that the anti-Islam faction wants to bring in Batten who once called Islam a “death cult.” If you don’t like that being repeated then prepare yourself. You will have to get used to hearing it ad nauseam when Batten is made interim leader and is allowed a level of influence that an unelected leader should not have.

      • Philip Gibbs says:

        I did say “whatever their merit may be” but you still missed the point. Whether such statements can be justified or not, you can’t include such policies into a political party and expect it to flourish in the UK. Go and join one of the other parties like “For Britain” which will now surely take off if such ideas are popular. Don’t use them to destroy UKIP while it still has a crucial job to do on Brexit.

        • Unfortunately there is a liblabcon mandate to ‘bury’ any anti islam agenda, however across the social media sites there is a national (& international ) concern that islam is being allowed a free hand in western culture (Germany, Sweden, Belgium, and many cities in th UK ), so to that end grabbing the bull by the horns may make UKIP a viable voice to address the concerns of the populus maybe a good membership/vote winner, we are in the lefty eye as racist for immigration control, so just use it for us

        • RAY ADAMS says:

          Of course the main event is Brexit but the other issue that the lamestream media and political parties ignore to the detriment of the UK is Islam . The people do not have a voice on this destabilising issue and UKIP HAVE to talk about it .
          Talking about ISLAM will not destroy UKIP . Political correctness is something UKIP must avoid . Leave the PC nonsense to the LiblabconGreens . As for “For Britain” I believe the Electoral Commission is busy trying to ensure it becomes dead on arrival .

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        It would seem to be a death cult recently, but I fault it on an entirely different value. ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION, AND NEVER WAS ! Consider the life and death of Jesus, and then Mohamed. Jesus birth was proclaimed in the Jewish part of the Bible. He taught without an Army, only truth and love with miracles of love. Although mortal, through his mother, He was God in mortal flesh, destined to die as payment for sin, and for us all. Centuries later Mohamed was a goat, camel or caravan driver, who married a rich widow, and that provided time to gather a force to subjugate the tribes around him. An able commander was not enough for him, and alone, was confronted by the Archangel Gabriel, who dictated what is now the Koran. He died of old age, and the long standing argument of his successor exists to this day. ……… Now all that Muslims can say, is that the Christian Bible is in error, maybe due to translation ! The facts are that Islam has to agree that Almighty God, ( Allah ), became confused after the crucifixion, so that sin being cleared by Jesus, once and for all, is not fact, and rests upon the nothingness of Mohamed. ISLAM IS ERROR, AND HAS NEVER BEEN A RELIGION !

  16. Cheeked Tongue says:

    A masterstroke by the Henry Bolton – David Allen power rangers!

    The sheer intellect of this pair is overwhelming. Crowther and cronies, take notes. You were shortchanged when these were being doled out.

    David Allen for Party Chairman. No one else has the brainpower, experience or mandate for the job.

  17. Cllr Rev. Stuart Piper (Thanet) says:

    So a consultation that is inaccessible to a third of the members is not valid but an NEC inspired EGM with voting only permitted by less than one third of the membership of the party to decide the future leadership and direction of the party is fair and reasonable? Why did the NEC take such a deliberate decision not to ballot the whole UKIP membership?

  18. Godfrey Davey says:

    One has to wonder how a man with no money could produce such a professional web-site and document ( one of the few things the Lib/Dems are good at),ah one has to wonder does one not

    • Mick mcgough says:

      Or even dark forces ? Dear Henry has worked for EU,Police ,Army, Foreign Legion and alongside CIA and MI6 and still maintains links with the LibDems via membership of the National Liberal Club. He could well be a plant but with benefits ( Marney ).

    • Part of the leader’s team is Londoner Chris Mendes.

      Chris is a talented – even, gifted – web-designer, displaying both web technical skills which I might be able to acquire after a good deal of practice and experiment, and artistic ability to which I couldn’t aspire. He’s a perfectionist.

      After an intro, I recognised Chris’s genuine abilities pretty quickly – and naively sang his praises to national officers (this was during the Nuttall regime).

      The next thing, they’d nabbed him! Henry’s inherited Chris, so to speak.

      So, I’m afraid there’s no need for conspiracy theories on this one – but don’t let me spoil a good yarn!

  19. Pete says:

    How many of these folks have logged in for a two minute shout? l bet its already booked by the lets get rid of Henry brigade.

  20. Anthony says:

    A power grab worthy of the eurotocracy in Brussels. I wonder who this power grab is eventually intended to empower?

  21. John Bickley says:

    A strong, secure leader wouldn’t need a Stalinist constitution through which to have total control of the party, its officers, employees and volunteers. It’s a sign of weakness and insecurity and a last desperate throw of the dice to divert attention away from the main business of Saturday’s EGM: to keep or sack Bolton.

  22. Rhys says:

    The Constitution now, in 2018, is the same one which Nigel F. functioned ‘under’ during UKIP’s glory years of 2013 ~16.

    The NEC, albeit not identical in membership, is elected under the same rules as was the case when Nigel F. was Leader:

    THUS, as a matter of inescapable, first year undergraduate philosophy class LOGIC it cannot be the case that either or both of the Constitution and the NEC have been the cause of HB’s lamentable failure to project himself and the pro Brexit, pro immigration control arguments to the general public since September.

    The causes of his utter failure / waste~of~space~ness lie instead in his extraordinary lack of political nous, his below average intelligence, his bordering on psychopathic self centredness, and his total and complete lack of judgment.

    rhys burriss

    • Pete says:

      ARE WE SURE THIS MEETING IS LEGAL, WHO CALLED IT WIOTH WHAT AUTHARITY AND WHO VOTED TO ACCEPT IT. ARE THE LEGAL GUYS SURE THEY HAVE GOT THE RIGHT TO RUBUFF A CONSENSSUS VOTE, HOW MANY VOTES DID THEY GET. Will any of them stand up (l’ve seen the rules(which are bollocks) put in by the party killers) Lets all have our say, not just the anti progress (interlopers) libbiy types and get the true ground troops to have their say!

  23. Pete says:

    I am a paid up member, have been a candidate in Cirencester (liberal stronghold) and got 20% of the vote, if UKIP continues, having got rid of the current NEC (come and visit me you shower of effluent if you have the guts) l will willingly have a bet that l will get on the council, but only if the right people are in charge.

  24. Bill Matthews says:

    It is clear from reading the above comments, there is a lot wrong within our party. As a grass roots member it seems to me I, and other similar members, are expected to vote for people or causes for which we have no understanding or access to true facts, but when it comes to a situation where we are likely to have a definite view, we can only vote if we travel half way across the country. Whilst the present organisation and systems remain in force, our problems will never end. I may have limited facts on which to base my opinions, but I do get the impression from what I read and hear, that the party’s problems, since the referendum, do seem to keep pointing to unsettled attitudes and conflicts within the NEC. If this is the case then I fear we don’t have a body that truly represents our members, and that must come from the nomination and voting systems. Perhaps the changes proposed by Bolton, may have ensured that better knowledge of candidates or arguments would have been made available to the grass roots.

    • John Bickley says:

      Dear Bill,

      Your constitution demands that such an EGM as yesterday has to held such that members can attend and listen to either side of the motion. The attendance showed that it works as attendance almost 50% more than for the annual conference.

      Bolton didn’t propose anything of significance in his draft constitution other than accruing dictatorial powers for the Leader.

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