ROB MCWHIRTER: Bolton’s Constitutional Proposals ‘Illegal’

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14 Responses

  1. Marty Caine says:

    Oh dear Spon… You never were the brightest member of the NEC, the proposal put forward by Henry Bolton is a draft, meaning it is nothing more than a suggestion at this stage, so it can hardly be deemed as illegal but I am sure HB will address the points you have made at the EGM. Now you have yourself a save flight from Switzerland, I always did find it amusing that UKIP had an NEC member that didn’t even live in the UK nor even the EU for that matter.

    It is also interesting that it takes a lot more members to change a constitution than it does to oust a duly elected leader of the party.

    • Rob McWhirter says:

      Ah but it can, Marty, because his timetable embedded in the document doesn’t permit the branches to call valid EGMs.

      AND, the branch EGMs don’t vote on a “let’s have some sort of new constitution” proposal, they need to be voting on the final candidate document.

      Maybe if Team Henry could do their sums and legalese, then they wouldn’t need to worry about Stuart Agnew’s buddies at Carter-Ruck?

    • Brenda Rattle says:

      I often wondered why DDIP and ‘Commonsense’ Caine never got off the ground. Now I know, and am no longer surprised.

      • Cheeked Tongue says:

        What a piece of work you are, Brenda, if I may be frank. Caine’s mutiny against the tyranny of the NEC is noble, and for it he shall be awarded in the Bolton v2.0 with the post of National Enforcer, reporting only to the incoming Party Chairman (David Allen).

    • NickC says:

      Marty Caine, You are using the word “draft” in two different senses. When someone writes an important document it might be in its 24th “draft” before it’s finally presented as a “draft” for approval in committee. In this case Henry Bolton’s “draft” new constitution doesn’t mean it should be his first rambling, self-serving, unfinished, hastily scribbled attempt, shot-through with mistakes, contradictions, and bad English. As a self-avowed administrator, it should have been the very best he could produce. Although, perhaps it is! It should have only been “draft” in the sense that others (members, NEC) might agree or not agree with its principles. We are not here to correct his sloppiness.

  2. John Bickley says:

    100% of members can turn up at the EGM if they want to, so what’s your point?

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Its this rule and that rule and then the Law ! …… How very boring ! Since we can’t string him up, could we have vests or placards printed for the EGM as ” ITS ALL MY FAULT ! Henry Bolton is innocent of everything. – Just ask him ! ” I hope it would not sway the vote, but it could add some lightness to a very drab day. and good on TV !

  4. Rhys says:

    There really is no need for a wholesale reform of the Constitution, once the incubus HB is got rid of this Saturday. ( I am in favour of some reforms in fact but do not see them as urgent, compared to the specific reform needed to the procedures for electing NEC members.)

    The main problem with the composition of the NEC is that the election procedure ( as laid down, I assume, by the NEC ? ) simply does not permit candidates ( because of the the 150 word limit ) to fully present themselves ~their career path to date, academic and other qualifications, ideas as to policy etc., to the party’s electorate : the members.

    Reforming that ~ eg by allowing candidates 2 x A4 pages each and / or having a dedicated website where all this info could be presented for each candidate, would go a long way towards remedying that important defect, as I perceive it.

    Another mechanism could be to have elections based on the Regions, which would permit candidates to present themselves at Hustings, which could also be live streamed / recorded for those unable to attend the actual Hustings in person.
    I realize that the Regional idea has its own problems in terms of Regions having v different numbers of members, but I still think that this could be addressed with a little imagination. ( The Euro elections manage it.)

    I imagine that the Regional idea might need Constitutional change ?

    But permitting candidates a proper amount of space in which to set out their life time experience and current policy ideas surely is something that the NEC could address now, prior to the upcoming batch of NEC elections ? Why not at least do this reform now and let us see the results ?

    Also, banging on about the NEC ( even though I do believe reforms such as I suggest above would be beneficial ) as if it created the Party’s problems since June 2016 is delusional.

    The NEC did not give us the bizarre succession of Leaders we have had since Nigel : the MEP hierarchy and the membership ourselves have done that. ( Though the FPTP system which the NEC have erroneously convinced themselves is the only way to conduct the Leadership election certainly has not helped : that also does NOT require constitutional change to remedy.)

    Let no one forget that the glory days of UKIP ( so far anyway, let us hope more are soon to come once Gerard Batten takes over this weekend ) were 2013 ~16, when Nigel F., supported by highly enthusiastic and hard working local grass roots members quite simply changed the political debate in the United Kingdom and ultimately delivered the equivalent of a great Fist in the Face to the Great British Establishment.

    All this was achieve with the NEC as currently elected and established in place ~so it cannot possibly be that the NEC is the root of the party’s current misfortunes.

    rhys burriss

  5. David Penn says:

    I can’t say I’m interested in Bolton’s plan at all to be honest. The timing of its release looks more like scrambling desperation by a discredited leader trying to save his job rather than help the party. If ever there was a case of too little, much, much too late, this is it.

    With Bolton’s reputation shredded, this blueprint will, in all likelihood, be as useful as a dead lottery ticket by Saturday evening.

  6. perpetual says:

    John, If 100% can turn up, what is the capacity of the venue?

  7. perpetual says:

    just googled 8000 total 3000 in hall no 3 how many members are still there?

  8. David Langley says:

    I think this draft constitution should be put before Commercial Lawyers, as it seems HB is acting as a shadow director of UKIP Ltd. Not assisting but directing, his attempts at a power grab therefore will be under the NEC approval or not.
    I am not a company law expert but Shadow Director definition looks apt.

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