DEBATE: Core UKIP Policies We Can All Agree On?

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12 Responses

  1. Serena Lonton says:

    Brilliant! We need unity, not discord, we have to all work together to get us out of the EU completely.

  2. Jim Stanley. says:

    An interesting article, as a right of centre, but with a Leftish sense of social awareness person, I can see the advantages of the proposals. while I must take issue with the timings mentioned, as I became politically aware in the 70’s, I can assure you it was not a good time for anyone in our Country. Regarding an ageing population, and the housing shortage, in this country we have seen a breakdown in the family unit, where the generations move to their own homes as soon as they can, leaving the parents and Grandparents with larger family homes, with empty rooms, “just in case the kids want to visit”. In many cultures families live in the same home, child care left to “Granny”, when parents are out at work, and as children grow and age sets in, it is the family who care for the elderly. This fosters the family unit, and allows a natural progression through life, teaching the important life lessons to the younger members. It also reduces the pressure on the housing stock. While immigration must be curtailed, it does bring fresh ideas to the country, but we should only accept those with something to offer. To recent immigrants without work, we should assist them to return to their roots as their adventure here has not worked out. I have heard it said that within our children’s lifetimes, this country will be an Islamic State, based on the number of children Muslim families seem to have. This one I am not sure of how to overcome without draconian birth control, with the State demanding only two children per family, somehow this does not seem to be a very “British “solution.
    Certainly we must ensure a clean break from the EU, and end the EU courts reign over ours, and our Criminal Justice system needs an overhaul, where the needs of the victim must be the first priority. It also brings Capital punishment back on the table. The chances of mistakes, with DNA and better forensics reducing them, for certain crimes, should this be an option? As a Party we have always pushed the envelope, by daring to say what is not spoken of elsewhere. As we are now in the media spotlight for reasons we all know, maybe we should use this period to start the debate about the future?

  3. Tina Lomax says:

    Excellent vision, well done.
    Millions of people are on our side and we must remain relevant and strong.
    PLEASE put this great Party first not our personalities!

  4. David Weaver says:

    Well said!! I have thought for a long time UKIP has spread its self to thin, thereby diluting the core reasons for it’s existance. This article contains with out doubt all the ingrediants of a manifesto that the general public can relate too. We party members, are from the left , right and centre of the political spectrum but have come together under the UKIP banner, because we have been bled dry of common sence policies over the intervening years by the existing red, blue, and yellow brigade parties. With policies based on the above, delivered by an eloquent orator who can satisfy by belief, evidence and argument, we, the foot soldiers, will be able to deliver the same on the door step, a manifesto with confidence, as we did during the referedum safe in the knowledge that the Nation has nothing to fear except fear it’s self.

  5. Barrie says:

    Boy you are so full of crap that the whole networks of London sewers could not accommodate it.

  6. Stanley Cutts says:

    An excellent perspective Rhys, with which I totally agree. Its adoption in practice should be a solid way to recover the credibility and respect of UKIP.

  7. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I have gone through UKIP’s manifesto, and it’s a beauty. It’s not even a case of ‘ What’s not to like,’ if it can be presented to the British people correctly, it will sell itself !
    The nonsense that this Party is going through with Bolton has to be cleared this month, because this piddling ingrate is holding something back that is too good to waste on a nonentity !
    I would plead with members to turn up at the EGM, because being somewhat housebound and old, I will be unable to attend, and I have never been so angry with myself before.

  8. David Allen says:

    It’s a bit of a rant with little depth of thinking. Typically, touching on real issues but with ‘down the pub’ solutions.

    Politically naive.

  9. David Weaver says:

    So Barrie, clearly you have no coherent reply, only insult.

  10. Alex H says:

    Pish. Pish. Pish.

    For the record. UKIP’s true colour is purple.

    Let’s not confuse the output with the input.

    Policy is the output and contained within it is its idea or principle. That’s called integrity.

    Policy which addresses issues for popularity is called

    The reason you don’t get elected in the full glare of the media is because opportunism has nowhere to hide
    under the scrutiny of such policy making.

    Sure, have something to keep your place in the national media lead spotlight, but when it comes to grass roots
    support you need integrity. And integrity is just one of several very crucial principles of political policy making.

    So your output, that is policy, must have integrity.

    Virtue signalling politics of the left uses cunning rather than honesty. The earnestness of virtue signalling is a
    rhetorical device which holds a competitive advantage
    in public debate.

    However, integrity is only grounded when your input is included in the output, and to be trusted and respected in the long run, you must operate from values and beliefs
    which conceptually operate throughout the rigour of your policy making and the tests which stress the policy when it is out in the open.

    Why you must have a core ideological basis is not about manufacturing topical chat for yesterday’s media slot, or for another party to thieve your idea.

    Your core ideological doctrine is the DNA of not only the party’s policy making, it is the very essence and drive of its cause and destination.

    So tossing out “redkip” and “bluekip” or even “yellow kip” policy is the ultimate folly. A party with no root, a party with no destination and a party that after yesterday’s news engages no one.

    To survive in life you must build a strong identity.
    Libertarianism has a century of thought, protest
    and doctrinal economics which has the potential to
    inspire, lead, agitate and outmanoeuvre the other parties
    at times when Liberal politics isn’t saying anything
    new, honest or in the people’s interests.

    It is long overdue that UKIP members were thoroughly
    “Purple pilled” on Libertarianism and the politics of protest and economical reforms personally, individually,
    and for what the State must conform to, if it is to be on service of the citizen to whom as an institution it is indebted.

    It’s time you were ‘purple pilled” and took back control!

  11. Informed says:

    Referring to your inexcusable opening paragraph; much of what we read here on Kipper Central now… more vitriol without substance forces one to skip the rest.

    Consider the fear campaign and lies. It failed in that it drove more people to vote leave in the ref.
    It could well be that the leavers in this instance will be the NEC members come Saturday for exactly the same reasons.

    UKIP Candidate for Bishop Auckland?
    Take yourself and your nasty opinion off the Auckland, New Zealand’s North Island. You can bash the Bishop all you want there.

  12. GRANT SMITH says:

    On Saturday 17th, those of our members who can afford, or are determined enough, will be able to make a decision affecting the future of this our Party.
    It is good to remember the difference between ‘libel’ and ‘slander’: it is better to remember that the defence against any possible charges emanating from our actions in respect of ether of these terms is – that what we have written or spoken is the TRUTH.
    Let us, however, bear in mind that there are issues at stake in this our country today, which are far weightier than the damage of someone’s ego, or the smoothing of raised hackles.
    The Stratford bard once wrote
    ‘Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing’
    I am an old and experienced campaigner, and I have learned in this ‘walking shadow’ that the WALK is far more powerful than the TALK. Some people are shouting so loudly by their deeds, that no-one can hear what they are saying from their mouths.
    As my father walked around the village at midnight, in the black-out, smoking Woodbines, his lady wife was struggling, inside a cheerless stone-flagged underdwelling, which today serves as a garage for someone’s Ford Fiesta, to give me life.
    Clipping rugs were what I played on as a lad.
    As a teenager I was lucky enough to receive a decent education. I remember going to an inter-school debating society, where, one evening the topic was:
    ‘Can a fig tree yield olives? Does it matter what a man (today a person) believes?’
    I hardly understood the significance of what we were being taught that night, but I have learned that we really do know men and wombmen [sic] more by their deeds than their words.
    In this land today, there is turmoil because we are living in a ‘double-plus ungood’ society; we are being manipulated by minds which are blacker than the witches’ hats in Macbeth, and every person is doing that which is right in their own eyes.
    Our Party needs to change, not just to pull up its socks, but to CHANGE. The alternative will be to prove correct what the cynical media and the established parties are slinging at us.
    The voting populace showed on 23rd Jun e 2016 what they think of the arrogant, mismanaged oligarchy in Brussels.
    The voting populace are now seeing that their nation has been ‘sleep-walked’ into surrendering all that their fathers fought and died for.
    The present ‘government’ (and I use the word advisedly) has shown that their loyalties lie with their sponsors, not with the common man/wombman [sic], and their unelected replacement for the one who retired to let his bloodied nose heal, is not a true and faithful representative of the democratic electorate; today she is struggling against the divided opinions of her own party MPs, the divided opinions of the Cabinet.

    Across the chamber, we have a rag-bag of privileged persons, purporting to be representative of the ‘working man’, led by a character who thought the Irish tricolor was worth risking your
    life for, who is so desperate to change the country ‘his’ way, that he will give the vote to puberty on the promise of scrapping their tuition fees.
    When you do vote, on Saturday, in the ICC in Birmingham, bear this fact in mind:
    You have the opportunity to either:
    Support one man who might become the leader of your nation,
    Show that nation you are wise enough to dismiss folly
    and become the symbolic LIONS depicted on our logo

    As you vote, remember that other line from the bard:
    ‘or vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself and falls on the other (side of the horse)’
    I love my country, NPF did a great job in getting us to where we are today, but, out there, there remain the following to be rescued:
    Border control
    Free Trade
    Fishing rights
    Financial control
    Military authority
    Fair treatment of British and ‘European’ citizens.
    Please, fellow members, do vote wisely.
    Sincerely yours
    Grant Smith [399925] – Huddersfield 15 February 2018

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