BREAKING: Henry Bolton Removed As UKIP Leader

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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35 Responses

  1. Alex H says:

    Well by all accounts the enemy within the party is 2/3 of the membership.

    The man is utterly deluded.

  2. Serena Lonton says:

    WOW!!! Just what the party needs – an injection of undiluted common sense, which is why we now need Gerard Batten to move things forward and put UKIP right back on the political map. I am still convinced that this whole sorry episode was engineered in the hope it would finish UKIP, which just shows how petrified the other parties are of us, even in a severely weakened state. As a certain much-hated Prime Minister once said upon victory, “things can only get better”! Onwards and upwards!

  3. Brenda Rattle says:

    Once again Bolton making slurs and legal threats against the Party. What a sore loser he seems to be. He is, in my opinion, neither an officer nor a gentleman.

    Kind regards.

  4. perpetual says:

    So, a very sad episode in UKIPs journey is concluded. Only now I will state that HB , after offering to mediate in the problems I had with the Folkestone Branch. Decided he would rewrite the Ukip councillors rules and if I would not agree then “carnage would ensue” This Party is well rid of this person

  5. Russell Hicks says:

    So much of what Bolton said was utter drivel, good riddance you useless twit. Now let’s get back to work!

  6. StuartJ says:

    “In his closing speech, Mr Bolton said that there was an “enemy within” UKIP which was bringing him down”
    Yes, the ‘enemy within’ is Henry Bolton, he has only himself to blame.

  7. Jim Stanley says:

    The Bolton era is over! There is a clear winner here, and UKIP can hold it’s head high, he was removed bu a drmocratic vote, exactly in line with the Party Rules and Constitution, no fix, no fudge. I am not sure how a man so skint he asked for members to have a whip round for him, can afford to take count action, more bluster? Some will say that this was not a vote of the whole party, fair comment maybe, but many people came a long distance to vote, with rumours of “bus loads” of Bolton supporters seeking to take advantage of the live vote, which has not worked. We must now move on, with Elections in May, and a Party to rebuild, we have no time to kerp fighting the battles of the past.

  8. Stanley Cutts says:

    Yippee! For once the party has made the right decision – but there is a lot to think about re: UKIPs future. There is much ground to be made up now the party has got rid of the cancerous plant that was Henry Bolton – he has done so much damage. UKIP members must never again trust the word of Nigel Farage, who must bear much responsibility for the last months of mayhem. I wish the party well in what will be a long road back.

    • Rhys says:

      Whilst I do not disagree with the sentiments expressed – let us now show contempt for HB by declaring him a ‘Non Person’ on this site – delete pictures from past articles for example. The damage he has done is in the past and now we have to get behind Gerard Batten, look to the future, and campaign urgently for Real Brexit (WTO terms until the EU begs for something better ) and a Moratorium on ALL new Immigration until we have alleviated the housing situation. And PR.

      Steve Crowther indeed made a SUPERB speech ~ demonstrating why I hope he can be persuaded to ‘unresign’ from the NEC. The Party needs him, now – despite one bad decision in 2015 ( supporting Jane Collins in her defamation defence case ).
      rhys burriss

      • John Bickley says:

        Dear Rhys, there’s more to the JC case than can be revealed at the moment. The depiction of the NEC as ‘bad guys’ in this matter by Team Bolton yesterday was a disgrace.

        • Rhys says:

          All the more reason John to urgently request Steve to ‘unresign’.

          We need the best possible people on the NEC and Steve is one of them. As his speech ( like others I have heard him deliver ) demonstrated.
          Even I ( a fan ) would not imagine he is perfect / incapable of error ~ but if errors were made in 2015 then best make sincere apology and move on with the hard and necessary ( for the country , more so than for UKIP ) work of supporting Gerard
          Perhaps the rest of the NEC could pass a motion requesting him to withdraw his resignation, as you did with Nigel in 2016 ?

        • Derek Walker says:

          Dear John, Are you accusing the 37% who voted for Henry Bolton a disgrace. If so I feel you had better start thinking about an apology. You could be accused of causing a split rather than a healing. If we are to heal the wounds then people have to stop slagging off those of opposing views.

          • Jules says:

            Come on DW !
            “Team Bolton” clearly means the principle speakers who had control of the narrative – not the (passive) voters.
            No one should blame members for voting either way.
            Each direction was “difficult”.

            • Derek Walker says:

              Sorry Jules but you are not John Bickley. JB was very verbal on here before the EGM. When asked pointed questions he does not always answer. I await his reply

          • Rhys says:

            I doubt very very much that the 36% of the vote at the EGM which HB achieved is an indication of his support within the Party at large in the country.
            Somehow he managed to bus in 500 people – big deal.
            Plus ~ unaccountably ~he had the support of NF from his LBC pulpit fulminating against the failings real and imagined ( one of them being that they brought sandwiches to NEC meetings – make of that what you will – ) of the NEC.

            Most Party members simply could not afford time or expense to travel to Birmingham, and many are now so demoralized by the behaviour of the hierarchy since June 2016 that they had virtually given up hope that the situation could be retrieved.
            ( I happen to believe that this is incorrect but I do understand the despair.)

            NO ~I am sure that the 90% of emails the NEC received urging them to VONC in HB is much more representative of sentiment within UKIP.

            Did you actually HEAR HB’s manic ramblings and rantings on Saturday ?
            He IS, WAS and always WILL BE a total and utter disgrace.

            Thank goodness he is now gone forever, a non-person. Bye bye. Nightmare over. Daylight.

            • Derek Walker says:

              I hear everything you say Rhys, but tellingly still no reply from John Bickley! I still want to know if he considers all supporters of Henry Bolton to be “a disgrace”

              • Jules says:

                It is not for me to speak for John Bickley ….
                …. but as Kippers …. have we not had enough of our quotes being taken out of context.
                i.e. a quote about the specific being characterised as about the generality.

                Only on Sunday, Gerard Batten had an old “Muslim death cult” quote pushed at him repeatedly by a Sky reporter.
                Does anyone think ALL people who in a census tick “Muslim” subscribe to “death” anymore than those who tick “Christian” subscribe to “stoning” (or whatever) ?

                As before … Sunday’s decision was “difficult” either way.
                Passive voters – whether for or against – are NOT a “disgrace”.

  9. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Yep. Henry Bolton has a way with words ! ……. So this dumb bum is finally out, no doubt giving thought to his c.v., but knowing that too much attention has been drawn on himself, for a tissue of lies to carry any weight !
    Are we sure that he was not a Lib/Dem plant ? ……. Let us hear no more of this total twat !

  10. Nick Morris says:

    Since the referendum and the resignation of Nigel Farage UKIP has been in freefall. The party now needs a strong leader to give UKIP strength and a positive image. Some capable of projecting the parties desire and hope through appearances on Television and radio, someone with presence and thoughtful logical thinking able to answer all the tough political questions thrown at them by Skynews and the BBC. Some who can hold their own in a studio. It’s a tough job and a big task. My first thoughts for the position are Nigel Farage and Raheem Kassam, but there are other potential leaders and they now need to step forward.

  11. alecto says:

    I’m glad Bolton the Buffoon has been voted out as leader. I have aways felt he was a ‘plant’ placed in UKIP to dsmsge it. His threats of taking UKIP to court’ further cement my opinion of him.

    If there id anyone else in UKIP there to damge or change it I ope they are ejected from the party too.

  12. Philip Gibbs says:

    This is a sad day for UKIP, not because Bolton was ousted but because Batten was brought in as interim leader. The constitution gives him the full powers of an elected leader and he has made it clear that he intends to rewrite UKIP policies to his liking. The hard right failed to take over UKIP at the ballot box so they have staged a coup with the complicity of the NEC and many of UKIP’s MEPs. This is not how it should be done.

    • Pamela Preedy says:

      Here we go again with ridiculous accusations of the ‘hard right’ trying to take over the party. I’ve always respected Gerard Batten and even more so after watching him on Sky TV this morning where he displayed truth, honesty, unflappability and a robust attitude to an interviewer that was admirable.
      I left UKIP on the day Bolton the Mole was elected. If Batten stands for leader and wins I will rejoin UKIP. Thank goodness for someone who speaks honestly about islam without trying to avoid, sidestep, gloss over and otherwise fudge their response. The interviewer blustered, spluttered, got fake angry and mock indignant, but he did not faze Batten who used the interview to set out his arguments forensically.

      • Derek Walker says:

        Pamela, the problem is that we are welcoming with open arms ALL the members of VAT some of whom are White Pendragons.
        I suggest that the Party starts looking into this grouping before we do end up Far Right. Just because Bill Etheridge wears their tee shirts does not mean that they are an OK grouping

  13. Rhys says:

    I do hope the Y.I. people made sure they voted prior to walking out !

    I confess I was a bit surprised at the number of votes HB managed to get in the end ~ but I suppose it is possible his supporters bussed people in from wherever.

    I am quite sure that the ratio of ‘get rid of this nightmare ‘ emails to the NEC (around 90% we are told) is much more representative of sentiment in the party generally.

    Anywhere, he is gone now, presumably to the dole queue and Ms Marnham’s parents’ sofa.

    I hope kippercentral will declare HB a non~person, remove his pics from the site and so on. We have to get behind Gerard Batten ( can you post a link to his speech yesterday ? )

    Steve Crowther made an absolutely superb speech yesterday, in support of the NEC’s unanimous VONC. It was to the point, pointed, in fact, and with just the right amount of humour ( at HB’s expense) in the circumstances.

    During it he owned up to having been party to the NEC’s decision in early 2015 to provide some funding for Jane Collins in her disastrous court case defence ( you would need to read the full Judgment ~about 26 pp ~ to see what else they did in addition to providing some money [ why on earth did they even do that, given that J.C. already had her overblown MEP salary ? ] ). Steve stated that he would be resigning from the NEC in acknowledgment of his part in that costly , wrong headed , decision.

    I do hope he will reconsider ( after all, even Nigel F. has been known to ‘unresign’.)

    I think Steve is one of the party’s true talents, and we need as many of them as we can get in the top ranks.
    Yes the NEC ( or the persons who were members in early 2015 ) need to apologise and learn lessons.
    But resignation just deprives the party of Steve’s ability, without achieving anything positive.
    rhys burriss

    • Rabbit says:

      Wasn’t Steve Crowther also responsible for the utter waste of money on Lenny the Lion, a logo we have paid for but cannot use on the ballot papers because it it still not registered with the Electoral Commission? Now you say he admits to being part of the decision to throw away UKIP funds on the libel case too. How much MORE money is wasted that we never hear about? Who paid for the drinks party for the NEC at the EGM, seen on Twitter?

  14. Jules says:

    Has nobody spotted that the vote for HB was roughly in line with his share of the vote during the Leader election ? i.e. 1/3rd.

    Surely this underlines the problem with multiple leader candidates (was it 6 or 7 in the end) – and a system that potentially allows a winner with less than 1/5 or even 1/6 of the vote?

    Most Parties have some sort of elimination process – whether Primaries / two-stage (weaker dropping out) or a straightforward Preference/Ranking system.
    [Ideally this should rank all – but as a minimum should follow the London/Manchester mayoral 2nd Preference]

    Surely an eventual winner garnering over 50% from a remaining two is better thna what we have now ?

  15. Jim Stanley says:

    Have we not had enough of the infighting we seem to be so good at? I have no doubt that Mr Batten has his faults, who doesn’t? After such a flawed Leader, I am sure he will be under a microscope, with this site and others quick to jump on any extreme views, and the NEC will, no doubt do likewise. Mr Batten is a long standing senior member of OUR team, we must support him, not blindly, but work with him over the next 90 days to make a start on the changes that we all know are overdue, but, as they say, we are where we are, and must keep to our existing Constitution and Rules, which as we just seen, can work for the benefit of the Party. By all means comment criticise and suggest, but in measured reasonable terms, for that is the democratic way, which as was seen yesterday, when measured drmocratic debate showed to the political world, that while being “fruitcakes”, we understand the true power of Democracy. My pride in my Party restored, and a dark time behind us, our way forward clear to a brighter future, and the true Brexit we have fought so long and hard for.

  16. John Bickley says:

    Dear Colleagues,

    The members voted yesterday and their decision to oust Mr Bolton as leader was decisive. It’s time to move on and get behind Gerard.

    To all those that supported Mr Bolton, you joined UKIP not to support Mr Bolton but to support the libertarian principles that underpin what UKIP stands for. Leaders come & go, however the party is more important than any individual, so we must all come together for the sake of the party and country and continue the good fight.

  17. Bill Matthews says:

    I can understand the NEC voting unanimously against Henry, but it appears to me as a grass roots member, that virtually all the UKIP problems from before Nigel resigned seem to have emanated from or around the NEC. Therefore it is necessary for something to change in the selection of this body. As a member who has voted for elections to the NEC, I am concerned that I might just as well have put their pictures and their short write ups on board on the wall, put on a blindfold and thrown the appropriate number of darts to select who I would vote for. Other than occasionally I may see one name I had heard of but otherwise they were all unknown to me and I suspect to very many other voters. Certainly Henry’s approach to selection would have ensured that all candidates were probably known to members in their own region – a much better way of electing members.

    • Jules says:

      Two things …
      1) The infamous “NEC” is not always the same people.
      2) Your are right about the lottery of (mostly) unknown candidates ….

      As far as I can tell, there is a groundswell for Regional Reps. – incl. support from some incumbent NEC members.
      A) More voters would “know” their Regional Rep.
      B) Accountability would be more direct
      C) A local mechanism for Recall (or vacancy filling) would be easier to manage

  18. Barrie Braddow says:

    Now the blood letting is over, perhaps the NEC will make all commitee reports and treasury reports available to the membership and stop the secrecy,remember the party belongs to the membership not you.

  19. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    A book has been read, the story was rubbish, and it has now been put on the top shelf to gather dust. It was either that or would have been thrown in the trash, but it cost too much to do that.
    A new book has now been started, and it looks quite promising. Titled, UKIP’s future years !
    I would prefer to never be reminded again of that rubbish book. Lets all get over it right now !

  20. Jim Stanley says:

    The idea of Regional delegates is not new, indeed It has been around longer than I have been in UKIP! It is not Bolton idea. However , on the principal that good things can be done by bad men, after all, Hitler built the Autobahns, OK, I know it was another’s idea, but he did build them, and they still in daily use! Before he started thinking below his belt, he did come up with the Save our Services campaign, but did not follow up on this. As any work done by a Leader or employee is usually the property of the employer (Party), we should examine his work, and check for ideas, just because the man had no moral fibre, he had a brain, so it is worth checking, and maybe some good could come out of the sorry tale that was his term in office. Just a tought.

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