Bridgen: Labour ‘Completely Taken Over By Identity Politics’.

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We in UKIP have a problem, but that is being dealt with this month.
    As for Labour, the wheels of the wagon have come right off ! I suppose that I should be looking at this with pleasure, but I have known some real Labour people, who gave so much of their time and talent to their Party. They always treated me well, with wrong, but well meant debate. There is a degree of tragedy about what has happened !

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    Yet again Liebour shows us that they are unelectable in their form, something the more aware have known for a while. Many to the left of centre, who in the past have supported Labour, are now looking for new political homes and are waiting for UKIP to sort out our problems. AS we move out of the Bolton era, there are a number of organisations pledging support for us in the future, and many of our members who have left in disgust at the Leaders antics will return within months when they see that we have our Party back from the grip of HB. To miss quote Arnie “We’ll be back”, the march starts on Saturday and our return to the top table of politics a certainty. We must aim high for 2022, the Nation is ready for real change, and only UKIP can provide the direction needed as we leave the EU and enter the world as a great trading Nation. So I say, “Go for it” the prize within our grasp, and is only helped by the actions of our foes as, by their actions, they show just how unfit they are to rule our great Nation.

  3. Matthew Goodwin says:

    Labour throwing away any remaining legitimacy as fast as possible.


  4. StuartJ says:

    Im my opinion, there will never truly be any real ‘equality’ while you have groups of people pigeon-holing themselves into these divisive groups.

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