BEN WALKER: UKIP 2.0 End Libertarianism – Delete Libertarians

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9 Responses

  1. Silvie Steven says:

    No prizes for guessing where that came from Ben!

  2. mick mcgough says:

    If Henry stays they’ll be a purge of the few remaining members. All hail the supreme leader, formerly of the LibDems and the EU.
    He makes the EU look democratic

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Who done it ? We know that Bolton doesn’t do anything wrong, just ask him !

  4. Marty Caine says:

    Ben Walker is about as much a Libertarian as Hitler was Jewish… This man obtained private information to discredit Jo Marney and ensured it was made public by the media. This is the same person that tried to bribe Henry Bolton into sacking Paul Oakden and giving him the Chairman role. So for him to talk about libertarian values is a joke… As for wanting to debate… he blocks anyone on social media that disagrees with him, so that is just more evidence of what utter BS he does spout!

    • Mick mcgough says:

      Without comment on Walker, Marty Caine is an ex member with a grudge and his own vanity party Engage. He and another similar ex member bankrupt Nigel Sussman they were instrumental i stirring up aUkipmMembers on SM over Bolton.Neither have UKIP Iinterests at heart.

      • Not Mick McGough says:

        And Mick McGough is an appalling member of the NEC who breaks many many rules and is one of the reasons so many decent people are leaving the party. As for Walker, it has been proved beyond doubt that he has broken many rules himself, but Mick and his cronies only apply the rules to certain people. RIP UKIP.

      • Marty Caine says:

        I don’t hold any grudges Mick and we happen to have remained friends on Facebook ever since I left UKIP in 2014. I do, however, find what I have seen happen to Henry Bolton as extremely distasteful and quite politically stupid. All the hard work that was put into UKIP by so many over the years has just been flushed down to the toilet by a corrupt NEC and certain members of Indigo.

        If at any time you think I have not been truthful than do, please feel free to point that out to me and I will gladly debate it with you. We could also discuss the UKIP MEP’s and YI funding coaches up to the EGM for anti-Bolton supporters if you like as well, another revelation I picked up on your facebook page today. Is that the transportation Ben Walker is talking about in this article 🙂

    • Not Mick McGough says:

      Marty, not only is Walker a dodgy geezer – left the Cons before being expelled and has a dubious business record – he has no original thoughts himself. If Bill Etheridge says something on Social Media, Bent Ben says the same a few hours later. He is not fair game to those of us who will reveal the underhand tactics he has used on more than one occasion.

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